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Dez Feb 18
They said write a poem about love
They said it was a feeling
They said it was an action
They said when you have it you’ll never let it go
They said if you have it you know you do
They said... I’ll tell you if I ever find it
Dez Feb 18
It is not that loathsome sin of murmuring
That I am constantly loathing
It’s the fact that I’m not praising

The trail comes but I cover my eyes
And grit my teeth to bare the lies
Instead of fixing them on the one who hears my cry’s
Dez Feb 18
I was in a dream
Or so it seemed
I was in a River
And I heard a sound that made me quiver
It was the call
Of a water fall
Or rather a roar
That shook me to the core
And I tried to fight the current
But I was caught in the torrent  
So what could I do?
Then someone who knew
Called from down below
“My dear fellow!”
“Just let the water take you”
“But I will be pummeled?!”
I shouted above the rumble
“You shall be bruised but the water will push you through”
“I know this because I went through”
So I let off from from the fight
And woke up in the light
Twas merely a dream
But this mirrored my life it seamed
For struggles were full in me
But it was He
The one too whom I bend my knee
Was the one who put me here
And because of his care
Brought the torrent
That was to me abhorrent
But it was for my good
And now I understood
That was for my betterment
God the trial had sent
Dez Feb 8
Target of His Holy wrath
blinded we bathed in sin like it was a bath
Full destruction was to be the after math
Yet Christ saw this complex problem
And he saved those the law did condemn
As though that was not enough he chose me to partake as one of them
What grace is this
That I am now seen in his righteousness
Dez Jan 20
What form of art do I chose today?
Is music my way
or shall I paint the suns golden ray
I think I shall write today
Dez Jan 9
Heart break
Can you just love for loves sake
You asked for a break
But this smile I can’t continue to fake
Remember at the lake
You promised the ring to take
I had thoughts of a wedding cake
But you left me and said it was a mistake
For pity sake
Don’t let my heart break
Dez Jan 5
How is it that I can't say what I feel
Words are just not as real
I don't want to say I love you
but hell I like bein with you

remember when we met
it was like it was meant to be
you and me was all that I could see
But I guess forever isn't as long as it should be
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