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Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
Try imagining what it's like to  imagine a happy future knowing it will never happen...
It *****
Bea Aguilar Apr 2020
It feels like we are in a movie.
A disaster one.
Everyone is dying and we don’t know who’s next.
However, some can already predict it.

The only difference between a disaster movie and of what’s going on in the world now is that we can do something.
We can help the people who are evidently in need.

ECQ *****
AD Mullin Oct 2014
bumping along
eyes open yet
cannot see
still trusting
still following

an unseen
yet sensible
luminous glow

still seeking
though and
occasionally finding
that other
dimensions offer

wisdom lending
reality bending
duality mending
through a past life

wisdom interchange
Written on the Dairy Lane Cafe patio
Ken Pepiton Nov 2019
Wary of the worth of a moment in mortality,

consider this from

everafter. This
thought, breath of fresh
heirloom memory thread for ever more,

for what a measure of attention spent here
is worth, in terms of how we
spend hours predicting next tic
of being being us humans, wait, we or us, is
there here an ob-sub
emerging dis-asterisk-ic fawking aural tic

me-chanical, i can-icles,

grinning like a fool, without the fool's feeling
seeping to the surface.

Each fool may take for granted hearing ears,
I say I think is true, so
I let it be true,
I believe.

--- Leave me say, I had help. At the unbelief stage,

--- in old age, I mean, being dared to pray,
so all may hear. In 2019, that's louder than any Muza whatchallah
minaret con
cinco de-ift instancio
todo dia


First, I believed I knew what you believe believe means,
as an activity
we manage.

So, an answer,

it seemed, but there are all manner of unaccounted for
idle words, piling up to critical

Each word ever formed to hold a meaning fast for use in futures,
past the edge of
our bubble,
dear reader, ami Am I ity or enmity --- Can't your Great Mind Requiring

Proof Positive Points Pretend?

Good, let's pretend to be.
Actual cessation of lying costs all the attention I could muster after Veteran's Day spent with  surviving friends who experienced a relationship with a bungied M60, an intimacy which required a device called a monkey harness. I never had the trill.
Mystic Ink Plus May 2019
All about
He has so much to tell

She was to him
With the bliss of clarity
He endowed her
And started the story
It's she
How it ends

We are story
It is all about
And Us
Living with, what is
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Alignment
Andres Mar 2019
my head could last for days
my head could think up a hole
It would take me a minute to try to distinguish a cold shoulder from cold
or maybe I’m something nice looking to ****
With men, that just be my luck,
Never know if it’s something to fear or if it’s truly something to trust,
but baby, you should stay, my head told me you wanted to go
I can’t take another heart break, so my heart, let’s just take it slow
Do you mind just actually leaving,
It would hurt less without an explanation
I’ve never felt worthy of one longer than a couple words,
Lonely and broken in the heated train station
my feelings and ego go away as soon as i look at your eyes
But come right back up on late night train rides
I wanna text you, but you’ll probably be suffocated
don’t expect gifts on my birthday unless it’s belated
momma reminds me to not settle for less than I’m worth
but momma don’t know that for love I’m a serf, for love, I’ll rebirth
But no worries, the couch is super comfy tonight
Your quickest replies are the ones that say goodbye, or so it seems,
My head is spinning like carousels after hours and behind the scenes
Shoot my heart like you on a dolly, got every angle
Hold my hand like you know who i am, baby, what can you handle?
I’m a mess inside and when I’m without you it spews
So doctors resort to telling me
“Honey, go sit in the pews”
But prayer to god, pray to allah and mami, nada me sirve
Y mami, con este dolor, amor nunca me hace libre
So anxious, and nervous, with no repercussions
So baby hit hard, slept w several concussions
Not the ones you think you got
But the ones that hit you in parking lots
You thought he would love you, but you can’t be loved
You thought it was his treat, end nights in Hyatt’s
Rent out a Beamer, **** it, a fiat
And baby you got me
Baby you got me

