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MSunspoken May 2021
Choo Choo!
The train of thought
No no!
It missed its stop!
The train is gone….
Who are you?
MSunspoken May 2021
Fly little birdie, fly!
Tell that ***** to get lost
He'll regret the day he saw your face
Or face the hand from which you came
MSunspoken May 2021
I never really wondered
Why exactly I fall
Or how the lights turn on
At the flip of a switch
No, I never cared much for physics
I would rather read a book
Maybe dabble in biology
But the high school horrors!
They have gravitated to me
Now I sit through physics
So utterly lost
But I have learned something
Very useful
Did you know that when you
Push a teacher down the stairs
Your grades will soar?
Maybe I will be a physicist when I grow up
MSunspoken May 2021
One amp
Two amps
Three amps
Nine amps
Ten amps
Eleven amps
Come on!
Thirty amps
Forty amps
Fifty amps
One hundred Amps
Two hundred amps
Three hundred amps
He’s gone
MSunspoken Mar 2021
Bonzai Tree
Hang me from your palm
Comfort me with your leaves
Blanket me in your bark
And sing me a lullaby, so sweet
Your twigs will sway
So here I can lay
Finally a peace, with your melody
I’ll stay here forever in your embrace
My final goodbye,
Bonzai Tree
MSunspoken Feb 2021
My math teacher leaves the door open
All year round
And I can feel the breeze in my hair
While I write my equations
And I can’t help but smile behind my mask
Because this is the freest I’ve felt
Since I decided I was grown
And didn’t need to enjoy the things
That a child enjoys
Yet here I am, so overzealous
Because the wind sings so beautifully
And I can enjoy it to my heart’s content
Fu** your opinion- I'm gonna enjoy the little things til my heart stops beating, and you can't stop me. I've already left the room,- flown away with the wind's melody.
MSunspoken Feb 2021
I love the way mint leaves smell
In the church garden
When I’m with you
Smiling too hard
My cheeks always hurt
After I’m with you
It’s the only proof
That my mind wasn’t playing tricks
That I really saw you there
In the church
While you sat on our bench
Nibbling our lovely
Mint leaves
It was really bizarre
Like I was back in 2013
When you always made me smile
And my cheek muscles never got
It made me so scared to blink
Cause I knew you’d be gone
Like a shriveled mint leaf
Blowing along the
Midsummer wind
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