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J Dec 2020
don't have time
to be reading
paragraph after paragraph,"
she typed.
I have time
to trick you
into thinking
you can open up to me
about anything,"
said her actions
Brandon Brazel Nov 2020
Looking up at the sky,
What do you see?
When one tells a lie,
How does one breathe?
A man who tends to be shy,
Opens up like a blade from sheath.
Please don’t tell him good-bye;
One more heartbreak may lead him to die.
It’a been a while, a lot has happened, I’m doing the best I can.
Amy Ross Nov 2020
maybe someday
I’ll spill my guts to you
lay out everything that has hurt me and is still hurting me
give the story behind every poem I’ve ever written and heard and loved
maybe I’ll tell you everything,
you who was not here to witness
who didn’t see the rise and fall of rome,
the death of Latin but the survival of it’s plays
you who hasn’t been here long enough for the unfurling
maybe I’ll rip off all my petals
show you the inner workings myself
maybe someday,
I’ll tell you all the parts that I leave out, when I comfort you from the same burdens that crushed me
show you all the scars on my tongue, from biting it around you
tell you the stories these scars held back
maybe someday
I’ll just simply tell you everything
introduce you to my demons
and let you see the monstrous teeth that sit in rows behind my own
the blood under my fingernails, not all someone else’s
and see what you do
maybe someday I’ll tell you everything
maybe someday I'll spill my guts to you
maybe one day
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2020
Open up

There are times
When wrong feels right
And right feels wrong
There are times when
You are cheated, denied, disrespected
There are times when
You are adored, cared, heard, loved
There are times
That tears you apart
There are times
That cheeres your soul
Embrace walk in
Embrace walk out

If there's no love
Then there should be
No hate
That's the life
It's okay
Breathe everyday

Or stay dying
Genre: Observational
Theme: Sad truth
Note: I'm a survivor.
Sandy Palabras Aug 2020
Don't just let a smile hide what 'a hurt to heart' can override
To speak from the heart
Is never an easy task
But you help a bit
Candented May 2020
Do I know your middle or even your last?
Do I know your first or only more craft?
All-in the cash to cover the spread
drowning, our feet in the riverbed
What is it that you feel I am and I can contain?
I am slowly dieing, fleeting and insane
The pathways above me are crowded untrue
The mirror below me reminds me of you
Riley Grace May 2020
After you
I don't want to open up anymore.
I told you everything
Because I could
You seem like the only one to stay

You knew me the most
But yet you did the worst thing
You could do to me.
Jayantee Khare Oct 2018
One day I will muster all my courage
One day I will not care for the judges
One day I will clear all my grime
One day I will vent out all my anger
One day I will open up fearlessly
'Coz then I couldn't speak
When it all happened once
With me too!

And yes, I will find a caravan
Which is moving on
It may be late
But definitely in this lifetime
To live once again,
Forgetting all that happened once
With me too!

Not for the name or fame
Not for a revenge or blame
Just to sleep with peace
Once again in my innocence
Forgetting all those memories
That still haunts me
Those moments of shivering
When it happened once
with me too!

Yes it happened
With me too!
I support me too campaign.......
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