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Zoe Mae Apr 15
Each night we go to bed
With sheets made of ice and blankets of lead
Each night we try to sleep
With a wall at our backs built from secrets we keep
Each day we rise and then
We step onto the stage till it's bedtime again
Zoe Mae Mar 1
For you I'd settle down
Maybe a little too low
Drag you to the ground
Drain your spirit slow
For you I'd rise above
Maybe a bit too high
Drag you by your love
Zoe Mae Feb 12
Eat my silence

Keep my words

Taste the violence

You've incurred
Zoe Mae Jan 27
I try not to be the bad that happens to good
But good intentions seem to be the only good I got
Zoe Mae Jan 25
If I could ***** my life onto paper
What would that look like
If I could projectile my being into words
How would it read
If I could splatter myself on canvas
Like the moonlight
Could I finally rip it up
And become me
Zoe Mae Jan 14
When I don't answer
There is no question
When I say nothing
Nothing was said
When I'm at ease
There is no tension
When I don't bleed
I can't see red
Zoe Mae Jan 13
If you've never
And you've never
Then you've never
Zoe Mae Jan 1
I'm dying to live
Yet living to die
Like broth through a sieve
The undoing of I
Zoe Mae Nov 2018
Why do I feel so undone
I try hard but I succumb

Howcome I am so defeated
I try but my strength's depleated

Why is it I feel so useless
I try but my bite is toothless

Howcome I do not fit in
I try but can't fake a grin

It seems there is no place for me
Or no place is where I'm meant to be
Zoe Mae Nov 2018
They say you should keep your enemies

closer than you keep your friends

Good thing I go to bed with myself every

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