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Will anyone ever see,
The loneliness behind,
These callous, hateful, hollow, spiteful,
Lonely eyes of mine.
Holding, close to you tonight.
So cold, we shiver. Our minds
Beg closeness, but know only fight,
Our dark words twisting the light.
I am begun.
Halted by the myth,
Its peace, a mist, an avalanche.
An ember, flickering in a babies eye.
Beholden. Afowl. Anew.
A ghost.
Rattling eyes,
Secrets and lies,
Pray the sun is blind tomorrow.
Calling from our home,
Ghosts are spooking over,
Hands holding the cold.
Our exorcist gazebo.

Strawberries and cream,
Mouth is chewing toenails.
Bucket full of smoke.
Smoke alarms enabled.

Disaster will unfold,
Loneliness without me.
Calling you from home,
Calling home without me.
I know its plain
I know its sane
I know its white and hung outside
And the nails are inside out.
And they crisp you dry.
Its so lonely when the eye's are blind
And they look away, outside.
Its almost like your tomb is inside out .
Your mausoleum is spitting out pen pals.
Its lonely when you're hung out to dry,
Like an angel delight thats butterscotch blind.
Hanging high beneath the beetroot sky.
It won't matter now.
They'll blind thier eyes.
The Dredger dragged its death across the fields of bountiful children.
The father's, with murderous eyes scathed the land with thier gaze.
The mother's cradled the future, bleeding wildly from thier womb.
Palms against the sky the parents embrace. Familial certainty binding thier ****** in bleach white bandages.
The matrimonial baptism dredges on.
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