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See a rich goblet of gold
Empty and ready to receive
Ancient in style, yet shining bright

This antique treasure of old
Belongs to you. Trust and believe
And claim your prize in calm delight

In your mind
Become the goblet
You are precious indeed
Your lasting worth decreed

Feeling your worth
Made from riches of earth
Fully fulfilled every day

Spark of divine
Your wealth is a sign
Of life surely flowing your way
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Moeshfiekah Nov 2019
Round and round the graveyard.
Like a headless bear.
One slit , two stabs.
Raise him from the dead.

Twist to show a different perspective.
Hope you love
Moeshfiekah Aug 2019
My sun ,
My brightest star.
You're 147 million km to far.
Although I'm out at night ,
And you at day.
Eclipse in my arms you'll lay.
The only time our love doesn't burn the cornea.

Anna Mar 2019
I’m whirling about
There’s fruit I’ve never seen
And chainsaws
Hanging from the ceiling
Collections of rusted
And nostalgic
Playthings of my
Past memory
The people here
Mimic the eclectic offerings
Every part of the group
Teems with
I feel cherubic laughter
Quiver my lungs again
I head for home
Clutching a book
I acquired
From this impeccable
A wonderful friend of mine invited me to the local flea market, and I couldn’t resist writing about it
Sky Yang Sep 2018
i swallow hard and the act breaks me in two, a deafening crack and the crease on my neck gives way like grandma's Russian doll i thought would never open again
Evan Jun 2018
I'm looking for
love as limitless
as the amount of
antique shops in any
given small town,

where the stories of old
take the form of rickety
milk carton crates
refusing to be sold.

Give me love as strong
as those floorboards
gently cradling the past.

The owner flips the
sign on the door.

I was traveling through my home state and noticed that every single small town had an abundance of antique shops. Something about that hit me with an overwhelming feeling of inspiration and this poem was the result.
Careena Jan 2018
Silver lining
Antique finding
Intertwined fingers
Browsing eyes

Indoor maze
Shifted gaze
Can't see all
Noticing some

Vintage room
Old spittoon
Strolling past
Items forgotten

Mirror reflects
Dust collects
We evlove
But never change
AtMidCode Nov 2017
Ears straining to hear
Skin trying to feel
My eyes can see
The olden times, the antiquity.

Recognizing--your voice, features, habits
Feeling the longing and relief. Familiarity.
We're two energies joining
And with our forces fusing . . . again.
Vexren4000 Sep 2017
A case filled with trinkets,
Of times long past,
Twinkling twilight,
Of nights faded away,
If they could speak,
Mayhaps they would,
The watches and broaches,
Sit silently in this place,
Trapped inside a solemn case,
Whispering tales,
Of things gone by.

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