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M e l l o Apr 2022
i'll forget the memories i made with you
love will fade little by little
i haven't told you yet the name of the flower
when you asked me to identify from the bouquet
you brought on our very first date

i know that if there's life there's death
its up to us how we live in between
i spend my days having coffee with you
and yours to watch movies with me
flowers grow from the seeds then it withers in time

don't forget me i said
i hurt myself and cried more
i wish I was the one who'd say to 'forget me
Because honestly I can't say 'don't let me go
i will keep on living positively from now on

you don't have to say 'thank you to me
because i feel the same with you
i wish you didn't told me to 'forget you
please 'don't let me go

i'll forget the memories i made with you
love will fade little by little
i'll keep on living positively
Forget-me-nots symbolize true love and respect. When you give someone these tiny blooms, it represents a promise that you will always remember them and will keep them in your thoughts. (source: Google)
M e l l o Dec 2020
im sure everyone wants to go back
return to that beautifully nostalgic
time of uncomplicated bliss
Last horah for 2020.
M e l l o Sep 2020
some perfumes are fragrant as a child
others corrupted, rich, exultant wild
with all expansion of things infinite
which sings the senses and souls delight
Its been a while.
M e l l o Jul 2020
come to think of it
your words have always been
my source of strength
as I was about to reach my goal
M e l l o Mar 2020
now we're asking back
those normal days
we think was
boring before
Pray for better days. Stay at home and be healthy.
M e l l o Feb 2020
a friend asked me today
she asked me if I know you
I said yes
questions poured in
in the end she told me
shes into you
she knew what happened to us
and said sorry many times
but I said that was okay
it was all in the past
she said you were nice
I smiled as she told me stories
about you as if I never knew
I pretended to be awed and curious
and finally she told me you asked her out

That's okay
I'm not that hurt anyways
stop saying sorry 'cause
we were through long time ago
but please be a good girlfriend
I said

I can't honestly tell her that
deep inside I'm still not over you
thoughts about you kept me awake at night
and I still kept the things I received from you
but instead I cheered for her
and tell her to take care of you

I guess you'll never know
that I'm still loving you
this heart of mine wasn't ready to let you go
how I wish I can tell her
"please Say No"
I'm not ready to see you with someone else
I hope she'll say No
M e l l o Feb 2020
we won't be healed if we kept on pretending that this love didn't hurt
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