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Annete May 2018
What’s it on my lips,
You want to taste?
What’s it on my cheeks,
You want to touch?
What’s it on my nose,
You want to smell?
What’s it in my ears,
You want to hear?

What’s it in my hair,
You want to pull?
What’s it on my neck,
You want to bite?
What’s it on my hips,
You want to sway?
What’s it in my hands,
You want to grab?

What was on my back,
You chased so well,
Thinking that in was just lust.
When, in fact, you’ve found
Looking straight into my eyes.
Annete May 2018
I feel
There’s you
In every sunlight.
Touching my skin
So warm.
I know it will burn me
The longer I’m staying
But I’m hesitating
To run.
  Apr 2018 Annete
David Lessard
Poets are a common breed,
they're a dime a dozen;
my uncle was a poet,
as was my second cousin.

Some are mad romantics
some are crazy, like a loon;
they write at all the odd hours,
morning, night, and noon.

The good ones leave you gasping,
at each turn of phrase;
you envy their technique,
strive to learn their ways.

The bad ones leave you laughing,
as they offer empty blithering;
you tend to scratch your head,
is there such a word as glibbering?

But, bless them all for trying,
to say what's on their minds;
it only goes to show you
it takes all different kinds!
Annete Mar 2018
The distorted beauty perception
These girls have
All because you’ve told them
What they are and aren’t.

Bold sacrifices
Of timorous females
All for your only
Empyreal praise

There is no harm for you
To give them the sky
And see their glory
In the morning light.

For that every girl
Is a stardust
In her own shape and color,
In her light.

For that every girl
A tidal wave
Of glowing morning
And a silent night.
Annete Jan 2018
In all these times and matters
You are coming to me
As plain and simple
As the sound of sunrise.
Hush and listen,
It's the beginning of the day
Where I’m no longer yours.
Annete Jan 2018
I leaned back
And started falling
Into the haze
Of your scent,
Absorbing the *****
From your fingertips,
Saturating from your
Deep brown eyes.

It only takes seconds
But feels forever,
I bite my lip
As you watch me land
On your white bed sheets.
Annete Dec 2017
When I sing the lyrics
Of my favorite songs
And feel through every line
I wonder, how did they
Came up with the words
As I sense that they were mine.
sing for me
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