I wish i could see you and look in your eyes
I’ll sing some long and distracting lullabies
Don’t focus on the man you never signed up for, hes been through it all
You really wanna find a place with some privacy when weather gets cold in the fall?
his sisters running his life
And his parents not fit for the world
and if these planets don’t stop ******* moving, i swear I’m just gonna hurl
My body is broken in all the right places
if i don’t leave, he’s smashing all the glass vases
I should relax, pay attention to what makes sense
I’m over here in round two with my brain, playing chess
If you have hidden motives, would you promise to reveal?
If i had all these scars, would you help me to heal?
I have important questions to the subjects that matter
if something doesn’t go my way, it’s mind over the latter
My feelings are unattached, it’s my brain getting it twisted
So i think I’ll just go home and get myself lifted
blowing through cartridges like my gameboys too brolic
Can’t go a day without it, like a ****** alcoholic
I like you a lot, but my feelings won’t grow
I stress you a lot, but only on the low
I **** with you heavy, but my body’s too light
we could share stories in a dark room restricted of sight
Maybe you could feel what i feel and see what i see
I learn thrown in the deep end, but forget all out in sea
i added some Spanish in there.
I’m trying to be vulnerable with you. Spanish is my family’s language, and it’s my family. To speak to and about you in Spanish is to do it fearlessly. Challenge your language.
I learned that as opposed to living a life that is full of prediction and control, you could live a more fulfilling life of vulnerability. Risk your emotions, be the first one to take that step. Life rewards those with growth.
Amanda Kay Burke Feb 2019
Maybe this time will turn out different
Running from my worst fears
All my past experiences
Problems housed between ears

I am just tired of this ****** life
Had enough of fake concern
Just cold to every watching eye
Shadow haunts everywhere I turn

I feel like darkness is chasing me
Following roads I chose to take
Burned in fire are charred footprints clear to see
Waiting for repurcussions of each mistake

How can I change the outcome?
Fear slicing right through each nerve
I yearn for happier days to come
Same love that I deserve

The hurt is supposed to decrease
Feel worse each passing week
Afraid to search for a silver lining
Rarely find and it's thin and weak

I still harbor foolish hope
Patterns not too deeply ingrained to reset
Tried erasing pain to cope
Some thoughts I can't forget

I know I need to let imperfections go
Falling headfirst into pools of sticky remorse
Love a shield to keep me dry
But there's too many puddles on my course

It seems too familiar somehow
Didn't choose a different enough route
Now old routines return with vengance
Resentment weaving it's way throughout

Scars serve as a reminder
To turn the **** around
I smile like their screaming is a dare
It's "what if?" that has me bound

A question that keeps haunting
I love to predict the best
Perhaps it's time to face the facts
This try will end like the rest
A man who has no plans for his future will always return to his past
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2018
On my lucky day
I find rare people
With modest charm
They are down to earth

Too down,
To understand them well

I think,
I have to reach deep down
Below the soil
If not in this life
Probably in the next

To understand them well.
Genre: Abstract
Theme: The more we understand, the less we feel we understand.
aniket nikhade Nov 2015
Everything you know and all that you have learnt in the past,
one thing will always be there to remember, never forget the past.

Lessons learnt in the past need to be recalled, revised and remembered
No one knows,
no one can tell,
no one can predict,
when the need of the hour arises,
when it becomes necessary to recall and remember a thing from past.

True, absolutely true
A thing from past better remain in the past, but that also means never forget the past.

Always remember all that is important from the past,
never erase and forget everything about the past.
No one knows when a thing from past will come to rescue in the present.

When you learn new things
When you try all the time to remember something in a different way
Always remember one thing, everything belongs to the present
So no need to worry about the future.

It’s important to keep learning
Important to keep in mind that over a period of time the present will become a thing of past,
the future will then become present and everything will change simultaneously.

So whatever you have learnt and all that you know,
Better keep in mind and always remember
Nothing lasts forever.

Neither the past, nor the present and also in the future things will remain different
So even with all the changes that have taken place in the present as well as in the future, always remember, never stop learning new lessons.
It's Time Again to Learn Something New - A New Lesson Begins..........
AW Nov 2011
Again the thought
'When I'm alone,
I'm sure gonna cry'
Knowing that
I'll break my heart
Later that night
Aware I'll do this
To myself
A million times more
Aware that in the end
I won't see
Anything to live for

— The End —