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Have you ever wanted-
To fall and land on your feet
To let your shadows creep into the light
To open your arms and scream to the world-
“At least I try!”

A dream is a knife
Your thoughts for a grip
And your feelings the blade -
You cut yourself up, pice by piece
Until there’s only a broken face

Are you ever glad you wandered?
This abyss is eternity
One less step, and you could’ve had everything
Everything but yourself-
But what’s that when you are all you have

Plucking a rose takes guts-
You must know the danger
As you pluck the flower of lust
Even though it may be the fairest flower
The drop of a petal can result in your ultimate shatter

You trip up on every step
Your life is broken by your sins
Your heart is shattered with your ignorance
Your personality means nothing, since everyone left
Have you ever wanted to know how else things could’ve went?
I shimmer in the light-
As I swim in the sea
Taking a random path around
As fitting as that sounds

I live for the spotlight
Though I’m the smallest  to be seen-
Gaining attention from my peers
Though I know I lack originality

Repeat repeat
That’s the fastest way to fame-
Being the class clown is never easy
Yet my jokes are always the same

School, who knew?
I have better things to do
Or at least that’s what I think
As long as I can avoid responsibility

Have you ever had a dream?
Well sometimes, I think of my wish
One that will end all my trying
And I can be free as a fish
Rewriting the fact this these poems are for a challenge gets tiring...this poem is for the class clown (obviously), and I wrote it this way, because I imagine how exhausting it must be to always try and be the funny one.
Stomping on the ground
Yelling, yet no sound
I wear my invisible crown
So unnoticed by the crowd
Yet on the inside I’m screaming
I have personality!
Look over here
A person needing help
Come to my aid
Before I’m buried by my shell
I cry out loud
When someone appears before my eyes
I reach out my hand
But i’m stopped yet again
My mind- is yelling
ButI  I think
“My heart tells no lies”
And so the tune continues on
Boom Boom Boom!
This is the next poem for my challenge! This one was written for the quiet kid in the class. Even though he doesn't talk much, I think he has more to say then he'd like to let on.
MSunspoken Nov 26
Midnight marks the darkest hour
And I lay in bed awake-
As I listen to the tiptoes of an intruder
Trying to be sneaky tonight

A lean figure appears in my door
A smile on their face

I swoon as he stands in the moonlight
Gleaming in all his dark glory-
Mystery always did have a wonderful lure

Everything about him spoke a million questions
The true embodiment of mystery -
Such as
Why would this fellow visit me in the dark of night?
There were thousands resting just alike

My mystery man stalked closer,
No caution displayed openly-
And as he reached out his gloved hand
I felt sparks ignite my form

I shot up from bed-
The shock was evident on this greek god
But I could care less

I was done playing games
I asked him his purpose
His reason
For tempting me when the night has grown so cold

He vanished-
Once my fingers grazed him,
He was gone as if he hadn’t come
And yet again, I was all alone

The mystery man visited me every night-
same time same place
But once we touched he was gone
So I wondered if I was going crazy instead

As time grew on
I began opening my arms wider
To the dark mystery that was this man
And eventually, he joined me

We became one
Madness and all
Some say things aren’t always what they seem
And perhaps they were right

My mystery man
Now clear as day-
Is no man in truth

A man is a monster
A darkness
My darkness

He filled me with fear
And anguish
And madness

Those who cannot resist the temptation
Risk losing more than just that-
They risk their sanity and mind
And revert into their darkest side

The temptress always so evil
Will wear you as a ring-
And mold you to their liking
Until you can't think a thing

Beware of midnight visitors
Though they seem perfect so-
They are filled with more lies then mystery
And it has truly come to show
MSunspoken Nov 26
A sunny afternoon blocked by shade
Made brighter by the wind, whisking everything away
Though bits and pieces still-
What’s new? There always will
The sun seems so far off
But the moon is green in envy
Who else could compare to the beams of beauty?
Because even after setting, making all those stares so jealous
The sun will rise again, always so overzealous
This poem is written with my favorite word for the challenge! I think that's why I had so much fun writing it. Now I'm getting hyped for the other poems!!
MSunspoken Nov 26
The dawn of dusk turns gold to dust
The moon shares my loneliness-
A sliver of thread comes out the hem
Of my finely crafted soul

A whisper lost for sound
Spoken ever so slightly-
Is the tale of those forever loved
And justly making my heart unsightly

A knock in the chest
Is the gale pulling me forward-
To follow my path previously paved
And continue on
though circumstances grave and uncertain

A howl with the alluring pull of an end
Echoing through my head-
Encouraging the drop so certain
Threatening to fill my peers with dread

Walking on a web of steel
Following the intricate delicacy-
Of the memories I once foresaw
But fade with the lost souls in which there was once an abundance

Lightest touch so soft
Caressing the soul so teasingly-
Daring one to follow the day as it shrivels
Pushing the last bits of gold to their extent

Lost in a maze of lies
Each stone crafted with careful hands-
Deceiving one to no end
And hoping that the day will end
This sin't part of my challenge, but recently I have been thinking about those I've lost in the past. At one point we have all taken someone for granted, which makes a sudden loss much harder to swallow. Grief is a killer, and allowing it to take over your mind will only dig you deeper. This is from my experience at least.
MSunspoken Nov 26
A tale full of mystery
Only half told-
Lights a slight curiosity
In the heart of the soul

Though dim surrounded by beams of  expectations
It speaks wonders in such few words-
And while seemingly harmless
Grows brighter along with its allure

A light almost unseen
Enough to keep any heart warm,
Cures the darkness of the night
With its illicit charm

Created by the mood of one's thoughts and actions
It varies in size and saturation -
And depending on the person, it will shine
Drawing other lights in with time

It lives within the soul
And seeing it may be strenuous
But everyone has it
And with time, they realize they too are luminous
This one was kind of a wild card for could've gone a myriad of ways, but this one was best fit for the person it was written for. Very analytical towards everyone else, but they are ignorant when it comes to knowing them self.
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