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the stars came from two things
one that comes from dust
and the other from her eyes
stars galaxies her love ph
to all the things i told you.
to all the things i could've told you.
to all the the things i wish to tell you.
man, rereading past conversations are hard. you're reminded of all the promises that are never fulfilled. so much for never leaving me again and never hurting me and loving me through ups and downs, eh?
i want to feel again
i want to be able to write again
i want to put my feelings into words
but whenever I write, there's nothing
and i'm reminded that i don't feel anything anymore
i want to be mad at the person who broke me but i cant because that person is still the one i love up until now and my love for her is the only thing i feel right now
210 ***** i had to hit across to say that i'm done sweating in this court.

21 more weeks and i'll be able to court you again personally and this time, i'll make sure we'll both stay.

2 of us, we'll be together till the end.
at a morning skills training (210 *****, 38 missed, 17 outside)
i held her hand
i didnt want to let go
held the most beautiful girl in the world
her warmth felt like home
hand in hand can we forever go?
we might be a ferry, a bus, a train, and a cab away from each other but whenever i come to visit her, i always feel like home
I made mistakes and ran all the mischief
but i'm here at a CET with ease
knowing that she's the first one i'll see
wrote this minutes before my admissions exam at FEU (far eastern university). i was very nervous because i was the only who doesn't have a parent or friend as a companion but just before we went in the room and were asked to keep our phones, she told me we could go out on a date after i take the exams.
Livin’ like harry potter,
In the closet I hide wishing everything was better.
Love wins they say,
But why do I see people killed every day?
Humanity I need you now,
Accept the people who are giving vows
To the one they love and so proud about,
Because acceptance is all their heart shouts
Now, I stand with pride with the colors in my heart,
With my family and friends that’s with me since the start.
to my 13 yrs old self who wrote this, im 17 now and openly gay. it was hard at first tbh. a lot of obstacle got in my way before reaching where i am now, a lot of opportunities were taken away from me because of my homophobic teachers but im okay. youre a month a few weeks from starting college and pursuing a girl youve love since you were 12. you did well, i did well
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