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I hate being Vulnerable
as you can see
each occurrence
adds to my death

I’m ripped open
to bleed out

All over the sky
throughout my halls
splattered over someone’s walls

and I search for the stitches
that will bring me back
to some heartbeat
or even a quiver

Because somehow
I should function
In this Menagerie of Life

after you left me to rot
in the backyard zoo

of your closet
I see something
Signs from you
That you lingered
Here or there

- my heart stops -

Then Jumps
into that quivery action

Mind kicks in
Reminding me

you aren’t mine

I miss you
Dark Dream Oct 10
Putting effort in
Law of Returns
Caring enough
Falling flat
All the…Yous
All ******* over
It. Me. Us.
But exhaustion reigns
And refills remain
Break me
From your neglect
Your words
Your mind
Your body
And…Always ok
I Am


but i want to ….
Dark Dream Oct 10
I let you walk all over me
Letting you come back
Each time
And I’m left with the pieces
Pieces of ******* crap
To glue back together
With water
Which I drown in
Dark Dream Oct 9
was that a boy
running down the lane
in that awkward skedaddle
ah! but no
he comes closer
growing sure of step
increased gait
and exposing his personage
the masculinity
now dripping
of confidence
a trail of heat
down into bliss
and alas,
turning into fires
between my cheeks
Dark Dream Oct 8
The mild simmer of charity
The combustible inferno

Is it mere carnality?
Is that your norm?

Am I wrong?
Can we resist?

The pages already written out
The story won’t end

Drizzle a fizzle
To the ether

And that,
should be enough,
Dark Dream Oct 4
I don’t believe it’s really true
But I keep searching for it
In caves
On the stage
Behind the door
Through an open window
Perhaps I’ll find it in a closet
Or my shower
I thought I glimpsed it in the north
I keep thinking it really is in the east
Nothing connects
No pattern or concentration
And this is why
I don’t really believe it’s true
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