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Philomena Jan 27
Another day, another systematic nightmare
Commemorate a wonderful life
Bite me first, I'll bite you back
Melodramatic laughter
I stabbed a knife in my eye
Think I'm out my ******* mind
Brainwashed and I'm feeling fine
Destroy yourself it feels too good to fade away
Why, do I want to hurt myself?
Should I die for something else?
I let my conscience get in the way

We hope you have a lovely day
You don't want us to come out and play
Away, now now
There's nothing to see here
It's under control
We're only gambling with your soul
Whatever you do, just don't wake up and smell the corruption
harley r noire Jan 2019
sit, weep, drown,
and dawdle for long,
tending your open,
salted wounds
on the evening
you may—
yet mind your fate,
dear flower seed,
for you will thrive.

and swim mighty,
with all your liberty,
out of the sea
of sugar, honey,
ice, and tea—
the brimming filth
in them that keeps on
Clearly inspired—though talking about a slightly different but somehow related subject—by Bring Me The Horizon's new song from amo, sugar honey ice & tea, which I found out is a subtle and friendly way to swear. Some people are just full of sugar, honey, ice, and tea, just like Oliver Sykes said, lol. Along with Lana Del Rey, this band inspired a lot of my works.
What doesn't **** you,
Makes you wish you were dead.
What doesn't destroy you,
Leaves you broken instead.

Who will fix me now?
Dive in when I'm down.
Save me from myself,
Don't let me drown.

It's getting harder to hold on,
I need to let go.
But as I start falling,
Then the love will show.

Who will fix me now?
Dive I  when I'm down.
Save me from myself,
Don't let me drown.

And if they don't seem to listen,
Don't give up your faith!
Don't take out your anger,
Just turn back and say,

I will fix myself,
Look up when I'm down.
And without a doubt,
I will not drown.
Inspiration from bring me the horizons drown

— The End —