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Hazel grey Jul 2020
I finally understood
Newton's third law of motion.
To every action, there is
an equal and opposite reaction.

To every person you hurt
intentionally or not
karma makes sure
to get back at you.
Be kind to everyone you meet. You don't know their story.
Hazel grey Jul 2020
People give up too easy
On the ones they love
On the dreams they have
On the things they want
On everything.

Don't give up too easy
Make that phone call
Complete that chapter
Ascend that freaking hill
Because the best view is yet to come
Hazel grey Jul 2020
What if i let go of the cliff edge
i've been holding on to
What if when i let go
I get lost in the chaotic wind
What if while flowing with the wind
i find a haven
What if the ocean falls in love with my haven
while trying to touch it, destroys it
What if my body gives in to these strong ocean waves
What if my badass soul just won't give up
stretches its wings and flies far far away
Hazel grey Jul 2020
I am sitting by a shore
watching the waves come by and leave
I want them to touch me
dissolve me into tiny molecules
mingling and amalgamating
with each of theirs
dancing into a whole new universe
But the waves always miss me
By an inch
reminding me of all the things
i "just missed".
Hazel grey Jul 2020
I am stuck in this never ending cycle
of wanting to talk to you and not wanting to. Constantly reminding myself
of the ways you ****** up my life.
you aren't what i pictured you to be.
While walking down the amnesia lane,
I stumbled upon a moment
when i was your everything
i got back on my feet and started walking again
reminding myself that it was all temporary.
Hazel grey Jul 2020
I feel so safe in his arms that even if the world crumbled in pieces, i would be the only survivor.
Hazel grey Jul 2020
Before meeting you
I didn't have any idea
Humans could carry so much hatred inside of themselves.
A hatred so intense, so ferocious
it could put the strongest demon
inside of me to shame.
There's this new bout of emotions
i didn't know my heart could inculcate.
You broke something inside of me.
Something which even a sunset can't fix.
Even Your memories are so worthless.
I throw them out and even the universe disagrees to accept it.
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