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iamgone Oct 6
I studied your face
from below
as your tears
fell through me
and onto the floor
I wanted to comfort you
but I knew
I would only leave you
and scared of the dark
ghosts watch you cry
iamgone Oct 6
You were craving warmth
and I hated how
I made you shiver
iamgone Sep 17
my heart
no longer beats
my veins
have long run dry
but write me
into poetry
so i
may never die
i want to live forever, in your words
iamgone Sep 17
I can see you
inside the closet
as I watch you from
under the covers
your eyes peak out
through the darkness
and I can tell you know I'm
I know you're
I can see you

(now read up)
i'm watching you
iamgone Sep 14
I shouldn't have to
put a sheet over myself
for you to see me
why can't you just see me for who I am
iamgone Sep 14
the walls
I am stuck
in the place
I can relate to the most
this house doesn't get much bigger

— The End —