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When words lose their meanings
When Authenticity becomes an act
When truth  starts to hurt
When solitude is nowhere to be found

I'll start asking my questions

Why do you need to lie ?
Why do you need to act ?
Why don't you speak your mind ?
Why don't you enjoy the silence ?
Dinesh Padisetti Sep 2019
Why do I feel so lonely
Even though I'm surrounded by all these people
Is my heart searching for someone
Who can touch my soul & other parts

How can I stop this conflict in me
About wanting & not wanting love at the same time
When will I learn to feel again
All those things I forgot long ago
Dinesh Padisetti Sep 2019
I'm a wandering soul
With a meandering goal
Some say, choose something
And stick to it, it's a good thing
It's like a life
With only one wife
While I want a mistress
Even though I'm in distress
Dinesh Padisetti Sep 2019
For days I wandered
In the mountains green, white & brown
Drinking from cold water streams
Eating berries & watching slugs
Sharing my tent with people from strange lands
Walking steep trails & lighting camp fires
Walking with sun & gazing at snow mountains
Sadly I walk down from heaven
Back to humanity all alone
Wondering what I found in nature
That I couldn't find in people

— The End —