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Insanity ensues what to question,
Nowhere reaching…
Suicide screeching,
Oppression lingering…
Manic for hating you not to love,
Nick knowing you never at least robbed,
Isolated chances to at least love itself…
Afterlife… nonexistent nor near… till gone.
They say it’s cold outside,
But my heart is colder.
The days are long and dark,
Of death getting bolder.
What light of love is left,
Cherished deep in my heart?
What light of love is kept,
Tearing me all apart?
For so all is given,
And so all is taken.
Can God be forgiven,
Love dead and awaken?
Pray not my love to die,
If only I knew why…
She was the beauty of the South;
Now a spring equinox to shine.
      It was all hers:
The cows grazing in the distance,
     The old black tools of toiled trouble.

Her grace a twang from her dear mouth,
The love of Christ was hers and mine.
     Flowers to burrs -
Lord! - she was more than existence…
Her purpose was sure and humble.

Hers are the Heavens to make runs;
Her wings expanding of fine lace.
    Sun shining so?
Shine at the command of God’s word,
Fly… fly high beautiful spirit!

Fly high to leave behind your sons,
Never to forget your dear grace.
   For this I know:
Of her kind last words I have heard,
She told me to come back and visit…
Rest In Peace Mama T
You shake and tremble inside,
As howling pierces through the stain glass.
For you have ran from the devil’s ride,
His born demon growling after your ***…

As you have made it through the chapel door,
You pray the lock keeps you safe and warm.
Your soul shakes and rattles to the core,
Around you your love is torn.

What is left of candlelight,
Forces you to fret among the pews.
For no one can save your soul tonight,
Bleeding outside your lover’s heart he chews…

Thunder strikes the cross to fall and crack down,
You choke and pray your dear rosary.
Your screams beg to awaken the town,
Asleep they are, Wolfberry.

So sweet the taste a wolf wants,
And sweet the taste the wolf will get too.
Scratching and clawing the wood it haunts,
Just a couple more seconds to get through.

Tackled down the door revealing the moon,
The death of darkness has fixed red eyes.
Your blood to the beast is not immune,
He latches on your demise…
O’, how bitter howls the moon,
Reflecting sorrow as it shines,
Sublime, sublime,
till the days of sunrise…

The deepest pains, we wish loving gains…

…we hear you…

Of lovers’ crossings, we hear the lost sings…

…we are you…
Lasting letters,
  Falling as petals,
   Taken my soul away.
     Angel feathers,
        Loving dear freckles,
          God calling us today.
             For when we die,
              Of prancing meadows,
                 What more can we so say?
                   Upon clouds shy,
                     No need to say why,
                       For the divine to pray.
                        Alas we are,
                          Never old far…
I know your pain,
I know your sorrow…
I know your hurt,
I’m gone tomorrow…
I done you wrong,
This I understand.
I hope you’re strong,
With another man…
Please hold his hand,
Let him treat you right…
Make him kiss you,
Till he holds you tight.
I wish you well,
Farewell to tell.
You never needed my love to know… the mental obsessions I fought for so long? This is the beginning of patient art letting you go…
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