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Jeremy Betts Apr 15
Thoughts deflate then wither in silence,
Contained in this skull shaped dome
Breath taxis the sound like an organic drone
But delivers to no one,
A voiceless zone
They said they'd be here,
But no one's shown
It isn't new,
Still don't know what to do to atone
I wouldn't say I'm not lonely,
Just not alone
Many fractured personalities have left the nest,
Off to make a life of their own
I try to keep the piece on my own
Not a radical idea
Not something I'd condone
It increases the gravity of a situation,
One I could have never known
But what's another boulder to a shoulder of stone?
The devil on the other shoulder is now older and grown
Adopting a fatherly tone
I got a bone to pick with him,
But that'll have to wait till we find home

Man Nov 2023
I am not some peaceable ***-smoking hippy,
Or a hard-core punk inclined to rage away.
Similarly not a broker, with no share of a real trade
Or a developer of putrid estates
Different from some disaffected political nutcase
Radical revolutionary, only in the way
That I still have hopes for change
A M Ryder Dec 2021
The first step is
Radical honesty
With ourselves

We don't intervene
We invade

That's not
"Collateral damage"
Those are
The corpses
Of children
And their parents

Ours is not defense
Ours is war
Monet Echo Aug 2020
Some people long to be famous
To stand out in the crowd
They long for money and riches
To spend their lives in the clouds

Some people want only comfort
To live their lives in peace
Steady income, cozy house...
That life is not for me.

I want my story to be radical
To scream with the unexpected
Though every page may be a struggle
The end has already been written and perfected

I want my song to be revolutionary
The voice of Love in action
Every lyric will take the broken
And fill them with fiery passion

I want every conversation
To be filled with infallible truth
So that people leave encouraged, uplifted
All anxiety, for the moment, soothed

I want to live a life of faith
Eyes closed, hands held high
It'll be hard at first, I may start out low
But I know I'll end with God on High

Some people long to be famous
To stand out in the crowd
But while they sleep in the clouds
I'll be wide awake on solid ground

I don't need popularity
Or everyday life persistence
I want an unexplainable life
I need to make a
Ken Pepiton Feb 2020
Imagine good enough for once
and all we do may do good.

Corny, Provencial, San Juaquin,

come waltz with me,
my tilde, leave us oll rrroling rrs

all ye all ye outs in free, we are only one century

out of tune.

And we found a rready wrrited rreason to say

a used key is always bright.

Freedom of the press, is an abstraction frrom
freedom, per se, being in need of rights,
authoritatively apprrius osity curio

those be noise, not functing scipots, bags of wind.

we are the words that fit the pattern to the card,
for Mon Jacquard, once a soldier,
trained in close order drill,
a thread from there,

gives us software. The fruit of the sci sent to
Mon Jacquard,

words taught his fingers to fight.
There is a right fight.

It is nobody's war. Nobody fights it for you.

