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TIZZOP Nov 2020
want a new addiction, want to fall victim
explain to me: why do dem females have similar names?
i was blacklisted and then i got promoted

all my poems were burned by me
and i destroyed all my novels, dramas and stories
blog entries, essays and term paperz...

and every time i closed my eyes, i stopped existing
the creature of the night, ******* of da city
fundamental, livin' under mental conditionz
chanukka and christmaz, gimme me three minutez:

imma be, stay and i'll have claimed my spot in it
no matter where ya at, anthony and antwone,
italo-africanz, meet dem boyz, cry, run, but die
no room for da shy, da law of the chosen few

8000 family memberz, nationwide and global
and don't they dare to fukk around -- we alwayz local
We act and we live worldwide. Watch my Swedish brotha Ecco2k:
Simon Aug 2020
Fantasy wasn’t always grim! It used to much more lighthearted than ALL facts put together into one fantasy collaboration. Which is exactly what’s happening in this very tale. This world. This setting. This… Well, there was once this one clan of people, who shined more than all other clans originating from the very same species who reigned as the “capital power”! An interspecies. A subspecies. Something that was greatly interwoven for many generations. Until one day, all clans became suddenly quiet. Distancing themselves from the very same who reigned as the capital power. One who merely outshined ALL the rest into complete seclusion! Doing something that was just part of their charm. Their charismatic behavior. Something that was docile (at first). Later on, showing it was entirely shameful of what they’d done too deserve whatever it was that gave them that very “capital power” to begin with. Seeing as how they control one of the most beautiful creatures that dominate the high mountain tops the world had ever looked up upon when kneeling down right at the setting foot of a monstrosity looked up to as a god! These very high mountain tops were where the most beautiful of creatures lived. Soaring higher than anything to have ever bear witness towards. A Griffin! The clan of the very species that was connected to all the other clans, are made up of the same originality! They are all related. Once. But entirely spread outward with benefits too ONLY…their own people. Their own clan. A testament to a claim willing to tear each other apart… Until there was nothing left but the once memory that echoed throughout the land. The world. Nothing but “ash” in the coming times would make this truth more fruitful than it truly appeared to be. A truth that would test this very clan that shined more brightly than all the other’s combined. The one with the so-called “capital power” would rather dethrone themselves completely! Than to give into fear of the contempt for their very actions. Something that tempts them (very much so) …. Another clan (so to speak). An enemy! Full of much more variety then the one who stood above the rest. The one (who in time) would come to be known simply… As the “Questionians”! Their very name comes from how they are a complete mystery. That may not exactly be what they essentially are called. Or refer to themselves (alone) as... Except when they do some unspeakable horror that claims witness to a crime that’d free every other clan put together (of the very same “original species” among different factions). If this exact thing actually took place, then everything would be put in complete shambles! Showing that they are the “shadow” of this very (“capital power”) clan’s democracy! A thing or force too GREATLY fear! Or else…. Or else, they would do something that would pave the groundwork for even truer fear to come about (sooner rather than later). Then what was actually taken seriously, previously. The clan that’s MOST “threatened” upon the arrival of the sudden “impending doom scenario” … Is none other than the clan known better as “the people of the Griff”! A very peaceful and agricultural people who don’t take anything out of account officially… Unless it truly meant something for them to bear witness to within their entire selves. Since there’s something very potentially “meddling” going on within these very people. First off, they keep too themselves “happily” alone. And unaided from the outside world and the rest of its (once) interconnected species that have spread out too wide to care (anymore) about coming back to the so-called “old days”. Old days when it was of the MOST prideful! Also, where the most of prime “examples” could be made and smoothed out for the better! But what the people of the Griff value even more (upon themselves directly) … Is the most beautiful creature in the land. The Griffin! A Griffin is perhaps the people of the Griff’s most prime example to the status of a mere god! The very homeland where they grow and stride and nurture their very motions upon the mountain tops that are also referred to as gods! But not to the people of the Griff…. O NO! They don’t look upon the mighty monstrosity that is their very “worshiping” deity. They worship the very creatures that live among the very tops of that very worshiping deity (that the other “separated” clans essentially worship). As time passed, they somehow were able to bind their very free will to this “blessing” that is these magnificent creatures! Binding also their very tolerances (to the Griffins itself). Just as life itself had also binded the people of the Griff (in time) to each other. Which is where the enemy comes in. The Questionians. Finally becoming “questioned” for why they’d have one of the most bizarre names for a “impending doom scenario” ever imagined! That’s because the enemy is literally questionless. They don’t have that which the people of the Griff just seem to (conveniently) have that they themselves…do not! Forcing the Questionians to claim (what they don’t have, to officially seize otherwise) for themselves…ONLY! But that was only apart of the tale that is made to be grim among ALL fantasy collaborations put together. As fantasy wasn’t always grim. Until the collapsing of a once (friendly) confrontation had already happened…long ago. Which sparked countless dangers that are totally unheard of… Until a hero was finally able to rise up above ALL others and risk the very land the people of this world breathed truthfully for themselves and themselves…alone! A hero who would (in due time) come about changing all specifics in a world that was once wholesome. Now it’s just a teetering land on the brink of war! War that was (more specifically) a mere illusion made to justify an even worse crime made to happen. The war effort was just a downplayed diversion not really bright for “comfort” itself to take rather seriously! However, the hero who’d come to truly redefine the locals of this land and its very world back into (seemingly) “ceremonial” times… Is a young man named “Salivardt”. Who apparently, is a member of the people of the Griff. Accompanied by the strongest heroine that would be this hero’s “go-getters” type guidance. Her name was that of the very feisty “Fabian”! Who has a very mysterious past (that is said: to be hinted at being a member of that very questionless clan group)? One who is on the brink of utter disorder from also (within themselves). And together, they would reach a very “breaking point” of how each of their very destinies “securely” …come together. (And how “linear” it must seem…) Would literally reintroduce the once (“interconnected”) state that each clan of the same species once shared. ALL coming back together into one singular species! Introducing a global front that is a respectful… “unifying whole”!
A “fantasy” testament of willpower both doesn’t a-and can’t agree with itself. Unless it’s politely willing too argue against something it’s never come across before… Until (once upon a time ago) something merely told it too…of a certain “destiny” going around!
PS… Would you certainly then start to argue against something you never came across before…?
Steve Page Jun 2020
My street was full of aunties
and full of uncles too.
They weren't the same as family,
but grown-ups who we knew
- parents of my mates,
friends of mum and dad,
people I could trust to share
what it was they had.
- winter parties, summer trips
and massive paddling pools,
loads of music, lots of love
and laughter while we grew.
- common homes and gardens,
a street that was open plan,
family in every neighbour,
one big,
reminded of this older poem when thinking of community and what matters to an adult about their childhood - a reminder of what matters right now
TIZZOP Nov 2019
i was brought up to
read books and play the

