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Carl D'Souza Jul 31
Do we need to forbear (abstain)
from doing particular activities
to optimise our joy and happiness?
For example:
Do we need to forbear
from overeating
to prevent obesity and diabetes
and optimise our health, joy and happiness?
Do we need to forbear
from overindulging in alcohol
to prevent brain-damage and liver-damage
and optimise our health, joy and happiness?

What other activities
should we forbear from
to optimise our joy and happiness?
djemal ua Apr 14
I play tin drums for peace
and prance on tables too
it's clear as ***** pics
a night I'm drooling steak
but fed bread and cabbage
stew, thankful for little
chance to break my fat
a crease at ****** time.
Kilano Saddler Sep 2018
I seem to reward myself for bad behavior, and while others don’t understand it to be bad, it gnaws at me. Grows like a tumor, because even if an accident, or happenstance, I still seem to shrink, but not before my body rebels and solidifies into making me gorge on fiber until I lose the nerve and rush to other means. I’m not supposed to do it on purpose, not like Lori, and I hold myself back, convinced that my weight-loss is not an extension of my personality, but I cant help but admit I’m obsessed with the scale. Obsessed with an anti-me. My therapist doesn’t see the pattern, and maybe she is right, but I am too busy worrying about becoming obsessed that I have become obsessed with being obsessed. A hundred and seven pounds, and I have had to seriously fight to control myself not to create harm, and when my stomach doesn’t seem to want to let go of food after days, I can’t help but go to my medicine cabinet, find the laxative, and let my body suffer in such an embarassing way.

I watched Lori do it, and I swore I wouldn’t. But I am, even if for the sake of relief, of release. And I swear it’s not a habit, but that means nothing come every Monday when I have to be the beacon at the group weigh-ins, to mark some kind of false sense of hope for others. They call me an inspiration, and even if not intentional, I feel like I have been cheating.

My grandfather asks me every time I tell him about my weight-loss, “Are you sure you aren’t hurting yourself?” and I am reminded of the decades of humiliation he wrought upon me due to my obesity. What right does he have to ask of harm when he helped drive me to four hundred and more pounds? Maybe this is punishment for all the times his words cut deep enough to make me keep eating in anguish. Maybe I’ll just keep losing long after I hit my goal until there is nothing left– not even dust to be carried along with the wind.

Thoughts like that make me worry that it has evolved from lifestyle change to pure, unadulterated obsession. The kind I have seen time and time again.

My family has always been riddled with addicts.
Mystic Ink Plus Sep 2018
On every visit
I was encouraged
To burn more

XL to L
L to M

I feel great
Sense of achievement

Easier to breathe
Easier to move
Genre: Clinical Inspirational
Theme: On Global Obesity Trend
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
Silky smooth thin legs
Such a rare gemstone today
In America
Brent Kincaid Jun 2018
I want to eat a tub of ice cream,
Make folks wonder where it went;
And gorge on so much junk
I look just like the president!
I want to slam three layer cakes
Like they were made of air,
And I get so stinking big
You can see me everywhere!

Eat, eat, eat until I'm perfectly round;
Why bother walking when I can roll all around?
Munch, munch, munch all day and all night;
I'm going to be huge so there’s no need to fight.
Chomp, chomp, chomp, chew a pizza or two;
And a couple bags of chocolate chip cookies too!
Triple cheese burger large fries and drink;
Go get as full as a tick, don’t bother to think.

You might as well accept it
I want what I want all of the time
And if I don’t get my way
I consider that a personal crime.
All you can eat joints feel like my own home;
When I get done I'll be shaped like a dome!
Buffalo wings for happy hour, maybe twenty
And beer by the pitcher, I can drink plenty.

Eat, eat, eat until I'm perfectly round;
Why bother walking when I can roll all around?
Munch, munch, munch all day and all night;
I'm going to be huge so there’s no need to fight.
Chomp, chomp, chomp, chew a pizza or two;
And a couple bags of chocolate chip cookies too!
Triple cheese burger large fries and drink;
Go get as full as a tick, don’t bother to think.

Don’t bother to lecture me on my gastronomy
Sure, people are starving way far away.
I am helping here at home with our economy
And I'm doing it every day.
Talking about starvation makes me want to
Eat more than ever I did yeseterday, besides,
So that kind of argument is just wasted on me
Since I don’t find it all that wise!
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2018
If you wish to loss weight

Before anything,
Make confirm
If it wants to lose you.
Genre: Clinical Abstract
Theme: What matters | Mutual Understanding | Count Steps | Calorie Chart | Workout
Matthew Harlovic Oct 2017
if you cannot read it,
you should not eat it.

© Matthew Harlovic
Aspartame, Acesulfame K, Saccharin, Sucralose
To my local chippy - they're Korean-
to order a Kitkat deepfried in batter.
Odds of survival beat Macky Dee's
cold pasteurised faecal matter.
ConnectHook Feb 2017
Hi-fructose drama-nation (AKA Plebeia Ovulation-Jones), clad in a rumpled football shirt and golden sweatpants, rolled her bovine eyes, burped, then plunged into battle in the Walmart parking lot. Overweightia U.S, looking on, gestured rudely while blabbing on her phone.  America herself, standing by, talked loudly, swiveling her fat neck around with a menacing gesticulation involving her two-and-a-half-inch poisonous green fake fingernails studded with tiny rhinestones in the shape of well-known designer logos. Witnesses claimed that the altercation started when America could not find her own thong, which was lost between mountains of cellulite-rippled sweaty rolls of flesh. Splendor Obeeze, her BFF, trying to get America away from the fight scene, mooed like a feral heifer, then barked at her ex, who proceeded to taunt her while filming with his I-phone:
      Woo ooh-ooh baby Ima get wit chu den do like u cause we rollin, rollin...
Plebeia suddenly snarled at her 3 year-old daughter strapped into a car seat to leave her **** alone and then re-entered the store where she proceeded to sing to herself in the brassiere section until she bumped into her 4th toddler's baby-daddy who was mumbling into his thick beard RE tha lightweight herb he smoked wif his boy as he checked his text messages for  the freestyle lyrics by "L'il Murgatroid". The entire affair ended badly when Plebeia spilled corn-dog flavored popsicle powder all over America's thong-retrieval device. WW IV warning apps were triggered. They beeped, were ignored, failed and then were deleted. No one shouted World Staaar—u see dat? Oh shiiiittt !!
Plebeia O-J was oblivious, in any case, and strode boldly into the Walmart pharmacy section as the predatory drones prophesied in Revelation were released from the bottomless pit by Abaddon, Lord of destruction. Fabulously overweight as well, I was, nonetheless, underwhelmed by the thong itself, when it was finally retrieved from the depths of America's rumpled sweatpants, on the buttocks of which was emblazoned the final terrible message:  PINK UNIVERSITY   BITE ME.
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Walmart Absurdist Theater
Reality TV Show
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