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Dark Dream Sep 2022
feeling lonely
surrounded by people
that I love
and they love me

but I’m overwhelmed

not feeling special as her

or important enough for him

lame I am


…. ***

am I Yoda?
Dark Dream Sep 2022
i’m crashing Today
The Day Before
just tired
of the same things
that I basically do to Myself
i let people walk all over me
and i’m searching
for Something that doesn’t exist
so i’m stuck
in this Humdinger
of a Menagerie
of Nothing
Dark Dream Sep 2022
As I write
Streams down my face
A silent cleansing
Of thoughts
Times and roles
I can’t do it
I want to scream
Rage and …
**** my anxiety
Like a tsunami
Drowning my sanity
I hold on
To some electron
Of hope
Waiting for it
To purge out
This exasperating
Dark Dream Sep 2022
I pretend it’s you
little message
Was for me
That tiny splash
The hearts and trees
A couple of teases
Beneficial friend
Or a ship with trails
But really
It’s just a fake hang up
Cuz if you did
You would
Dark Dream Sep 2022
Remember our Tom Petty bonding?
Out back as the sun went down
You told me how you met him once
Nerding out over music
I saw the past and future
Mirrored in our eyes
And I was reminded that

Most things I worry about, never happen anyway

Until they do
Dark Dream Sep 2022
Maybe I don’t know what it
looks like
feels like
Perhaps it’s more of a
That laughs in your face
From the audacity
Could be
it’s a Knife Stroke
That sears into your soul
Right into death
Dark Dream Sep 2022
Will you show off for me
And are you drug free
Or will you just let me be
As you stroll
To the glory hole
Hung up on the words
Into the public
Out the back
Bare it
Believe it
And into
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