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Emm Dec 2019
I make you my number one,
but I know I'm just your last resort,
when she's not around,
and you need some comfort...

I get it, you got back your Queen,
and you said to me, 'this is just a fling...,'
that, I'll take, being your Concubine,
'cause I'm okay, if you're the King...

There, gold leaves and crimson heart,
when you're together and you're not apart,...
And there I am, a prisoner in my own empty hearth,
clinging to my cold cup of tea, losing its warmth...

You said, 'please take care of me,
for at times I'm lonely...'
I said okay 'cause I fell for you,
'cause for me you're always too good to be true...
But deep down I ponder, who's going to take care of my heart,
by your spring... when you break it apart...?
Emm Dec 2019
The aftertaste dark black coffee is the taste how our relationship after it ends,
bittersweet with pungent acidity, but this one burns
Right now, standing in the beginning,
I don't know what you do, but it's blinding

Yet there's this little voice ringing,

I'm scared to write our future 'cause I know there's none
It's bleak in the midst of dust and sand
Can't see clearly and nothing's solid off the ground

So, 'let's leave darling', said little voice, 'find your way home once again'
'he's none to have unless you're looking for fun'
yet for fun how much should we amend
'wish you would peek your nothern star once again'
'and just follow it 'till the end'
Emm Nov 2019
Sitting in the corner looking sad in her dressing gown
Now the people away all she does is looking down
When all the party's over and the fun has all been done
The crowd has left,  just empty bottles all around

But nobody knows ... her,
nobody knows...

Looking at her feet trying to find her way on the ground
Thinking if at all she was ever needed here
If anyone can tell her for a way how she could stand,
then she would run away and gladly follow her

Nobody knows ... her,
nobody knows...

no, not like the people from down under
She'll find a way to get it over,
somehow, but for now,
She's looking in the mirror,

and, she doesn't know ... her,
no, she doesn't know...
Oh, until she finds her,
until she knows her...

someday, someday...
keep searching, for her...
Emm Oct 2019
I've been in more heartbreaks than I'd like to admit
but I've been running away more than I count

Meant to be lonely,
just meant to be lonely
Can't find nobody,
no I can't find nobody
I'll enjoy the silence after the party
Don't need nobody,
I don't need nobody
Emm Aug 2019
wee bit of innocence,
left upon the rampant
running blindly with an open shield
to find self confidence
some shred of assurance of guidance
praying you'll prey in place of the prey
in this world, this world,
this cruel, cruel, wild, world...
Emm Jan 2019
Give me all your pretences,
'cause i have no defences

Hide away your prejudices,
i've thrown all my dices

Put me on a pedestal,
'cause i like being the fake royal

All the time,...
... all the time...
That's how i'm fine,
all these times...

Let me know again how it feels to fly...
for i don't care if it's just your lie...
Emm Dec 2018
Pretty princesses live in pretty castles
that they built themselves
towering upon the clouds
towards their dreams and goals
nothing was by halves
Surrounded by moats
to protect what she means the most,
a prized possesion,
of a heart of gold and diamonds
Keep the enemies' attackers away,
trap them at bay
Away from where she kept her high-esteem, rightly so
guarded, for her one and only S.O....
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