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Kushal Oct 2021
Kushal Aug 2021
Silence is the only ingredient necessary
For my mind to unravel into anarchy.
Kushal Jun 2021
There are none.

Zero that can find the rhythm my heart beats to.
Zero that see the pain in my smile.
Zero that know how my head runs.
Zero that bothers to dig past the surface.
Zero that both to ask the question.
Zero that bother to hear the answer.

I wish there were some.
Kushal Jun 2021
I Hate It.

Somewhere along the line I must have sinned,
What other explanation is there for this situation I'm in.
Imprisoned, in shackles, while one or both above and below cackle.

I am not permitted anything more than a glimpse,
Slivers of light through silver bars
That only remind me how dark is Dark.

I looking longingly towards solitude without temptation,
Yet I cannot separate the two.

Now I have an answer to a question I never before thought to ask...

Limbo is worse than Hell,
For you may still glimpse at the beauty of worlds above.
Kushal May 2021
Lately I find I only write on pain
Feeling that it is all that is within me,
And nothing I do
Can wrench the feel from my heart.


I fear it has taken root...

I no longer see myself without it.
Kushal Apr 2021
I'll kiss you between the lines
That say I am yours and you are mine.

Replace their names with ours,
And sing it till our lungs give out.

Our eyes will meet where the lyrics do,
And Bliss will tag along for the ride.
Kushal Apr 2021
I wish you could see my heaven and hell.
I dream you could understand it.
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