Come, let us imagine making peace in a cup,
until it spills,

and coats the world like Sherrwinn Williams.
Joy in musing may be shared or some such moral is in the whole story, I'm told.
Big Virge Aug 2015
I've Heard These Words ...
... SO MANY TIMES ... !!!!!!    
"Virge, you've got,    
some, Radical rhymes !!!"    
I'm Really Beginning To Wonder WHY ... ?!?!?    
Could It Be Because I Speak My Mind ...    
And Am Not Shy To Speak About WHITES ... !?!    
RADICAL Can Mean ...    
Fundamental Inherent And ESSENTIAL ..... !!!    
But Use of My Mental ...    
Through Pad And Pencil ...    
Or Better Still .... PEN ....    
CLEARLY Causes Some OFFENCE ... !!!!!    
I'm Wondering When They'll See The TRUTH ... ?!?    
And Face Problems And STOP Suggesting ...      
That Guys Like ME Are .... " RADICAL MEN " .... !!!!!    
They Seem ... FRIGHTENED ... ?!?    
of Messages Sent That Feed The Truth To Our Children ...    
They LUST CONTROL And Think They'll NEVER ...    
Pay The Toll For Lies They HOLD That Are ... " UNTOLD " ...      
Well The Day WILL COME ...      
When Their Heads Will ROLL ... !!!!!    
Times Like THESE Are DANGEROUS ... !!!!!    
When We Have KIDS Shooting BULLETS ... !!!!!    
NOW Acts Like THIS Are TRULY COLD ... !!!!!    
But I'm The One Who's ... RADICAL ... ??!??    
I Guess That's Because I'm BLACK and TALL ...    
And Have REJECTED .... " Basketball " .... !!!!!!    
But Use My Voice To Make The CALL ... !!!!!    
BUREAUCRATS Now NEED TO Fall ... !!!!!    
Even If  I Am ... " Blackballed " ... !!!!!    
I'm ALREADY BLACK ... !!!!!    
I'm Used To That ...    
As I Am ... " Exclusion " ...    
That's A FACT ... !!!!      
RACISM Goes SO FAR BACK ... !!!!!!!!!    
That People Now Think ... Men Like Me ...    
Should Just ... " CALM DOWN " ...      
"I should be Grateful !"    
"May I ask, what for ?"    
"Some black people, are now adored !"    
"But, what about those who remain poor ?    
or those like me, who still can't walk through certain doors !"    
"Young man, you have some Radical Thoughts !"    
Words Like THOSE Within My Prose ...      
Simply Show .....    
It's NOW About The Way I THINK ... !!!    
NOT About My ... Darkened Skin ... !!!!    
But THAT For Certain ...    
Does NOT Help ... !!!! ...    
I'm Deemed To Be A RADICAL ... !!!      
Because My Mind Is Clinical and Quizzical ...      
And Questions Things ... " Political " ... ???    
Why ... !?!    
Well Because Otherwise ...    
I May Start Being ... PHYSICAL ... !!!!!    
I've Made My Choice So Now Scribble ...      
My Questions Keeping Them Simple ... !!!!!    
Of Course I'm Somewhat Critical ...    
of Groups Who FEAR ... INDIVIDUALS ... !?!      
Such As ME ...    
They FEAR My Speech ...      
And YES My Style of Poetry ...      
And Keep On Saying ..." I'm SCARY !" ...    
THEY Choose To Be Pretentious ... !?!    
And Say I Am ... CONTENTIOUS ... !!!    
THEY Really Are ...    
So ... " PRECIOUS " ... !!!      
About Their Use of Letters ... !!!    
These People Are Pretenders ... !!!!!!    
And Probably Had Forefathers ...      
Who Kept Slaves In ... Their Cellars ... !!!!!    
Well I Am An UPSETTER ... !!!    
Just Like Lee Perry's Fellas ... !!!    
And YES No Matter WHAT THEY DO ... !!!    
These Snakes Will NEVER QUELL US ... !!!!!    
See I'm NOT LIKE ... " Marcellus " ...      
Pulp Fictioned' With ... " THE GIMP " ... !!!!!!    
Bent Over ... ***** ... !!!!!    
And Watched By ... " HIM " ... !!!!!    
Who's Sitting Waiting .....................................................    
...... LICKING LIPS ...... !!!!!!!!!!!!!    
Now THAT To Me Is ... RADICAL ... !!!!!    
But Seems To Be ... " Acceptable " ... !!!    
Than Those Who Do THIS Kind of Stuff ... !?!?!?!    
Come On Now Folks ... !!!    
Your Record's ... BROKE ... !!!    
I Don't Take Coc'... !!!    
And Don't Believe In Guns That SMOKE ... !!!!!    
So How Am I ... ?    
A ... " RADICAL BLOKE " ... ?!?    
Views You HOLD Are Such A JOKE ... !!!      
I SEE Of Course ...      
It's Things I Say About ... " POLICE " ...      
CORRUPTION And The Lies They FEED ... !!!!!    
NEVER MIND The Men They BEAT On Streets ... !!!!!    
Then Cop A Plea of ... " NOT GUILTY " ... !!!!!    
THESE Are Things Requiring SPEECH ... !!!!!    
Life SHOULD BE In Poetry ... !!!!!!!    
REALITY ... or FANTASY  ...    
My Wordplay REJECTS ...    
..... FALLACIES ..... !!!!!    
But Talks About ...    
Humanity ... Tragedies ...    
Profanities And YES The Things That ...    
.... " ANGER ME " .... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    
But Don't You See ... ?    
My Poetry Is NOT ABOUT Me ... !!!    
It's Looking For A Place Where WE ...    
CAN All Be FREE And Live In ... " PEACE " ... !!!    
Of  Course ... THAT'S IT ...      
I've Been SO THICK ... !!!!!!!!    
It's NOT ABOUT These DUMB RACISTS ...      
... " Divide and Conquer " ... !!!    
....... THAT'S The TRICK ....... !!!!!    
I'd Be A STAR ...    
If I Spoke of CASH And FLASHY Cars ...      
And ROBBING HOUSES With CROWBARS ... !!!!!      
I Guess THIS WAR Will NOT BE WON ... ?!?    
Because of Those Who Are The Ones'  ... !!!!!    
HYPOCRITES ....      
Who FEED The Wheel of ... " SEP-AR-A-TION " ... !!!    
They NEED A LONG .............. SABBATICAL .......... !!!!!    
That Would Be So ....................... MAGICAL ......... !!!!!!!!!!!!    
And Then A Guy Who Speaks Like Me ...    
Would NOT BE SEEN As ....      
.... " RADICAL " .... !!!!!!
I always found it strange to be labelled as such, when the world has so many more people who, for want of a better word, are REALLY Radical People ... !!!
Life as we know it;
A sugar coated bus ride to hell or high heaven;
It's all galaxies and fallacies
How can it be the Milky Way
when there's no road that can take me there?
What's the difference between Night and Day      
when the only thing that shines in my skies are these nuggets of solid grief in my eyes?

