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Dark shadows enfold
my heart that
I gave you to hold.

Every time you walk past,
without even an hello,
Omni, I get so cold as if my
soul will freeze then fold

Your being completed me,
so tell me Omni, how is it that your strong and bold when my being has disappeared, from what
your eye's use to behold.

I'm as a withered plant,
without your sun I'm done.
The end of my species,
never to see the sun.

Oh but when you did grace me not too long ago to bloom,
I was the most beautiful in the room!
Thank you for that.

(Author Ven J. Arnold)
A metaphoric piece written for a kindred soul, a poet here by the name of @Omni. A fond kindness that I have developed for this poet as if we were souls that have once met and I'll never meet him in this lifetime.
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2018
Of all the known truth

Only the humans are
The Polarized species
Genre: Observational
Theme: People change, they have a beating heart, else never with they
Jack Ritter Aug 2018
A baby boy shuts his eyes and sees
bull continents drift,
collide, startle, spin around.

Prehistoric bucks suddenly accusing-
(Did YOU just back into ME?)
They jam head-to-head,
gouge, reconcile, then confer.

The boy likes what he sees.

The beasts get down to business.
They iron out earth's future
with special bellows, & lots of musk.

Above this caucus
of nodding, naying heads,
clacking antlers mesh
into a burgeoning thicket.

He calls for more!

The thicket shudders,
sprouts into a dagger forest.

It shoots up recklessly,
like a baby's legs,
and jabs the sky
with young ideas:

New species, struggles, lies.
Whole societies in the air,
too busy to teach their children
about the bellowing below.

           The weight of so much life is too much.

There is a final SNAP
of prehistoric backs.

Not a grain remains on which to carve
the memory of all the things
that passed before this boy's eyes.
A friend called it a Darwinian myth. Highest hurdle was anthropomorphizing continents.
Julia Hones Jul 2018
Your life is made of distant springs and falls,
a straight route is not
what you own
for hurricanes and storms divert your path
to new horizons.

Will you find horseshoe *****, mussels, clams
on the stopovers?
Food awaits you
if the shores are not ravaged
by human greed, ignorance.

Your resilience is written in B95's ordeals,
a mosaic of adventures ingrained in his own cells.

The threads of your trips assemble
the places of Mother Earth connected in its roles;
nothing is detached in the collective harmony of souls.

Red knot shorebird,
peaceful messenger,
icon of strength without rage,
your story is the universal flight of awareness
waiting to be heard.
Red knot shorebirds are endangered birds due to human greed and ignorance. B95 is a survivor who has traveled the moon and halfway back in terms of distance.
Mystic Ink Plus Mar 2018
She is the one
The best species of mankind

I am skeptic,
if she is best for me.
Genre: Observational
Theme: Good for one may not be good for all.
low poetry Mar 2018
we ridiculously young
as species
we just child's here
and what you know about youngsters
these ***** are selfish and stupid
so do we are
as species
on this mysterious planet
we named Earth
we named
we may name it Dirt as well

we counting ******* years
from the birth of some cool guy
from past
who makes wine from water
**** him
you can learn to do the same
if you want to

**** your self-importance
**** your empty words
**** your manipulations
**** your overdoses
it's all nothing
if you can’t sleep well

you actually can be healthy
without even training
you can understand
without monologue in your head
you can die
with no doubts
you can fully control your life
and you know how
but you too stupid and lazy to do it
so do I
but I will try my best
it’s my ****** oath
to universe
guardian of the lucid heart
bequeaths her soul to Lucifer
in exchange for life of the Sun
to remain
savage is the shadow world
where deals are made for our very lives
in darkness whilst we sleep
and should the balance tip in favor
of greed and indifference
towards the mother of all that is light
then her soul shall have been vanquished
for naught
we are the last semblance of humanity
capable of this salvation
all life, all spirit, all vestiges of our species
shall be scattered to the winds of time
our origin lost forever
Gabriel burnS Jun 2017
first contact scenario
close encounters of the third kind
well how many
kinds are there anyway

a peaceful delegation
or an alien invasion

because alien we are
under threat of war

your burning desires
my best intentions
a clash
of unspeakable dimensions

this is not a game
we are
one misinterpretation
from mutual annihilation

you’d better tread lightly
I know I will
Druzzayne Rika Mar 2017
Women are not a different species
They do not need a special day
Why can't you respect and appreciate her ,
love her and treat her equal everyday?
JR Rhine Oct 2016
Theses on species
and their feces,

people ******* and *******,
Bukowski sneers and spits.

A cycle traversing through time
unbroken and unchallenged,


thoughtful yet dubious
of their divinity,

if any at all.
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