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Think about
How you feel
In this present
You've created

There will
Inevitably be
Facets you'd like
To shift into the light
With determined
Focus to enhance

In reality once one
Has shifted another
Emerges so there is
No completion

In fact - that you
Remain incomplete
Is the greatness
For there is always
Potential for growth
And understanding

If your senses
Suggest there is
More that's well
Then life's good
Real girl
Makeup free

Real girl
Naked skin

Real girl
Candied fruit

Real girl
Body choices

Real girl
Better than

Valentine lover
On the path
To 'Plan A'

Years together
Stretched apart
Distance crossed
Lives entwined
Intent realigned

Life can't be
Lived without
You - and
Now it's not

Valentine lover
Take me to bed
You have to choose

Of the lack of decision
Is the choice

If you can't choose me
Then I'm not for you

But him
He chose
And walked
To me

I say
Again and
Again and

I choose you
Come hither and
Envelope your
Arms around

Bend as I
Reach into a
Deepening kiss

I want to leave
You aching for
Naked skin

I want to spend
The day leaning
Over the edge

Stolen glances
Brushed touch
Promise of bedtime
Every Valentine
I would hope
For mystery
Messages or

One year you
Gave me a card
That I would
Look at like
Treasure -

When I finally
Left it was
Castaway with
Sorrow and
Regret of
What might have...
But we had
Moved on

World turned
And no mystery
Admirers, although
I still wanted one
For with him
I was incomplete

Global shift
And lives undone
Finally we are
United and  my
Valentine is here...

And then a box -
Possible mystery
Admirer and
My heart sunk
I hadn't expected
That response

Realisation - you
You are enough
Our love is enough
I need not the
Admiration of others
We are enough
And I am free
Life can be found
At the treeline
The boundary
Between the
Seen and unseen

Senses heightened
Eyes watch
Considering their
Concealment before
Stepping out...
Day 343
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