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Ysa Pa Apr 2016
I never before flirted so willingly
With flames that burned so icily
My first 12w, forgive me because I can't come up with a title
Ysa Pa Apr 2016
Breathing nothing but confusion
Living in an ambiguous situation
Amidst the uncontrolled explosion
Clutched by a whirlwind of commotion
Entrapped by daily damnation
Your voice is still  my only salvation
Even though I try my hardest, why is it still always you?
Ysa Pa Apr 2016
The singing of phones cut midway
The conversations that flow exactly after
The unnoticed change from night to day
The difference in context of everything that mattered

Now there was...

The silence of phones that used to ring nonstop
The ringing of phones currently unanswered
The mornings when it's impossible to get up
The middays wherein silence is heard
The nights when it's impossible to sleep
The midnights when eyes won't even blink
The day breaks that slowly creep
The dawns that felt like the sun was going to sink
The dusks wherein the rain poured
The fading daylight which was warmly gazed upon
The darkness of a nightfall which enveloped that unspoken word
The gust of air that continues changing from here on
The burning of letters that should have existed
The writing of letters that no longer exist
Regret for the words left unsaid and for the empty words said instead. Regret for things that weren't done.
Ysa Pa Mar 2016
One word, a single syllable
Five letters, short but powerful
Simple definitions
With hidden connotations
Carrying multiple meanings
A word, secretly beautiful and beguiling
It may pertain to static photographs
Allotted for promotional stuff
It can refer to a purification machine or distillery
It may indicate silence, calmness and serenity
It’s commonly described as to devoid from motion
Abstaining from movement or action
But the definition I most love
“Existing before and continuing into the present”
Stillness oozes with something desirable and pleasant
There is no complete explanation
It should be used to describe devotion
It is a concrete representation
Of one’s love and passion

In spite of everything that has been and will
*I still…
Ysa Pa Mar 2016
A rose in the snow
A diamond in a plow
A single cloud on a hot day
A lone bud amongst the flowers of May
A sole tree on a cliff
Amidst lines, there is a hieroglyph
A white lily in a field of red tulips
A solar eclipse
A volcano in the ocean
A center of planetary revolution
An aurora atop icy regions
A rainbow above desert nations
A sunset in the sea
A sunrise in the city
A moon in the afternoon sky
A mother's unique lullaby
A bright evening star in a cloudy night
Within darkness, a presence of a candlelight
Still, nothing can compare
To you, none would resemble, none can dare
You are beyond comparison
And I can only provide one reason
I don't shiver or stutter when you're present
Around you, it just feels pleasant
I've never met anyone like you
Nor heard anyone say my name like you do
When the sound of my name slides from those lips
I feel safe
You make me feel safe to be me
You make me feel safe
Ysa Pa Mar 2016
I'll be waiting
By the locked keyless backdoor
I'll linger
No matter how many times the moon greets the day
I'll stand by
Or how many times the sun kisses the night
I'll still be here
By the locked keyless backdoor
That you had no idea existed

Even though there are a million locked keyless backdoors
I'll break them all down
Once I'm tired, and I am
I'll wait.
May Stockdon Aug 2015
One more glance in your direction
One more dinner in the moonlight
One more touch of your hand
One more glass of wine
One more moment gazing into your eyes
One more kiss and one more after that
One more night under your covers
One more morning in your arms
One more cup of coffee in your kitchen
One more collection of scattered clothing

— The End —