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EmperorOfMine Jul 2022
In a land called Gold Dust, there were three men who visited a tree surrounded by sand the color of gold. The tree was as old as the land, and shimmered in the light because of some of the sand that would catch upon it.

One of the men came from a very hard life of poverty. He had nearly nothing to lose and everything to gain. He lived in this poverty since he was born, and will never see complete convenience that this world has to offer.

"I need a sip of water", this man said one day, in the shade of the tree as he dozed to sleep.

When he woke up he saw a half a coconut on the ground in front of him. The coconut was full of water, about enough to fill one cup.

Delighted, he took a sip, and then brought it to others who were thirsty, where he has been living.

Later that day, another man came to the tree, and upon the shade, the man spoke as he dozed off.

"I need water to cook today".

When he woke up, there was a jar of water in front of him. The jar was filled to the brim.

Delighted, he took hold of it, and brought it to his home, he made a large *** of food with the water and celebrated with anyone willing.

Once more, that night, a man came to the tree. The man observed the tree and it's beauty in the moonlight. He decides to lay next to the tree, and sobs.

"I don't have any water and it is hot and dry everywhere. This tree must be so satisfied to have water. I want the water that will satisfy my suffering".

The man drifted to sleep as he wept. When he woke up, there was a coconut in front of him full of water. The man became upset and decided not to take hold of it. He left the tree to search for water, but came back to find nothing but the tree in the golden sand, later that night.

"I had enough water to fill a cup, but what about water to cook something to eat? I want the water that will satisfy my suffering."

Once again he fell asleep, but when he woke up, there was a jar of water filled to the top in front of him. The man became upset and decided not to take hold of it. He left the tree and searched for water, but when he came back, the jar was also gone, and left in it's place was the tree and the sand, later that night.

"I had enough water to fill a cup, and a *** to cook food to eat, but what about enough water to find food to eat? I want the water that will satisfy my suffering".

When the man woke up, in front of him was an ocean of water, fishes, and a nice breeze that came from the water. The man became upset, because although he finally got what he wanted, there were people fishing In the ocean, and all by the water.

"Woe is me, everyone who asked for water, got what they wanted, but why not me. Why are all these people touching my water."

In the sky, a voice could be heard.
"I gave you what you asked for, are you not satisfied, because I gave these people the same?"

The man fell to the ground, but did not lose his sorrow.

"They may have water"

Out the mans mouth were words that could not be found in his heart.

The man, came to the tree and spoke again, in the middle of the night.

"I would like a wall to hide the water behind it. I would like a ladder attached to the wall, but only I can climb it. They will have to find another way to get the water."

In the morning, there was a large wall of sand that covered the sight of the water from the people of the land. The only person who could see the glass ladder to climb the wall was the man. Using leaves and mud to climb the ladder, he found the sight of the water, but when he got to the other side, it was filled with water.

"I cannot swim, this is too much water for only me, someone help me, out of my water"

But when people heard his cries, they realized there was no way to get up to him, as the ladder could not be seen by anyone else.

The man cried and begged to be let out, but no one could help...
The water washed the man away, and in the belly of the water was the man, in the belly of a family of fishes.

Eventually, the sand wall was cracked by the pressure of the water, and water came down and into the land. The people were prepared for the water to overflow, so they prepared ditches for the water to stream through.

When the water streamed through the ditches the water never stopped, and the people never ran out of water again.

The End.
EmperorOfMine Aug 2021
Behind the cell of a crystal jail
We talk about our lives in hell
I call upon you to come to me
But every time our union fails
The signal must have interception
Or else it was never meant for us to come together
People use to praise these crystal jails
But I really feel our lives before them were better.
So don't you forget about me
Because this story has been written before us
I meet you, we fall, you float and I ball
The only embrace I have is for impact
And you'll have another person you'll be with in no time
Almost like we never met on these crystal jails
Forever a haunting memory on my end, and a mistake on yours
But don't you forget about me...
Because when you had no one, I was there
Or maybe you should forget...
set me free
EmperorOfMine Aug 2021
Like absurdity...
A constant w, wondering what the who and how the why,
It's like a constant state of the rip between a false eyelash and an eye,
I lie upon a thin surface between reality and psychology,
Is my mind playing a trick on me, or is it just me...just me...all alone,
Gone but here, see this is more than fear, this is pure terror,
No hell could be fairer for the one that induced it on their own,
A cone of darkness and light, I ponder what's right,
Was it a vision all along? Pronged up to put together pieces,
A mind game that maybe ceases once i figure it out...but,
what if it's not a game...and all this time It was a sentence,
Commencement of war upon myself, what if it's the same fire,
Dire in my mind like the wine of wrath that crashes upon my line,
A full on catastrophe...i don't really know me, a fear i've always pondered,
Which places me back at the top-
EmperorOfMine Aug 2021
If it were all a game, jumping from floating device to floating device,
Just a player trying not to drown, hoping your home is your next touch down,

As the house full of water gradually increases in it's fill, and the monsters lurking the corners pick fights with you up until,

Come, the crown may fall to the ground, but if it were all a game, you could pick it back up again...

And the back way appears as the front and the front as the back, a game that is strange, maybe it would feel less painful...or maybe it would feel....
EmperorOfMine Jul 2021
I made two sausages. One for my protein and one to support my protein.

A made many mini pancakes, cocooned under the syrup of a great maple, may they nourish my soul with their many mini circular sides.

I made two eggs, one to satisfy my stomach and another to satisfy my soul.

I have coconut yogurt. I never liked coconut, but I do like to nourish my garden.

And I made a cup of coffee. The cup was filled halfway, but it's a full cup for me, because i have my coffee and I have my cream.

And now, once I'm finished with my breakfast and coffee...I'll be living.
EmperorOfMine Jul 2021
Erupting from the clash of change, I have a new form

Like a light overcome with a holy heat, I deflect the coming swarm

With my smile of an assuring peace, I see that I need no longer fear

A coming to collisions of conflicts end, I get to see serenity is near

a spark of this newfound change, as the prophecy's written

I fell in love with my truest husband, consumed by the love-smitten

It is now that I get to sing, and dance with no need of old shame

I can drop all of my baggage, for, in this new form, I'm not the same

cologned in senses of miracles, I hold no previous traumas

Releasing moving emotions of turmoils past, I seek no dramas

I can say that I can see, especially, I have a new and beautiful form

gazing on me, with a light of countenance, i don't hurt by any storm
EmperorOfMine Jul 2021
It's okay

Some will say

It'll be alright

No delay

No decay

A fresh home insight

We can see

A blue sea

Welcome peace in me

Come in two

Merge in three

May the rainbow sing
I reflect on what I see, and I see the better me.
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