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M e l l o Sep 2020
some perfumes are fragrant as a child
others corrupted, rich, exultant wild
with all expansion of things infinite
which sings the senses and souls delight
Its been a while.
M e l l o Jul 2020
come to think of it
your words have always been
my source of strength
as I was about to reach my goal
M e l l o Jan 2020
nawalan na ako ng lakas
para ipaglaban
ang natitirang bukas
Jan. 11
M e l l o Jan 2020
oras ko na inilaan
kay daling nalimutan
panahon na isinugal
sa pagmamahal na
wala palang katiyakan
ngayo'y nanagnaghoy na
sana'y wag **** iwan

oras ko na inilaan
mga bagay na
kay dali kong binitawan
na walang pag alinlangan
para mapasaya ka lang
huli na nang malaman
pinaglaruan mo lang

para sana sayo to
pero ang dali **** tumalikod
naglakbay ka sa kabilang daan
at bigla na lang naglaho
na parang bula
hindi man lang nagbabala
sana nagpasabi ka
nang ako mismo naghatid sayo

hindi na sana ako
nagbigay ng labis
ngayon ako'y naghihinagpis
sa pag ibig na ipinilit
kong ihandog
sa taong hindi naman
ako ang kailangan

sana nagpasabi ka
nang mabawasan man lang
ang pagtitiis
sa panahon na halos
buong buhay ko
akalain **** kay dali kong
ibigay para sayo
kung sana man lang
umalis ka ng mas maaga
nang hindi pa gaano kalalim
ang nadarama
nang maagapan ko pa
ang sugat na ngayo'y
hanggang buto
tagos sa kaluluwa
ang pagdurusa

sana matapos na ang
araw gusto ko na
Jan. 4
M e l l o Dec 2019
you are his poetry
so he writes about your beauty
in between the lines
of his flawed rhymes
you'll find a
vulnerable guy
Dec. 22
M e l l o Dec 2019
love can be a torture
in a beautiful disguise
Dec. 21
M e l l o Dec 2019
when you came to me
fragments of you dragging behind
in pieces
almost shattered and I was whole
I broke pieces of myself
and gave them to you
as you receive them you smiled

you put all your pieces back
and mine with it
and reassembled you

I gladly broke parts of myself
to make you whole
but you ran
as the last piece
fit perfectly in place
leaving me
staggering in the darkness
most of me
running with you
Dec. 16
Looking forward next year.
M e l l o Dec 2019
I remembered the day you asked me what it's like to fall in love
and now that I think of it
it is the tears that I try to hold back
when I won't admit I'm broken
it's like a whirlwind that picks me up from where you were and throw me somewhere I've never been
and it was like a match sticks when lit can burn a forest to ashes with a slightest touch

"I can't promise you that love is beautiful, but I can promise you it was worth it." I answered
at the back of my head I know
much like of life
love can **** you
Dec. 8
M e l l o Dec 2019
I can't keep pretending that I know how to swim
it's clear that I'm drowning
Dec. 7
M e l l o Nov 2019
i'm shivering
as i wait for you
the cold is unkind
to the strangers like me
i look at my watch
to remind myself of the time
you were late
but i can wait
the freezing breeze was
it bore right through me
as i wait for you
passersby would look at me
sometimes they'd greet me
or ask me why i'm standing
outside here in the cold
i just replied with a smile
or sometimes i would say
" i'm waiting for someone "
knowing that you'll come soon right?
of course you will
i'm shivering
but much more erratic
still waited for you
i looked at my watch again
it says 9:00 pm
when you said you would come at noon
the night grew darker
as the other little shops
starting to close
i'm still standing here
outside in the cold
it's cold
the weather
the let down
it all feels the same
i'm shivering
but you never came
Nov. 22
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