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Seem born yesterday...
With innocent charming adorable look
Blithely joyous in their own world
Today, Grown up to face challenges of life and world…

Pillars to hold, children are to their parents and world
Doubtlessly the future, for the future world.
Have built their base determined, with strong, high and great marks
To stand tall with vision on their mission accompanied by a bright sparkle...
To themselves  and for whom they are descendants !! each of the little souls !!!
Prayers ,wishes on their way for  achievements many more...
In all their endeavors henceforth..
With infallible firm walk seeking success glory and fame
In realisation of dreams and goals
Making parents smile with pride
A return gratitude for their strive
In making a better person of their child...

Best wishes to the young adults in their journey to future ....!!!
So, You want to win?
I too wish
You to win

Your winning
Never makes me
A loser

I am
In a constant pace
In a different race
For a different cause
Towards a different future
Trusting the process
Of self renewal
All way along
Since then

So, You want to win?
I too wish
You to win

Embark on
Your journey
Thrive and flourish
All the best
Genre: Inspirational || Experimental
Theme: Sanity
Author's Note: And I have seen
Some are taught
Just to take part in a rat race

With whom?
For what?
In confusion
Brian McDonagh May 2018
Meadows, valleys,
Fields of wide pasture,
That’s the thought of today as we come together,
Us in our wedding vesture.

Whatever the day brings,
The sun still shines;
And we are together,
Like branches along vines.

Thankful for this time,
We share with close community
Our joy and happiness
While we have the opportunity.

Two hearts sync
As one beat in time;
The feeling is as whimsical
As the voice of a wind chime.

We profess our vows
Aloud to each other;
Endowed we are
With the love of a mother:

Caring, understanding,
Hopeful in all;
May our time beyond our reception
Be as nourishing as a banquet hall!
Wrote this for my cousin who's getting married next month!
Amitav Radiance Jan 2015
Everyone is fighting a duel with life
Debating with it has its merits
We may arrive at a conclusion
To a point of agreement
Where we can live next to each other
With harmony and bonhomie
Life may tilt towards you
Or, away from you
But you are the pivot
To make it balance
Good wishes sail us through
Let’s us pass through tribulations
Challenges are softened
With the soft embrace of wishes
Family, friends and acquaintances
Spurn not anytime
When someone sends wishes
We cannot have enough
In our life
The best wishes of our well-wishers

— The End —