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Oh how beautiful the devil is!
Piercing eyes that can lure
A nose sculpted to perfection
A smile that can fool

The devil holds such beauty
It is simply immaculate
Easily mistaken for a face of an angel

Oh what a sinful desire
To admire the devils beauty
And listen to the sweet lies

It has mastered the art of seduction
In one glimpse of its beauty
Mortals will be down on their knees
As they let lust blind them
Spadille Nov 10
Those blue eyes I see
It reminds me of the sky
And even the sea

I must admit
I'd like to stare at it
Those eyes that are moonlit

Blue eyes can be camouflaged
Into a photo of the sea that is collaged
Surely this isn't a mirage

Let me paint those eyes
So the memory doesn't dies
It will be a moment that doesn't say goodbye
Isn't it lovely to have eyes in the color of the ocean?
Spadille Nov 2
Happy birthday to me
I wish for serenity

Would you grant my wish
And then ******* a kiss
A year older... A year wiser... A year closer to death.
Spadille Oct 26
Past one in the morning
Talking about our dreams
About how we wanted to go on a trip
Midnight driving with the windows down
Feeling the cold air hitting our skins
Loud music blasting from the stereo
Us enjoying our youth
As we go to unfamiliar places
Wandering and getting lost
Forgetting our sorrows
And experience never ending gaeity
Looking up to the stars
Wishing for this friendship to last forever
Or maybe just a lifetime
Cherishing the moments
Before it turns into memories
Memories that will tattoed on our souls
The dreams we've talked about
I badly want it to happen
Us four, on a spectacular road trip
Living our best lives.
To live or to die?
Spadille Oct 22
If I write a thousand poems about you
Would you come home and read it?
If I write poems filled with happiness
Would you smile at me as you read it?
It has been a month since you left, I still think this is just a nightmare. Tell me your alright so my sorrow will be lessen knowing that you are now free from suffering.
Spadille Oct 18
If I only knew,
I wouldn't take time for granted
Now I can only wish,
Hope for time to be bended
If I had not been stubborn,
I wouldn't have regretted
Now I desperately hold myself,
Binding my heart that was shredded
I look up at the clouds,
Begging to grant my wish that I requested.
I took a shot in the dark,
Knowing that I wil get rejected.
Regrets, regrets, regrets. If I only knew, I would have cherished those moments. If I only knew, I would have glanced at you. If I only knew, I would have hugged you. Now, I can only reminisce the days you were still here. I can only dream of you. No amount of tears can bring you back and I can not accept that.
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