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Annete May 2018
I feel
There’s you
In every sunlight.
Touching my skin
So warm.
I know it will burn me
The longer I’m staying
But I’m hesitating
To run.
Annete Mar 2018
The distorted beauty perception
These girls have
All because you’ve told them
What they are and aren’t.

Bold sacrifices
Of timorous females
All for your only
Empyreal praise

There is no harm for you
To give them the sky
And see their glory
In the morning light.

For that every girl
Is a stardust
In her own shape and color,
In her light.

For that every girl
A tidal wave
Of glowing morning
And a silent night.
Annete Jan 2018
I leaned back
And started falling
Into the haze
Of your scent,
Absorbing the *****
From your fingertips,
Saturating from your
Deep brown eyes.

It only takes seconds
But feels forever,
I bite my lip
As you watch me land
On your white bed sheets.
Annete Dec 2017
When I sing the lyrics
Of my favorite songs
And feel through every line
I wonder, how did they
Came up with the words
As I sense that they were mine.
sing for me
Annete Dec 2017
Each night before bedtime,
Just like the artist on his poorest, in the dark
I am creating Characters
To get away and travel
Without leaving bed.
It’s my endowment
And my curse
As I go miles far
But always end up next to you
I am an artist
Annete Dec 2017
You have to understand
I am alive too
And need to breathe
In order to exist
What would you feel like
If I’d take all the air?
give me life
Annete Dec 2017
I woke up
To wildflowers at my table
Which you’ve gathered
Dark late night.
Truly beautiful,
Although I’ve got allergic
Like they were warning me
Of who you are.
And only now I sense it as a sign
Annete Dec 2017
You were the sound of waterfall.
Great and mighty
You broke your waters
On the underlying stones.
I was foolishly brave to dive in
And impudent to fell.

You threw me so keen
And once I collapsed
All of the sounds came out of my body
Odd feeling
The world is on mute.
Annete Dec 2017
I was silent
You weren’t listening
As only night was whispering

No chance,
Let go,
Don’t hurt yourselves.

But anyway,
You weren’t listening
And I was silent.
why we wrecked
Annete Dec 2017
The worst ache went through
As mind tried to escape the body.
I stand still
Yet, exploding.
I’m losing battle
To myself.
to my pain
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