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Dinesh Padisetti Nov 2022
In a mindless rush
To get from one moment to the next
I fumble around in this desolate town
Filled with hopes and dreams

I work in a lab printing toys
Can't even afford to bring them to life
Sometimes I look at the lifeless beings
And wonder, Is that how they look at me ?

I walk from home
I get on a train
I walk to work
Where I pretend to be busy
I take the train
I go to class
Where I pretend to learn

Then I come home to a cold bed
Falling asleep in no one's arms
Look how alive I am
Dinesh Padisetti Nov 2021
"You have a nice smile", She said
No! Don't give me hope
Don't make me happy
I know how this ends.

Soon, You'll realize
My heart masks a hole
As deep as the Marianas Trench
There's nothin here but Melancholy & Madness
Sometimes you feel insane for being loved
Dinesh Padisetti Nov 2021
The night is young & sweet
The highway stretches to heaven
Rain kissed & just dry enough
To cruise around my motorbike

Cold wind blowing through my hair
We climb into the hills of Deccan
And we find a scenic spot to camp
To welcome the songbirds & sunrise.
It's one of those beautiful nights again.
Dinesh Padisetti Aug 2021
Days turn into nights
An endless labyrinth of
Empty weeks and months
With no semblance of life

Years go by, memories not made
Everything STOPS...
People, Planes & Countries too
To bear the wrath of Animalcules
Woke up feeling this
Dinesh Padisetti Aug 2021
Run brother run,
The tides of regrets are coming,
To drown you in the Sea of Sorrows.
Each year the tide gets bigger,
Until one day it swallows you whole.

So start building that boat
Full of adventures & memories,
To sail across the Sea of Sorrows,
And reach the island of tomorrow.
Dinesh Padisetti Jul 2021
Here I'm, left with all the things we bought together
Each with a story of it's own, walking me down the memory lane
Of the deeds we did together.

First shower, first ***, first fight & first laugh
All wrapped into the things we bought for each other
Waiting for me to set them on fire.
We all felt this at some point
Dinesh Padisetti Apr 2021
Lonely are the days, When I'm caged at home
Deprived of the sweet scent of summer mountain rain
Lonely are the days, When I'm deprived of dancing to
The strums of spanish guitar with a beautiful partner

Lonely are the days when my legs can't climb a mountain or
My hands can't paddle through the ocean with salt in my hair
Lonely is the life who's little joys had been taken away and
Instead got 24/7 fear **** of a news cycle with talking idiots
Frustrated with lockdown and no travel for the foreseeable future!!!
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