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Tia Dec 2017
Eyes made of galaxies
Colors radiating like sunrise in the morning
Giving me a vibe of a new beginning
Telling me those untold hopeful stories

How can you shine in the darkest alley?
How can you relive a dead lady?
Your eyes that couldn't lie gives me life
Your eyes, your eyes kept me alive

One look at my eyes and you read my mind
One glance at my soul and my heart pumps blood
One stare from you and I am hypnotized
Hypnotized to work all day even if I'm drained

Your eyes does all of these
It has magic, it casts spells
And I am someone willing to submit
Because you are my only reason to still breathe
Let's appreciate how transparent and secretive the eyes of someone could be. Sooo powerful.
Poetic T Sep 2017
I will with every breath I take
           make sure you sleep soundly,
if any monsters are under you bed
            I'll brush them away...

I will with every breath I take
            wish you sweet dreams
And when you awaken I'll whisper
"Morning sunshine's
                time to open those little eyes,

I will with every breath tell your mother
                     "I love her, That I'm hers all of my life.
My wife, is the love that brought our children
into our lives, she is the love of all our lives.

I will with every breath hold you all close,
                  holding each of you close to my chest.
Living for your smiles and the words that
                bring a smile "I love you,
"I love you too, smile radiating on my face.

My family, I will always look after you.
                      feed and water you, clothe you.
gift you with knowledge.
                                  "Ok sometimes not the best,
But family are everything and ill protect you my best.
my head hits mahogany while i wait
but when my screen radiates light
and the beams bounce off
all of my off white walls
you illuminate my world
millennial love story
Star BG May 2017
In the name of love I take a step,
scribing a song from heart that radiates.
They pulsate with every moment,
swirling to seed its truth in a mind.

In the name of words I shall write,
putting paper to pen to find rhythms.
They spiral in scripted form
opening to awaken those who gather.

In the name of love, I open eyes
dancing to celebrate the gift of life.
They echo bridging the gap,
to awaken all inside peace and oneness.

StarBG © 2017
inspired by Eudora
Mikayla Smith Feb 2017
Peace never seems to know my name.
Hatred never seems to escape my heart.
It’s these things that people blame
When their worlds are falling apart.

Life is so strange as an experience;
Within itself there is always something new.
A medallion to behold
Or someone as precious as you.

No one can take away what you feel
Or invalidate every single one of your thoughts.
What you say is just as real
As every penny in the fountain caught.

Serenity only comes once in a lifetime.
Choose and pick your battles wisely.
Be who you want to be
And make sure you fully live your life.
Written when I was younger, but it still holds sentimental value to me.
Marina Drab Dec 2016
When he no longer had my heart,
I felt so clean.
Like I was wearing a white dress.
No stains,
never ruined.
I am once again stained.
Now it's in a pile of ***** white dresses stacking up
next to all your skeletons in my closet.
Marina Drab Dec 2016
You were iridescent; there were moments
where I found myself breathless, speechless,
dumbfounded by your presence.
And now I have come to a point
where your absence leaves me feeling the same way.
Marina Drab Dec 2016
She was an open book, waiting to be read,
He had a tendency to skim the lines.
Either way, they never wound up on the same page.
La Mer Jul 2016
Interwoven in the grand matrix of our existence,
is the paradox of Divine Intervention and Free Will.
With the ability to choose,
We create the bitter and the sweet,
interpretations vast, affecting the collective.

Within this web, a strand of familiarity,
alongside an ocean of great mystery.
We remember our family, distinct
by memory, visions, and scent.

We choose to connect,
unraveling the secrets that dance
gracefully just below our noses.
Answers always available,
questions seldom posed.

Opening the door,
a door to another door,
with no walls to support it.

Endless doorways to
an infinite space, needing
not to be “opened” in the first place.

We can always be open,
Authentically visualize a
boundless sea of Everything all at once,
and a thoughtful creation of entryways.

Based on how we choose,
our experiences become molded
and ripple into the choices beside us,
echoing from our brothers and sisters.

The vibration of our Will,
swimming, radiating
through the cosmos,
relocating land we hardly recognize,
but knew all along.
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