i am from the heart of the
world you

a place among thieves
a place among business aspirations
a place among the pines

actually like a
postcard however
someday a clan of


men came into town
men who took up

between pines and a business park
buildings were built by the
men of the clan:

golden paint
giant offices


men had come into town
yelling in strange terms:

jebi se

unexpected assassinations
executions of local mobsters
****** threats on judges

jebi se!
brate hajde

old methods
new turf

a war began
clan against mob
murderer against murderer
man against man

this place where i
this place among

turned into a war zone
year 2019

corners packed with hordes
willing to die
armed with

pump actions
rocket launchers

this place where i
this place among

turned into a war zone
year 2019
Starry Aug 2019
In an ulternative univrrse
The hojo
Clan and there evil ninja
Fuma, have taken control
Of Japan after the defeat of the
In the seige
Of odawara castle
Thus darkness and chaos continues
In japan
Seán Mac Falls Jul 2017
( Song Ballad )

You say you don't understand me,
Here's a bargain for free I'll be sellin' you true ;
We'll go to a place, above the sea raging,
An' get down to what's troubling you.

When I was a lad, I remember my dad,
Would take me on walks down 'Langtrae Doon' ;
He'd tell me great stories, of sailing ship glories,
An' somedays just whistle a tune :

  *Slip away, slip away ;
  He'd say 'hopes will die chasin' the moon,'
  I'll tell you my girl, that the cares of the world,
  They don't matter much round 'Langtrae Doon.'

Rueful me mother was, six children never loved,
An' pride was offensively used ;
'You'll never amount to a thing,' she would state it,
Ashamed she was of her own brood :

  Slip away, slip away ;
  She'd say 'hopes will die chasin' the moon,'
  So but on your bonnet, I'll write you a sonnet,
  We'll get down to 'Langtrae Doon.'

Father died a broken man, just now, you'll understand,
Lord knows they buried him cruel ;
Left his debts unpaid, he never owned land,
But in his heart was 'Langtrae Doon.' :

  Slip away, slip away ;
  He'd say 'hopes will die chasin' the moon,'
  So but on your bonnet, I'll write you a sonnet,
  We'll get down to 'Langtrae Doon.'

Out on the breakers
Eyes in the sea are watching me
But seals never speak

The sea birds are gulling
Always they argue over shells
I know how they feel

Long across the heath
The piebald mountains cradle me
But snows, they only whisper

The stationary stone village
Is thatched in chalk and grey wood
Happy in branch without trees
High upon this hill, blue an green
My heart races in balm of drizzle,
I taste the seas' shimmers, crofts,
The turf and tobacco betwixt rain
Travel from my village to mind me
That this be an ancient landscape,
I inhale deeply damp Clannish air,
Have come to know winter peace
And all is golden in fey softy days,
In the scours of lamb scented sun.
P for Poems Feb 2015
A dark past,
also my last.
of my family.
my beloved brother,
killed my father and mother.
my clan too,
and someone knew.
He only spared me,
and then he flea'd,
Leaving me,
without my family.
the love i had for him turned to hate,
I awoke my sharingan by the time i was 8.
my goal and objective was to **** him with my own hand,
then i could avenge my family and my clan.
we were close and we played,
By my side he always stayed.
I looked up to and wanted to be like him,
but my chances back then were looking quiet slim.
a prodigy indeed,
left my heart to bleed.
filled me with hate,
I just had to wait.
Lonely I use to be,
my beloved brother took my family from me.
I wondered why he murdered our clan,
I wondered if this was always his plan.
the brother i remember was always kind,
Or was i just simply blind.
one day when Im stronger,
when i can fight for even longer.
Ill be ready to **** he,
the one who killed our family.
If you guys watched the anime naruto you'd understand this
AD Mullin Sep 2014
I buried Wisdom & Folly at Indian Graves this afternoon

It was cut in three
The two halves I buried close to each other
When they come back on the next plane
They will have a better chance of finding each other in one piece

The tail, I left hanging on a tree

You don't need a tail to walk upright

Raven is near
She's paying her respects
And a Thunderbird does a fly-by
Written at Indian Graves this afternoon

50 d 14' 39" N
114 d 21' 47 W

Published on a crescent of fire and light
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