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I need not look down to know
I am in the same pattern again.
I know this path
This is the gulch that I clambered my way from last season  
When my chin was set strong, gaze fixed on the horizon
One slip and I have lost my footing again
The forest floor
cool, rich dampness
I intensely enjoy myself down here
You want to join in on my adventures
But I know where this path leads and the summit is pain
patterns of pleasure and pain
Only time passed
Spans the distance between us

Pull it in
and zip it up,
Balancing steadily

A practiced act
Heavily spiced complexity
Danger Cravings

Come on to me

rough hand analysis

Fill me up
Black pepper, smoke and cloves

Hold me
In the very grass I’ve dampened
Rainswood Oct 24
Update on My face
These days
Mostly clear.
A reminder
Compounded in my chest cavity
One simply cannot exude beauty
When they are ugly on the inside
Beautiful these days
Rainswood Oct 24
The thread I’m hanging on by
Is bare
Don’t act like you don’t know
When I can feel
You are
Fully aware
Threadbare nineties hair
Rainswood Oct 19
I don’t know how to help you
All I know is how to keep things clean
With the smell of marigolds on my hands
From ripping up last summer’s show
I yearn for the cool dampness of earth
on my bare feet
I fantasize of dancing alone
Yet with each day dawning
I step into these well worn shoes
And put one foot in front of the other
Rainswood Oct 3
I sat with myself
A long while

Acorns raining down

With eyes closed
I can see

Three flecks of light
Stars in the darkness
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