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Enjoy the madness, its Mortemer's dance!
Swishing and turning its not wishy-washy,
Slashing and cutting the shapes! Oh lord the shapes!
Slicing and spinning then boom! Red confetti.
Look at him go in his marvelous trance!
Spinning and cutting the dance spins in circles as the audience cries 'now do the slip and slide!'
So he slides in real slow now he's in his mojo
He's feeling himself as he's breaking it down.
Its him and himself in his spotlight lit solo,
A pool of composure for his one final flourish;
A swish and a slit, moves never seen before.
The big grand finale and the crowd goes bananas!
There's roses on roses, they pile on the stage!
Mortemer's touched by such lovely affection from a crowd of individuals with no connection.
He'll lie on the stage and soak up the praise.
His roses smell sweet, and his roses are plenty.
Nostrils flare
You have a job.
That pill was meant to feel normal.
That collars tight.
Tight right?
Its too tight for a tie.
Say goodbye.
See the lonely way out
I am your never
Your ever
Your cries
I'm your whenever,
Your quiet
Your byes
I'm your wherever
Your eternal
Good night.
Beasts of ******
Crowned by killing and chaos.
Guided by torment in their inception.
Hatred heals, hands held in blight.
Folding thin the paper
Finding within the bark.
Hanging, swinging, Shadow.
She sang that night
A serenade in desperation
A song heard
Sang and betrayed by silence.
She sang, her heart torn bear.
She danced as her legs broke and her arms snapped.
She bled to the cameras
The camera switched off.
He dragged her off by her ankles.
Her roll was done, part played.
Prayer preached.
Her face stained with filth,
As she shaved across the ground.
A song entered his head,
A hymn of nothing
Empty in its divine message.
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