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Rozey May 2019
You've never left my mind
Not even after you left me in a pool of my own sorrow
Everyday I think, if only I could see you tomorrow
So many people have promised to love me the way I want to love you
So many people promising me to marry me and keep me forever too
But it's just not you
I miss you
I miss us
I miss the memories we made

Happiness is what I'm being given but I'm not accepting all of it. Because I'm waiting for you to give me the rest.

And I can't move on knowing we can never be okay again.
They aren't you. And no matter how amazing they are, I will always have you in my heart.

Love, R.
Rozey Apr 2019
Wounds never heal if you keep peeling the scab.
The cut continues to be opened, blodd leaks everytime.
Only with time, it bleeds less and less.
Rozey Apr 2019
Some days I do not have the strength to keep moving
I blank out, completing forgetting what I was pursuing
Constant thoughts of "What am I doing?!"
Wishing thoughts in my head would stop cooing
I feel like my energy has been drained
The relationships I have all seemed to be strained
My heart is just overwhelmed and pained
I wish I didn't feel so constrained
and that my emotions were something that could easily be contained
I wish there was someone who could be blamed
But there isn't and it feels like nothing is ever going to be the same
Dealing with one of those days.
Gotta keep my head up but I still don't want to be around any right now :(
Rozey Apr 2019
You drive me insane but no one can make me smile like you do
With all of my craziness, you still stick by my side boo
I know I have mood swings and it gets on your nerves
But even so, you throw it all to the curves
You healed me when I was hurting and I found you when you were lost
Together in unity, we will take on this world like a boss
Do I even need to describe this feeling?! :}
Rozey Mar 2019
I used to tell myself that I was never a pretty girl
I allowed someone's opinion clout my world
I doubted everything I could do
I allowed someone's thought influence me too
Only now:
I am confident wearing my flaws
From head to toe, I know I have it all
I know I'm not perfect but, I indeed have great skills
To all those before, you no longer have the power of my wills
Rozey Mar 2019
I am not the weak little girl you recall
I am the girl who got up even after the roughest fall
You pushed me when I didn't shove
You hurt me when I would help
Now I will not stand to be thrown
So try to push me now.. I sit cheerfully on my thrown
Queens feel the pressure to be this beautiful individual and to set an example. They are pushed to perfect their image and on days they want to be at peace, they are seen as lazy. Days where they can't deal with the chaos, they are seen as weak. Nothing they do makes them perfect enough but, they still sit on their royal chair and smile because they know it is their choice to run how they choose to run their kingdom, their life.
Rozey Mar 2019
You cannot deny your true feelings
Nor can you hide your true thoughts
One way or another it will show
And you won't even realize

The truth cannot be hidden.
I decided to enter an anonymous poem in my college's poem contest where anyone was allowed to enter a poem about encouragement. I entered my haiku "Beauty."
There's this girl constantly putting me down and telling me my writing is horrible. She has always disliked me for whatever reason she chooses.
So, after I entered this contest, I figure out she was on the panel out of three judges and turns out she was the first one to pick my poem out of the bunch.

How the truth comes out! She likes my poetry and my writing, she just refuses to show me support for the sole reason she has a bias. But she likes my poetry!
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