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Kush 1d
I used to listen to the same song every morning.
It made me cry.

Everyday I sat on the bus,
On my face i looked fine,
But on the inside I cried.
I screamed so loud,
Hoping the gods would hear my howl.

"Bleed your heart out," I told myself.
"But when you walk through that door,
Kush 7d
The feeling of hopelessness lingers on my heart,
I watch lovers come close,
And feel myself fall further apart.

I hate this day as of late
When two hearts collide,
And as if per fate,
Mingle in a flurry of majesty.

It pulls on my heart,
And I cannot pull myself away.
Oh the beauty of love given a day,
Only reminds me that my heart is on its way.
A poem for us lonely souls. Find solace in the hope that someday you'll spend the 14th, with another's hand wrapped around yours.
Kush Jan 29
Bells ring in my head.
The sound echoes infinitely throughout my mind.
A thought I can't forget,
That lingers on all other thoughts.

It leeches from the world around,
Stealing the sound and leaving naught but silence...
And the ringing.

Taken from the present,
It pulls me far into the depths of my mind,
Where sight does not reach
And so too, are the other senses blind.

I'm too scared to open that door.
Kush Jan 27
Lately I've been sleeping more,
Close the curtains and lock the door.
Frankly life just seems like a chore,
When I'm awake it's just such a bore.

I'm waiting on something to stir me.
Waiting for something to purge me,
Cleanse me from these dark thoughts
That rouse demons from my heart now.
I'm trapped in a cycle  of negativity,
And I need something to pull me out.

I'm waiting for good news,
But nothing ever goes my way.
So I put down my head like I do my hopes,
Because it's not as disappointing this way.

You can't be let down if you never raise your hopes too high,
So I'd rather stay on the ground than risk  falling from the sky.
Kush Jan 25
Would you be willing to pay for a smile?
For something that blinds you of pain for a while?

Would you be willing to fit the bill,
To feel atop the highest hill?

Would you be able to take the fall,
When it all wears out,
And your demon's call?

How long will you pay to keep running?
How long before your time runs out?
How long before what you snort in,
Can no longer pull you out?

All the while with a wide grin,
He'll stand at the sidelines and sell you a sin.
And you'll breath in and hold another hit,
Then one day you'll breath in...

And that will be it.
I wrote this with a type of happy rhyme scheme with the intention of showing a contrast between reality and how good drugs can make you feel, Like poison with a candy coating.
Kush Jan 23
Imagine a warm sunset,
The orange glow upon the furthest wave,
Or the burning sky,
From a forest glade.

Imagine the breeze against your cheek,
Where all remained silent,
And not even the trees dare creak.

Imagine the stars,
The way they sparkled in the sky,
And when you turned your head,
You saw the same in their eyes.

Imagine ...
If all you could do... was imagine.
Kush Jan 22
I laugh through my words
So my pain goes unheard.
I joke through my darkest hour,
To drain the pain of power.

You won't see me frown,
But that doesn't mean I'm okay.
I'll take the crown,
"King of laughs,"you say.
I'll take the crown,
But the pain doesn't wash away.
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