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miki Jun 8
i wish i hadn’t let you go as quickly as i did
i think you would like me better now
when i tell stories, i don't exaggerate things
and i don’t act like a child
so much has changed
nothing has stayed
but i think that it’s okay
i’m not the same girl that you knew when you left
but really, neither are you
i know everything was for the better
but, i just think you’d like me better now
miki Jun 8
someone should have known better than to leave me by myself
surrounded by objects only reminiscent of a home
i thought that i could mangage it, because i wanted it to work
but maybe
not to feel like a stranger in the house you’ve known for years
just takes a little more time
so i sit
on the couch, in the very corner
the same spot i've sat in for years
and stare
at the tv that bares only my reflection
with nothing else to see

just me
my reflection in the tv
and a house that never felt like home
miki Feb 7
and i know it’s bad
that even if you’re taken
i will still want you
miki Aug 2021
i was so foolish back then
seeing you in a perfect light
it blinded me
your unfulfilled promise became my only hope
i let you drown me in your own pity
your own insecurities
i let them define me, i let them break me
you got to play magician
always pretending you could snap away my cracks
when i was the one mending yours
always making me worry
disappearing for days at a time
but always finding a reason to be upset when you would return
i was your toy
a pawn in your game
and i never even read the rules
you let me believe you needed saving
when i was the one living in the nightmare

the ghost of who i thought you were still haunts me
but i could never hate you
miki Jul 2021
i never experienced
things the same after you left
i lost touch of reality
as the time slipped from my reaches
the sky was never as blue
the stars never twinkled as brightly
no strawberry ever tasted as sweet
as you
maybe things will never be the same
but i’m watching them
begin again
miki Feb 2021
i cried everyday for you
i thought blue
was your favorite color
miki Feb 2021
you can trust me
all kept under my lock and key
they can’t hurt you
not unless they take my entry
and steal what was ours to keep
i would never betray my own word
only if you abandon me
the depths of my own knowledge
are often so bittersweet
filled with the voices of a thousand murmurs,
sayings that are mine to keep
admit it once,
i’ll lock it away
never for anyone to peek
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