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Zoe Mae 3d
Blades of grass add up
Planes and pastures stretch for miles
Giraffes graze the sky
Daily haiku challenge
Zoe Mae 3d
A tisket or casket
Got a question
May I ask it?
What exactly is a tisket?
It sounds kinda fun
Should I risk it?
Out of the two options
I would pick it
Zoe Mae 4d
Cheer up
Look up
Everything will be okay

Life's a gift
A silly game
Everyone loves to play

Stop worrying
Don't fret
It'll all make sense

Be positive
Stay open
Let down your defense

Just do it
Get motivated
Get your *** out of bed

Have some coffee
Watch the news
Get out of your head

Keep trying
Never quit
Nothing's easy
Don't you know?

You got to want it
It's in your hands
This is your only show
I tried to be optimistic. Thank you to the two people who took the time to read it.
Zoe Mae 4d
Some people miss who I thought I used to be
Others long for who they thought I was
A few miss loving who they wanted me to be
But no one misses me simply because
Zoe Mae 5d
Words just come to mind
I spit them out like candy
No one understands
Zoe Mae 6d
He loves her so much more than she loves him
It's terrifying
He's vulnerable now
Stripped to the bone
He's never felt this alone
She looks at him with apathy
His heart gets yanked around
He'd do anything to make her happy
But she's always looking down
Can't look him square in the eye
Can't set him free, even if she tried
He's so vulnerable now
Immersed in her hair, her scent, her eyes
She can never set him free
Even if she tries
Zoe Mae Jul 23
I try to write from different perspectives
Think outside of my box and be more objective
Give every style of writing a chance
Be open to learning an alien dance
I appreciate effort and creativity
Even if it's subjects that for me don't come easily
I try to write and read from different perspectives
But one thing remains constant
I feel rejected
Zoe Mae Jul 19
Everybody loves a love poem

But does anyone really have love?

To be a writer's to be alone

We just write about what we dream of
Zoe Mae Jul 19
Everyone always asks, how'd he do it?
A rope, a gun, a knife?
I always give them the same answer
His true cause of death was life
Zoe Mae Jul 18
I loved you the moment we met
Your imperfections made me forget
About my glaring flaws that you never saw
And still have chose not to see yet
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