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Big Virge Nov 24
Well It’s Clear That We’re Letting...
Cause Folk To Be FRETTING...

NO Names Will I Mention... !!!
Cos’ They Need FORGETTING... !!!

As Well As... DETENTION... !!!

So That They Get To STRESSING... !!!
When... VIOLENT Cretins... !!!

Get Down To Progressing...
To Leaving THEM SWEATING... !!!

Because of The STRESSES...
Be Giving Like... Feds’...
Whose Cretins FEED DEATH !!!

Through KNEES And Bullets... !?!

But Yet Try To DEFEND... ?!?
Themselves Due To FRIENDS... !?!
Who Are Those Who Preside...
Over Them During Trials...

Are Those That DENY...
Letting Justice SEE LIGHT... !!!

But Let Me Just Say...
That Cretinous Traits... !!!

I Speak of In... THIS...
Are NOT Those STUPID... !!!

These Ones Are WICKED... !!!

And Yes Tend To Be RICH...
Or In FACT Are... WEALTHY... !!!

And Come From FAMILIES...
Whose CRETINOUS Deeds...

And The Use of MONEY...
To... CONTROL The Psyches...
of Those Who CAN’T SEE...

... BEYOND Vanity... !!!
And Material Greed... !!!

That CAN’T Possibly Feed...
... HEALTHY Mentalities... !!!!

Where Cretinous Thinking...
Is Quickly Left SINKING... !!!!

BEFORE All These Cretins...
Become Known As LEGENDS...

Because They SHOULDN'T Be...
Who Our Young People See...
As Being... WORTHY...
of... ANYTHING More...
Than Subjects For Vetting... !!!

In... NEW Thought Collections...
Where People Are Getting...
Directions LESS Stressing... !!!

That... Enable CONNECTION...

Than Current Selections... !!!
Whose Presence Is SENSELESS
And Now Quite UPSETTING... !!!

Because It’s Now CLEAR...
That They’re The WORST Type of...

...... “ CRETINS “...... !!!!!
We really do seem to have a lot of them in very influential positions, who clearly need dismissing !
teddy Nov 24
do you want to play chess?
I would, but it's 11 pm
The connection is bad
i like it when you win
i don't let you win, i don't try my hardest but
even if i did, you'd win
I like it when you win
purposeful capitals
If each of your wildest dreams
Came suddenly true today
Would only your life improve?
Or others helped on their way?

If each of your fervent prayers
Came granted complete this hour
Would the entire world be blessed
If you had this praying power?

If each of your inmost thoughts
Formed full into worldly shape
Would everyone feel more joy
And out of despair escape?

Seek for the true prosperity
For you - for me - and for all
We are called to be as one
Let us work to heed this call
This is Prosperity Poem 99 at and you can see it displayed on a beautiful background (copy and paste the link below).
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My wife shared with me an idea and said, "Why don't you write a poem about this?"  So I did.  She heard it from a Pastor she was listening to online.  He said something like, "If every one of your prayers were suddenly answered, would it bless the whole world, or would it only bless you?"
So I elaborated a bit on the idea and put it to verse.
Orakhal Nov 23
no thing exists
as you think it does

it exists
only as you think it
Jay Nov 23
Words can make you feel
Many different things.
Words can make you feel
As if you have wings.

Words can also hurt
And make you feel a mess.
Words can make you change
How you look and how you dress.

Words are very dangerous
Although they're all around.
But what would happen if
They made not a sound?

The world would just feel empty
With no joy to be found.
What pleasure it does bring
That we do have sound!

So be happy we have words-
Just use them carefully
Because they are sharp
And can cut into me.
Leah Carr Nov 21
I looked up to you
and you still hurt me

I obeyed you
and you still hurt me

I respected you
and you still hurt me

I tried to be kind to you
and you still hurt me

I trusted you
and you still hurt me


after you hurt me
I still look up to you

after you hurt me
I still obey you

after you hurt me
I still respect you

after you hurt me
I still try to be kind to you

after you hurt me
I still trust you

So if you think about it

Nothing's changed.
I talk about this one friend a lot in my poems, because I find it a therapeutic way of working through the emotions I have regarding her and our relationship.
C Nov 21
How did we forget to know
The souls of all but human beings?
When did we stop listening
To language different
To the one we speak with ease?

Those elders knew, they were involved
With nature, not apart
They worked together
Until the witch hunts,
And before capitalism ate art...

And medicine, and childbirth,
Marriage, communities;
Profit would too much be capped
If common people lived their lives
With love and empathy

Because some they feared the awe they felt; the danger sensed in crushing
Waters, crumbling rock, and the power
Of biting jaws and ripping claws
Over small **** energy imposing

So they taught us to ignore the souls
Of rocks and stones and moss and trees...
We're taught to value human life
Above all that nurtures us -
Even clearly animated beings

And still amongst these human lives
Are some more valuable than others,
Categorised by colour or class,
Gender, size, way of life,
Or simply their choice if lovers

They re-wrote the myths of first beginnings
To omit other beings, except where they placed
Them only as antagonists
To bring ruin and shame upon our bodies
And eternal servitude we've faced

Modern Christianity pervades here
And other poison ideologies -
Not Jesus' way but the opposite...
Organised religion serves only to prop
Up our capitalist economies
Leah Carr Nov 14
You never thought I'd be in this place
I didn't think so either
I was never the child
I was the protector
But I guess this needs to happen
To benefit us both
We're switching roles
Yeah, switching roles

So wrap your arms around me
And never let go
Fill up my emptiness
And say I'm not alone
Tell me that I'm safe here
That you're never far away
Say not to worry about tomorrow
But to appreciate today

We thought I was the carer
And you were the vulnerable one
You had the mind of a child
While my innocence was gone
But I guess it's for a reason
However unclear
We're switching roles
Yeah, switching roles

*So wrap your arms around me
And never let go
Fill up my emptiness
And say I'm not alone
Tell me that I'm safe here
That you're never far away
Say not to worry about tomorrow
But to appreciate today
Leah Carr Nov 18
She does not ask, she commands
At the slightest signal of anger
I recoil into myself
Where I feel ever so slightly safer
From what she might do to me

She is only a few years older
But to me
She embodies power
Even dictatorship

When I finally relax enough
To let myself succumb to the vulnerability that is sleep
The nightmares come
So scary
So detailed
And so, so real

I want to do what I think is right
What I think is best
But I'm too weak to go against her
Her strength by far outweighs my own
Forcing me to ignore my instincts

She is my leader
My commander
My director
But yet
She is also

my friend.
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