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Dipesh Jul 2019
I write this now but did you know whenever I
try to write,
you hold my hand,
and you make my fingers go numb,
you're such a control freak,
you hold me back!
I don't want you anymore.

Because you don't want the best of me,
you want me to waste my
life, my precious time,
you are not my friend,
and your friendship is not the end
of my evils, it makes me want them
even more,
So today, I declare you a stranger,
you are free to wander around, and maybe
come back sometimes,
but know this- I will not allow you to stay.

Go away now.
Note to my lazy-self.
Dipesh Jul 2019
Dear poem, I miss you
every time I don't have you in my reach,
I can't live
without you.

You are the art I engross on the
blank page,
the painting of
my emotions.

You live in that place of my body where only my Mom ( and sister ) are ( for now ), I love you.

You are the magic and I'm the magician, dear poem,
I can't live
without you.

It's not that I'm afraid of telling people about how I feel about them!, I actually tell them but
telling you is
dear poem,
I love you.
A poem for the poems :)
Dipesh Jun 2019
The Universe, is it big? Or is our imagination of it is?

Are we alone? Indebted to the loan of the


who created us and the other organisms

who we disown,

How far will we go?

Where will our tempt to know more lead us?

Will it take us to other places with other organisms whom we

shall fight because we are nothing but


we care about the selfies

and the money and the things which we


How far will we go?

I am more fascinated by other organisms because

they are


then us, they don't

fight over a spilled bowl,

they don't have emotions like us all,

but still, they survive, at least they try to and we

do them the


our own fall,

How far will we go?

I don't know when we will find

life outside of our planet but if we


Mark my words,

we shall not leave them alone

because it is our nature to


for our own survival, no for our


Now, we will **** them


How far will we go?

~A poem.
Humans fascinate me. Our differences, our indifferences, are so small, yet large?
I don't know where we all are headed.
Dipesh May 2019
Your presence makes me a misery,
Your absence makes me a facade,
My love for you is my fate,
But love is not in your kismet.

Miss I do beg of you,
Do not leave me to my ways,
Miss I do beg of you,
Let me live without your shade.

I have always loved you,
I know that you are innate,
But excess of you is not for you,
It is for my own hate.

You love me that I know,
You know I'm addicted to you babe,
You leave me for me, I know,
But I always find a way back babe.
I have learned to observe you,
To seek out for all your ways,
I have learned to live with you,
To accept your flaws & your hate.
Dipesh Apr 2019
I try, to treat you the same,
As I treat the other traits,
I try, to treat you the same,
Laziness and boredom are to be blamed.

Without you, I'll be put to shame,
My life will be spent in disdain,
I try, to treat you the same,
As I treat the other traits.
Dipesh Apr 2019
Why do they leave us?
When the sun is shining on,
When there's no moonlight to devour,
And the skies are blue and lorn (1).

They know loving, a different way,
A total one side ardour( 2 )
They keep shining, for our affection,
Even when the sun is strong.
Such is the love, of stars for us,
For the moon and rivers and ponds,
Propel your worries towards the sky,
Because all stars do have amours( 3 ). .
Stars and other things :)
Dipesh Apr 2019
Hey there,
my name is p%#@c ,
oh, it’s you!
gibberish, your thoughts,
unsettled, your views.

Stay-in and fuse,
or leave you all loose,
Make you all freakish,
so people think you a fool?

Your creation I am,
You are my fuel,
my God,
my life,
my death,
You design my contour.

Yet, I am mortal,
I deserve a fine doom,
Sword through my soul,
And I shall rest,
in the ruins.
" You have a meeting? Oh wait I’ll come with you. :) " said Panic.
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