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Kelsey Jul 2020
Star in my window,
What must you have seen.
A sad and angry girl
With a wish and a dream.

Have you seen her cry?
Or moan in bed?
Have you seen the dark clouds
That hang over her head?

What books does she read?
What thoughts does she think?
Is it true she doesnt sleep
But just excessivly blinks?

Little star,
Youre so far
But have seen a great deal

And when the world
Looks back at you
They remember
Why they feel
ALEX Nov 2018
I spit words of disgust
To conceal my heart covered with rust.
I may be known as a bad mouthed *******,
but dear I am just being truthful.
Euphemisms? I’ve had enough of that.
I see no need of sugarcoating words
For it just washes brains, somewhat.
Insincerity built through words that are too easy to afford.
“I say words contrary to what I feel,”
Strength from pretentious lips.
It’s not what I feel for real,
but it prevents the red liquid and its drips.
So if you see me in the streets, smiling and
screaming at the top of my lungs that,
"I feel so alive!"
Honey, please consider the opposite.
When the day finally comes that I no longer care, I will no longer care that I no longer care.
The essence of you drips in my soul and blossoms into what I only know as love.
J Dec 2016
today i bought a journal
so i could pen my thoughts on paper

today i bought a journal
not only to write my thoughts
but to keep my life in order
today i bought a journal

today i bought a journal
to hold myself accountable
for my actions
today i bought a journal

today i bought a journal
so i could write down lines
that might fit some rhyme
somewhere, sometime
today i bought a journal

today i bought a journal
maybe as a tangible reminder of how far i will go?
maybe just as a physical place to keep my writing?
today i bought a journal
i really did buy my first real journal today.
Vista Apr 2016
it's 4 am and i'm still up
in the city of the half-dead
alone with my racing thoughts
insomniac nights are the best
I'm pretty sure I posted this last night.
Ty Queen Aug 2015
Astro projection making connections
Nature going through its course natural selection
Sometimes you got to do your research like a detective
With hard work comes rewards that’s just what’s expected
~Ty Queen~
hsc Mar 2015
I don't know
Whether I love you,
Or just the idea of you.

I don't know
If the sun will still shine
Two days from now.

I don't know
How I do this
Every day.

I don't know
I think I do
But I don't.

I don't know
If I'll wake up
Tomorrow. Will I?

I don't know
If I will ever see you smile again
Will I?

I don't know
What would happen
If tomorrow never came.

I don't know
What I'm doing
But its got to do
With your name.

I don't know
If I do.
But I do
I do love you.
Pls give feed back. Just thought and typed .. Excuse all errors or nonsensical verses please !
A quick hello to all of you on this site
Here to share a quick poem before I head off
Into the city, into the night
To watch a game played on a rink of ice
Between two teams with a common goal of gloriously holding the Stanley Cup high in the sky
A new Citizen of Hello Poetry
Putting words to paper has never been a stranger to me
I have always had a love for words and poetry
And now here I am excited to share the words that flow out of me..
Quick poem.  Not my best.  In a hurry.  Off to watch the game.
J Nov 2014
oh how i would love
coffee and a cigarette
they are both so lovely
and romantic
they make for perfect pictures
but one of these
killed my cousin.
oh how romantic
this isn't that great but I needed to get this off my chest.
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