My facilities do not conform to my abilities,
My reality a bare result of hateful gravities,
I yearn to fly
My mother keeps pushing the sky
Out of my reach
She wants me drowned in the ponds of silence.
Blocking my shine in the brown of her dusts,
She forces me to wallow in the muds of mediocrity;

But I am not just another particle;
The carbon of my heart tells me I am an excellent gem,
Wiz the diadem;
Born to lead a life of jewel passions and crystal lusts!

I know that speech alone is not enough – I need to dig myself from under these sands.
Society your son is a pearl,
Though you keep concealing the flame of his sparkle
Keep in mind – a day shall come; an hour shall pass
When your stony grip on the feet of his mind shall be loosened;
Trust then, that he will diamond in this rough!

WordSmith Wiz
I believe in Individualism - a philosophy which centers on believing in oneself and doing what one can to bring joy and satisfaction into one's own existence. I refuse to have society place limits on how i should be, what i can do and why i should live, my ambition and purpose will not be tampered with!
Aaron E Dec 2018
Got lost and stopped by the grotto
struck deals with villains,
and though I'm in my feelings
kneeling and *******
I payed to be ripped off
cadences dip, lost the lotto

Watery graves appealing strange
the solution is lame
the parade's an insane path to follow
Radical urchin burden
grifting the current
mechanisms infected
luring fevers to wallow in, ad absurdum
fathom futility in survival
famine imbibes a stifled echo of revival
in my head

I'm just playing dead for my recital

better informed to the abhorrence I'm entitled

feathered in form alluring sword alarm from Michael

clever to wars imparted forcible and vital, to the era

but staring in awe before the cycle

Bearing a maw beneath the throes along the final.

Bury me after my heart
and guard informal notions of the lauded
if calluses lift the filthy and applaud it

whittle the simply to the too intense or lawless
for a history glistening through a rose of sickly fondness
I won't ask if you were listening to all this
but I must admit
I don't think I can trust you

to be honest...
This is actually kind of a rough draft, and something I may expand on later. There's a lot I cut and plan to add later with more specific wording, but I wanted to have at least the brief version up, in case I changed my mind about really drilling this out.
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