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Kushal Nov 12
I hate where I am.
I hate who I am.
I hate that I live this way.

I hate that I breath.
I hate that I love.
I hate that I feel.

I hate all of me.
I hate that no one sees.
I hate that all I have is regret.
I hate that I am not who I am.
I hate this poem.
I hate it all.
Kushal Nov 9
Bred by the fire,
Yet jumped to early in.
These flames seared skin
Till they felt of sin.

Time took its toll,
Yet the fire still brought fear.
Now frozen from the cold,
The warmth of the flames beckons me near.
Kushal Nov 4
I hate myself for the things I do.
All of it torments my mind,
And hindsight is but a curse for my overthinking.

I fill with fear,
To many thoughts in my head,
So many unseen outcomes that spiral through my eternity.

Nothing ever goes the way of happiness,
And content is a feeling I have lost recollection of.
I wish to try again,
For looking at what I am now...
I hate myself.
Kushal Nov 3
Maybe the timing was wrong,
Or maybe it was perfect
For what's to come.
Kushal Oct 31
My poetry is my diary.
The trail left by my soul,
The song sung by my heart,
And the places my mind dared to explore.
135 poems in(just on here). I still always come back here when I feel the need to write. I always tell people if they wish to understand me, my poetry is where my soul is shown.

It's amazing that this place exists, and I think many like me have found a haven in it.
Kushal Oct 31
The smell of roses,
So sweet a scent.
Yet held in hand,
You insist on pricking my skin.
A poem for those who've been hurt by the ones they held so close to their vulnerabilities.
Kushal Oct 26
They say there's pleasure in pain,
For me it isn't the same.
I find the pain in the pleasure,
Go too far without a tether.

From a dark place,
To this heavenly space,
Then back again,
Lapping in this hellish race.

I break free but it doesn't last long,
Soon I fall in love,
Try write another song,
But I no longer get surprised when it all goes wrong.
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