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MSunspoken Nov 12
At dusk
My eyelids fell
Leaving me

In no time
My eyes had to wander
So up went my lids

Just a second passed
I took a look around
The stormy wind blew

A moment later
I saw the world tilt
I flew onto the deck

I was a second too late
As the water soaked my lungs
Salty ocean blades

As hours went by
I flailed amidst the sea
Blue in the face

By dawn, I saw
life, within a wreath
Swimming around an island

It could have been days
As I trudged to land
Finally, I reached salvation

Then time stopped
And my eyes flew back open
Revealing my room
A follower
Not always a fan
Lion follows
The zebra
Zebra's death knell
A follower
Not always a fan
Cat follows the mice
Mice's enemy
A follower
Not always a fan
Termites follow the books
Books' destroyer
A follower
Not always a fan
Water follows  the  *****
*****'s eroder
A follower
Not always a fan
Fire follows the woods
Woods' destroyer
A follower
Not always a fan
Ego follows your head
Head turns blind
Learn it
The simple way
Your follower
Not always a fan
MSunspoken Sep 25
Numbing chill
Amongst the gale
Ice cold breath
Trembling still
Heart be lost
Buried in snow
Tundras melt
Icebergs weep
Fingerlike rays
Warm on skin
Breath of life
Thaws a heart
Found by a beacon
MSunspoken Sep 25
Bristling leaves
Blue skies
Blowing trees
All a relief
Apon my skin
After a Summer long
Fall has come
Filling the air
Fretting my hair
Reminding me
Rebuilding my heart
Refilling the gaps
Now full of happiness
MSunspoken Sep 12
I really can’t help
But hate you

I see you always
So fake

Vying for perfection
It’s sick

I even saw you
Look into a mirror

You will be the very worst
Version of me
MSunspoken Sep 12
A shoestring girl
Curled up in an attic
Who’s remembering a family
That’s picture-perfect
Using the dust
To form a father
A lively one
Who’s supportive
That hugs a doll
Made of scraps
A mother
Who loves
Without condition
That’s always scolding
Two brothers
A pair of woodchips
Who run all-day
On a concrete drive
Which lays in front
Of a cookie-cutter
Whose neighbors laugh
And play outside
Where everyone smiles
Free of worries
About the future
Or what will change
Because the memories
Of that shoestring girl
Were morphed to be
Through an adolescent
Full of ignorance
MSunspoken Jul 22
Reinforced glass
Lay upon my sill
A shield built into
My keep
To everyone
But me
A precaution
Firewall so to speak
what lay inside
A rotting house
An overgrown beast
Riddled with landmines
And never to be
Though it continues
To creak and crumble
Taunting me
To walk back down
Those corroded
And open the door
The secrets
Of a house
Never home to me
For clarification- the poem starts from within my mind, not the "house" .
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