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Killed my sisters feelings
My bestie sparkled.
Joy from a white plate.
Breakfast tomorrow.
She's resurrected.

Hatred people have never known.
My best friend moved in with me today.
His life fell apart,
Shattered to nothing,
And so now, he lives here
With me.

I should be happy.
The wedding bells struck
As lady Veronica marched down the aisle.
Her gay boyfriend stood still in his shoes.

'my love?' He asked tentatively.
'you're doing just fine' she smiled.

She laid her hand on his chest.
Togetherness in all.

'my love.'  he replied.

Veronica drew up her dress as if a sword.

'We are to be wedded priest. Make it happen'.
When I get home,
Cloaked in all my anger from my work
My wee dogs paws, brush it all away.
All I have; is you, your wee paws tacking on the floor.
The sea drinks at the shore,
Moon in hand, the waves dance.
A slow silent samba.
Lazily. Shyly stealing sips.
Black and endless.
Timidly swallowing the world whole.
Now when I think of
My mother dear
That she can be
So full of cheer
Though she knows
Her life ends near
That she can be so
Full of cheer.
She coughs her lung's up
A mucal smear
She ***** her **** out
The end is near
But all my my mother knows
This simple thing
She lives her life
With all she holds dear.
Blood of my blood
Sins of my sins
Wrists are everything you need.
Cutting board cutting stains
Hold them out and let them renew
The world is so alive
For a zombie.
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