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Kasti 5d
I think about you and it hurts
I don’t know why I don’t think often
I find that I enjoy distracting myself instead of facing head on what I’m feeling or thinking
And what’s been on my mind for such a long time
It’s been you.
I don’t know why, stuck up there you remain
I can’t get you out of my head and it stings
I miss talking with you, even if we only talked in groups
I miss hugging you, even if it was only in greeting
I miss when we kissed, even if you did it out of lust
I miss everything, just one more touch would be enough
Don’t forget about me, because I can’t forget about you.
-Somebody that you used to know
Kasti May 26
Late night conversation about some things in life,
lose expectations, let things into the light.

Our late night conversation keeps me up at night,
I need salvation, avoid a lonely night.

Oh let me hold you.

Hold you in my arms,
my arms around your chest
As my heartbeat
is the only thing next to yours.

Late night conversations
about who you think you love.

Late night reservations
are for a different one.

it’s alright
it’s alright
it's alright
it's alright

slowly let go, I'm nowhere close to home
how was I supposed to know
that you only wanted me for tonight?
Kasti May 26
I really do
Everything you do
will always turn me blue
you flutter your eyes at me
and regress to your lies
while all I see from here
is drugs, ***, and lies.

I hate you
I really do
but you plague my thoughts so
in love with the idea of you
never works out so
I'll take this **** feeling
bury it inside
and leave nothing left of it as all my hope dies.

I hate you
but it's not actually true
how can I hate what gives me strength
and pushes me straight through
you keep me up at night
while you sleep quietly
and nothing remains, silence drains
as I die violently.

But it never really mattered at all, I guess.
Kasti May 26
and another
and another

no pain left to bear.
As I sit here,
and while you leave,

Painfully unaware.
Kasti Mar 14
I am solemn.
It is quiet.
No signs of life or any noise floods my senses.
Deep, dark silence.

A light flickers on from the corner of the room,
a door slowly creaks open
or so it seems to be
it motions to be, as I beckon it's call.

Walking towards the door,
dread floods my heart.

My blood is on the floor,
as screams tear flesh apart.

No love, No joy, No peace
Nothing I've seen has shown such violence
and now, with no flowers nor bees,
Just deep, dark silence.
I don't know where you came from
Kasti Mar 14




e.e.cummings? at least I tried
Kasti Mar 14
quietly reserved, these 31 days back away
from the fray of the other 343
each with their own characteristics,
and mine being much more introverted
A frigid 31 days
A warm 31 days
A frigid but warm time
We go through it and take it for granted
But those 31 days
never go away
as they stay the same for me
I find my way
In 31 days
as my love awaits me
I find a day
of those 31 days
to treasure and cherish the most
the 21st day
most important to me
will always bring me back home.
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