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Dark shadows enfold
my heart that
I gave you to hold.

Every time you walk past,
without even an hello,
Omni, I get so cold as if my
soul will freeze then fold

Your being completed me,
so tell me Omni, how is it that your strong and bold when my being has disappeared, from what
your eye's use to behold.

I'm as a withered plant,
without your sun I'm done.
The end of my species,
never to see the sun.

Oh but when you did grace me not too long ago to bloom,
I was the most beautiful in the room!
Thank you for that.

(Author Ven J. Arnold)
A metaphoric piece written for a kindred soul, a poet here by the name of @Omni. A fond kindness that I have developed for this poet as if we were souls that have once met and I'll never meet him in this lifetime.
candykendys Nov 2018
The eyes can't lie,
hearts can't pretend,
overflowing joy and love,
in You, that I found.

Never I had imagined,
sins were forgiven,
***** yet accepted,
in You, I was saved.

I am broken,
You completed me,
Longing to be with You,
And now, you embraced me.
Anya Sep 2018
Before you know it
It’s over
And you’re left wondering
How did it start
How did it end
Is it really gone?
A suspicion of deception invades you
Until your rationality convinces you otherwise
Its really done
No more
And tomorrow
And the next
Your heart refuses to believe
For the longest time
As you gaze at your phone waiting
Until it gradually grows slow
And cold
And slower still
Till it stops all together
Kita kita bilang isang kaibigan
Bilang isang kakwentuhan
Laging kasama sa lahat ng mga kalokohan
Kita kita, kaibigan.

Sana kaibigan ay kita mo rin ako,
Kita mo rin ako bukod sa pagiging kakwentuhan mo
Bukod sa laging kasama sa lahat ng kalokohan mo
Sana kita mo rin ako.

Di ko alam kung ano ang dapat maramdaman
Kapag tinatawag mo ako bilang kaibigan
Kahit minsan kitang kayakapan
Tuwing namomoblema sa mga problemang dapat lampasan.

Ngunit alam kong hindi ako
Hindi ako ang gusto mo
Mahal mo, hindi ako. Oo.
Matagal ko ng alam ito ngunit pinili kong magpakagago
At bulagin ang sarili sa sa'yo.
Bakit? Kasi ikaw ang gusto ko!
Kasi ikaw ang mahal ko! Pero, hindi mo kita ang isang tulad ko.

Minsan, ayaw ko ng isipin ang mga problema ko
Lahat ng problemang bumabalot at sumisira sa mundo ko
Wala! Wala ng luhang lalabas sa mga mata ko
Wala ng tubig ang aagos sa mukha ko.

Kung kaya't hinihiling ko na sana
Takpan na lang ang aking mga mata
At tsaka ako bulungan sa tenga,
"Magiging maayos rin ang lahat kaya magpahinga ka muna.
Tumigil ka muna sa pagpapakatanga sa taong nakatingin naman sa iba.
Huwag kang mag-alala, ilalayo kita sayong mga problema.
Pipigilan ko ang luha mula sa'yong mga mata.
Hindi ko hahayaan na may tubig na muling umagos sa iyong mukha.
Dahil gusto kita.
Mahal kita.

Kita na kita."
JayceeJellies Nov 2015
I wonder; did you run out of color while you were painting me?
Äŧül Apr 2015
Making me sing daily for her,
ar used to be the sorrows,
ddening was my love,
e** her feel special..

Me singing & writing poetry,
Separately for her was regular...

For her I will improve myself,
Testing my capabilities I am,
Reeling the love I kindle inside,
***ling I'm my hard outer shell..

Companion of mine is perfect,
Together we gelled just so well,
Tomorrow seems very golden,
Grappling with all the troubles,
Challenging time with my effort,
Focused were all my techniques,
Graduating in the field of love,
Completed seemed my jigsaw.
My HP Poem #849
©Atul Kaushal
When you leave
I feel I've set
My best pieces to sea
On a ship designed to be swallowed
By the swell of my heart

But my love is elastic
Worlds largest rubber band
Stretching an entire states width
Pulled through your telephone
It lingers in my voice

There's nothing more magical
Than the vibration of your vocal chords
Through the distance
I dream of my head against your throat
To feel that vibration through my soul

— The End —