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Vivek Raj May 29
You make me feel different,
Leaving me in constant bewilderment,
Where others get to greet you once every day,
You make me wonder straightaway,
As you welcome me twice,
Once in the morning when I wake up,
Right before the start of my day ahead,
And, once at night during my sleep,
When you embrace me in my dreams.
Vivek Raj May 28
How could one feel,
Both powerful and weak,
At the same time,
In front of your smile,
A feeling best explained,
As the best part of my life.
Vivek Raj May 27
Like the light at the end of the tunnel,
You came as a glimmer of hope,
Raising from the dead in me a feeling I thought was buried,
Resurrecting a missing part of my life back into existence,
Bringing back emotions I believed disappeared long time back,
With your smile that could mend any broken soul,
Lift up any person's shattered heart,
And, make me seek you and never go apart.
Vivek Raj May 27
A question,
Long left unanswered,
What makes you so desirable?
And, the answer popped up to me,
In less than an instant.

A curiosity,
A one of a kind wonder you are,
And, no wonder man searches you,
In the twinkle of a star,  
To be left spellbound by you,
Like an enchantment,
In spiritual and cosmic realms afar,
Only to realise,
You're no fantasy,
But, a phenomenon and a certainty,
As good as across all realities.
Vivek Raj May 26
Your little eyes,
Little nose,
Little cheeks,
Little smile,
And, your adorable babbling,
Will forever be rewards of love...

Your little hands,
Little feet,
Little walk,
Little mischiefs,
And, your cheerful embrace,
Will forever be a boon of life.
Vivek Raj May 25
To my weary eyes,
And, my shattered heart,
Your arrival,
Remains a big welcome.
Vivek Raj May 25
If I'm at war with time,
If I'm enraged with fate,
I blame it on one reason,
Along the lines of treason,
To have not met you before we first met.
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