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Brent Kincaid Nov 2018

Jesus is a friendly guy.
Such a very friendly guy.
Lived two thousand years
Didn’t care for queers
And he has a painful tale
That brings us all to tears.

Jesus is a loving guy
Doesn’t even have to try;
That’s why he was born
To have his body torn
So it’s not a total loss
We get colored eggs on Easter morn.

Jesus is a groovy dude.
Don’t let this song get misconstrued
He’s god and he is man
We do everything we can
To beat and **** the fools
With anti-Jesus attitude.

Jesus was Caucasian man.
He was so much better than
Any Jewish kind of guy
That’s the reason why
The televangelists and stuff
You buy from them began.

Jesus needs your money now.
So sell your tractor and your plow.
Your preacher’s gonna show you how
To fill the check out while you bow.
You go to heaven with no doubt.
Jesus needs your money now.

Brent Kincaid
It's a parody of what may be a YouTube parody song called JESUS IS MY FRIEND.
The Trumpoet Mar 2018
I must beg your forgiveness up front for this verse.
I don't want to be ****** or rude or perverse,
but all over the world, things are going oh so wrong,
and it's due, in large part, to the President's ****!

Some leaders have brains and they lead with their mind.
Some lead from the heart and are thoughtful and kind.
But President Trump, he shall reign and shall rule.
Being led from below by his shriveled old tool.

You can tell by the way that Trump likes to abuse
women like they are objects to conquer and use.
Trump surely likes weapons, strongmen and dictators.
Trump labels all challengers liars and haters.

It is this sort of strutting, denial and attacking
that comes from a man who is seriously lacking
in confidence and a true manly demeanor,
and to compensate, Trump is obsessed with his wiener!

Now, I don't want to ridicule, criticize, heckle
the importance and worth of every man's schmekel,
but it's rather perverse and off base and quite sick,
when you turn off your brain and just follow your ****.

It just makes Trump so subject to manipulations
when he's flattered and aided by unfriendly nations.
Through his payoffs to hide his betrayals and ******,
Trump's Johnson has led him to such Stormy seas!

When he calls out Bill Clinton for his cheating ways,
the hypocrisy never shall cease to amaze!
All the cover-ups prove him a liar and a fake -
A pathetic, small slave to his small trouser snake.

Now I hope in your heart some forgiveness you'll find
for me planting these images into your mind.
And let us all hope that it will not be long
'til the world's ruled no more by the President's ****.
You can also see this and my other Trumpoems performed at:
Written: March 18, 2017
Äŧül Jun 2015
Too *****,
Not too funny,
But actually thorny.
Call one your bunny,
But run after money.
******* is yummy,
Only for the dummy.
My HP Poem #874
©Atul Kaushal
Harry Roberts Aug 2017
All your love, but you didn't want me,
How you haunt me.
Kiss me and **** me you still taunt me.

My river stagnant,
Still -
A mockery of tranquil.

Suspended till I descend
How from reality you transcend.
Muyi Apr 2017
I just wanna be loved
I just wanna feel needed
I just wanna be close 2 u
All my life was mistreated

U gave me hell when I was broke
Its only fair 2 give it back
U give me love because im rich
U gave me love
I didn't ask
I was nice in the beginning
U was rotten from the start
I just wanna break yo spirit
I don't wanna hold yo heart

And If suffering is beautiful then pain is like a art
I wanna hear you cry n scream like a blade is in yo heart
{(Ugh+)*2nd repeat only }
love you
I hurt you
I use you
I lose you
I leave you
Deceive u
U die
I mourn
{Repeat until it fades out}
I don't want u 2 die I just want u 2 suffer...then I wanna love u 4ever
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