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Where is my place?
You are so gay.
I’m bi safe space.
Kanye was kray,
I am as well.
Neo all day,
The insane dwell.
Take five more years.
No worries fine.
You got your queers.
I’m quite Devine.
Keep umbrella,
I’m goth fella.
Oh, tell the cats I’m so sorry. I used to be just like them in order to know who I am now. And I don’t have time for a Mark nor possible lizard lot *****.
When I called, I loved you.
In thrill having it all!
Then love came so untrue,
I lost you through the fall.
Lost childhoods unfeed, dread…
We found our way by train,
God was all first to bled.
Things never been the same…
No hourglass on skin,
Could tell me otherwise.
Where grace and love begin.
No more cuts I despise.
Imperium our friend,
What used to be no end.
I will never forget the times we had,
Yes, things could’ve been better, and further.
What more can I say no longer all sad,
A heart restored, broken on back burner.
The ones who warn will always sacrifice,
Willingly not knowing what to enter.
We sometimes don’t know what will come at price,
In loving you lone, I a dementer.
Your feelings are valid just as all I,
The shadows are here as I haunt know.
Lo and behold? I don’t want a goodbye,
Your purities never too much to show.
God! Rage you must the chills come time the spined?
Locked memories no one will ever find…
A force of nature sound,
It will come in a black plague.
No burials left mound,
Bodies dismantled and vague.
Not much all suffering,
Some souls will want to go down.
No Heaven’s dish to bring,
Body after body pound.
Those who will see the blast,
Will live alive all to tell,
For whatever left last,
Will be alone left to dwell.
Come forth the wise to help,
Boiling madness to welp.
You were always such a little ****,
Given and gotten all the luck.
Not ours and finding our lovely mutt,
No worries, we’ll be worth more muck.
Your imagination worth all pumps,
You leave those scattered in the dirt.
Then they end up just your messed up dumps,
As you blame others while you hurt.
So happy never bearing children,
By you such an empty storm close.
Burning like a chilling cauldron,
Smell burning flesh In your own nose.
Lakes to lands, all tainted their revenge,
Will walk the lost souls all left strenge.
Resurrecting Angels, Daemons In Love With Tangles 14th Poetic Series By Nickolas J. McKee â“’ 2024.
How do you talk to others,
Dark past haunting knowing name.
Virus killing our brothers,
Do you dare tell blood the same?
No, you cower away ranks,
Afraid from confrontation.
Fear not, mere poems are pranks,
I don’t care your damnation.
Your eternal life is dead,
Absolved a long time ago.
Not Fleance, you’re poorly lead,
It took me this long to know.
Still waiting for a sorry,
My purgatory starry.
Resurrecting Angels, Daemons In Love With Tangles 14th Poetic Series By Nickolas J. McKee â“’ 2024.
Time is irrelevant,
Nature all decided.
man can live in a tent,
wisdom is roof guided.
hand weaker all to take,
Loved ladies to call grace?
will it be loyal Jake,
awaken trained in place?
not once, but twice i died,
to come back strong alive.
rattled a third time cried,
no foul down nature strive.
destined fangs or their bite,
They know not fated night.
Resurrecting Angels, Daemons In Love With Tangles 14th Poetic Series By Nickolas J. McKee â“’ 2024.
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