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what is sorry
a word?
an act?
it's just a blur to me right now
no meaning
one breath
one sight
too cold
I know the world is going through a lot right now
I know that sometimes we feel like giving up
It feels like you carry the weight of the world on one shoulder
The world is sure in a mess right now
But you’re not alone, nobody has to be
We’re all in this together,
For the weight we should’ve carried is love
And every one is a fighter
I believe
So rise up
It is your love
and mine
Together create frictions
and sparks fire
fire of joy
they glow
Hi there
It’s 1:17 and i’m trying to sleep
But all of a sudden you come across my mind
It’s wonderful isn’t it
We were once strangers
Never once i thought it’d be miserable if we don’t talk
Never crossed my mind that it’d be you the one i’m looking for when nightmares come
I thank god and i thank the universe that we met
The first time i laid my eyes on you,
didn’t know they would be the one i’m looking for after a rough day
The first time those laughs came out of that mouth,
didn’t know it’d be the one i missed in the middle of the night starring at the ceiling
I’m so grateful that you happen to be the one
I once stopped wishing people to stay
But never once i stopped wishing on you
I love you
You are always the center of attention
No you never are alone
The sun
The moon
The star
Have you ever for once, felt lonely?
You are everywhere

I once wondered, have i ever become a sky to someone
Have i ever?
ask the dust
did i stop looking
when i saw your shadow
up’s the only direction i planned
a simple rendezvous
but complicated beats
then there you are
spellbound you got me
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