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micaela drew Oct 2018
My heart aches
I never knew one person
could make me feel so much pain

My soul breaks
Our relationship worsens
And both of us are to blame

You are my love
My first time  
My good morning kisses
My goodnight hugs
My year long love
My first everything

But what am I to you?

Your first ****
Your burden to bear
Your sigh of relief
When I’m not there
Your fat girlfriend
Your ball and chain

You will always be my first love
Yet I’ll never be good enough
So as much as it pains me to say
We need to break up
micaela drew Oct 2018
You roll over
I feel worthless
You abandon me
My heart a mess
Am i not enough to make you stay?

I give my body to you
I give my soul to you
Yet when I ask for something in return
I receive nothing, not a word
You make me feel so stupid and useless
Why do I continue to let you do this?

I love you so much
But you don’t feel the same
I’m simply just a body
Another promiscuous chase
You say you don’t want a quick lay
But when I tell you i love you
You mumble same and turn away
I love you so much
Please love me too
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
micaela drew Aug 2018
As the rain pelts my skin
I try to forget about the things you did
As your foreign hands invaded my body
I regret ever going to that party

My friends said that it would be fun
That I had nothing to lose
But everything changed
When I met you

Your eyes glowed so self-assured
Smile perfectly polished
Your intentions at heart seemed pure
But you were there to demolish

How many girls before me
have fallen into this trap?
Or is it me who will be
Alone on this path

Maybe someday you’ll have a daughter of your own
And get the call saying, “Daddy I can’t come home”
Because she is mortified by a choice she didn’t make
But was never educated to know it was called ****

For months I felt broken and battered
I wallowed in self-pity
Thinking I was tattered

When I finally realized
Opening my own eyes
I won’t let what you did
Ruin my dreams so big

I will stand on my own
And finally return home
Because what happened wasn’t my fault
But you have to live everyday knowing that you committed
****** Assault.
micaela drew Aug 2018
I just want to feel love
Not from a sister or brother
Nor from a dad or mother
I want to feel soul shattering
Heart wrenching love

People all tell me to stay away
That I'll only feel pain
Yet almost every day
I long to feel this love

I know this is naive
But my untouched heart cries to me
To experience this love

Maybe it's because my heart has never been broken
Happiness ever stolen
Or ever received a token
Of this kind of love

I'll focus on friends for now
But when you come
My Heart will vow
To always be yours
Until it's torn
From the pain of love

micaela drew Aug 2018
It’s crazy to realize

No one cares about you

You’re not important

This fact has proven true

You’re not special or different

Friendships formed are simply convenient

They hold no significants or mean anything

Funny. Since we think they mean everything

No one cares about you

Especially your peers

If only you knew

It’d spare you lots of tears

People only care about themselves

as sad as it is to say

You mean nothing.

And neither do they.


— The End —