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Spadille Jun 22
I was not fed love on a silver spoon
Never have I ever tasted it
Thus, many questions runs in my mind
All due to curiosity of deprivation

Did love tasted sweet? was it addictive?
Was it never bitter to the taste?
I am clueless of it, for I was neglected
I grew not knowing how love tasted when spoon fed

But all this is a thing of the past now
A yesterday's misery
A mind once hungry of information
It is nothing but an unfortunate memory

Now I have learned to lick it off a knife
The taste of sweet love along with my blood
The pain is mixed with pure ecstasy
I savor it and close my eyes, I dream of heaven

It has became my new drug
I care not for myself as long I could taste love
This is the only self-destruction I have wished for
I accept it wholly, I give my heart to it
I come back stronger than a 90s trend
Spadille May 8
Poems and tragedies
Coexist with each other
Like a blissful night and a sorrowful day
Spadille Apr 1
Have I ever told you that the moon is pretty
And you glowed under its light,
Trust my words, you have bewitched me

Stare at you, I will forever
And might I take sa photo
For it to last an enternity

But I tell you i don't swear by the moon
Because it is evolving
And my promises would only be shattered

Though this moon will attest our love
And be the proof of gaiety
Of me whenever when I am with you

You are my moon
That shines through the darkest nights
Along with your pretty stars

With this, I have reasons to look up
And appreciate the beauty of the sky,
Loving it because it reminded me of you
New at writing prose poetry
Spadille Mar 22
A deathless life is not blessing but a curse
With it you'll have the power to witness your love's demise
And hear every infant wailing as they are born
Curse it is! You would see the land erode and the ocean become a desert
Mountains move right before your eyes
My dear, time will never be a luxury for you.
Spadille Mar 15
On a calm afternoon, a fox caught her heart
This beautiful fox was wild and not tamed
But in an instant she fell in love with it
She then planned to tame the fox

She approached it ever so gently
It was in the field basking under the rays of the sun
The fox sat there so majestic
And it bewitched her more

She sat beside the fox and said a promise no one could forget
"I'll tame you my fox, with my time and consistency you will be mine"
With all sincerity she have said that
And she plans to keep this promise until the earth crumbles

The fox agreed and held on to the sweet promise of hers
With all her love she will do anything for the fox to be tamed
No hearts will be broken and no tears will escape the eyes
For she took her promise seriously and it will not be shattered
I finally found the fox for me I wish to keep her as long as I could
Spadille Feb 25
Sabi nila di ka tunay na manunula kung ang sulat mo'y di tugma
Kaya napatingin ako sa aking mga tula
At nagtanong sa aking sarili kung ang aking iniisip ay tama
O tunay nga ba ang aking duda
Hindi nga ako isang makata
Marahil ang gawa ko'y di makatutugma
Dito ay kalungkutan ang aking nadama
Dahil sa kasinungalingan ng aking paniniwala
Di tugma ang aking kinurbang salita
Gamit ang makabagong pluma
Luha't dugo ko'y na baliwala
Dahil lang sa sinabi ng isang makata
Kaya't gumuho ang aking mundo't pag-asa
Galit at pighati ang gumising sa aking gabi, mulat ang parehas na mata
At ako'y umiyak at lalong nagduda
Sa aking talento't kakayahang tumula
Spadille Feb 17
With your hands, You glady cover their mouths
Muffling the cries of sorrow
While you are gagged and silent

With your blinded eyes
You fight for the wrong you thought was right
While others die for the truth

With covered ears, You can not hear the pleas of the poor
You are nothing more than a mindless puppet
While others have precious principles
Fools are those who are ignorant
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