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Bella-Lee Aug 5
That's it,
There is nothing more to say.
I'm just going to leave,
Just like you did... The exact same way.

Oh wait...
That wasn't you!
Don't you just love love? :/
Lot Mar 23
Porcelain white is painted polite.
Grown up to be perfect, and pretty in lace.
Long shiny hair ******* with a bow.
A beautiful pro at hiding her woe.
Dressed to the nines with diamonds that shine,
to blind those from seeing the landmine of her interior design.
Her body a shrine all knotted with twine.
Privileged, and coddled.
Loved, and swaddled.
Prepped for ascension,
despite the fine lines that grow in her spine.
Cracks in the porcelain, rigid and sly,
grow bigger with rigour as time flies by.
One more bawl and she’ll break above all.
I am a china doll, would you like to see me fall?
Inspired by Lana Del Rey's song "Without You", as well as my own 'snowplow' parents.
BoringBoy Feb 26
Why? Darling, did you not know,

If ghosts could truly sing
Let them sing for you
Cause you've woken me from the dead

And if the sun could turn into a diamond piece
It'll go to you, let it be said

You're the light of my life, and you brighten this Earth,
You're a star, you're my sun, and I orbit you because it's what you're worth.

From afar, I can see, and up close I believe that your warmth is my serenity.

I love you, and no holiday is needed for you to feel it.
A gift can start there, but nothing can take my love for you away, other than Death himself.

So, my sweet and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious darling, my prince, my princess, my everlasting potato, my warming sun, my cooling moon, and my so much better than better half.

My love for you is my only excuse for falling so deeply in awe when I stare at you.
To: Food
From: Me
i can still smell the pungent air of
my old shoes on your two feet
and see the boulder on your
shoulder—hence the welcoming,
open door.

never mind my silence, see those
bottles you sent knocking me into
a soldier in a warzone, fighting for
my sealed freedom.

i am breathing fine and well within
the confines of my room walls and
warm blankets, and i will not beg
anew a soft, suede-covered

i yearn a bow—a salute
to the space now.
i've had enough unwanted attention, case closed.
icantbearmyself Jun 2018
I got a message
from a psichology

I panicked
and blocked
his messages
without thinking

I never realized
how scared I was
of being known
Brian McDonagh May 2018
Me: “Father, I think I would like to pray my own way.”
Priest: “Ha okay (sarcasm), whatever you say, Brian.”
(Priest continues about in ignorance of commentary)
Priest (beginning Vespers): “O God, come to my assistance…”
Me: (beginning Whispers) "O ****, here we go again..."
(Grudgingly submits)
I have always wanted to be different in spirituality, but when I have to coordinate myself to meditate like everyone else, I feel "un-special" (if that makes sense...again, not trying to offend, thought).
Akemi Jan 2018
skew the weight
the empty chalice
the worthless promise of something
crash! herein we find ourselves trapped between
mangled flesh
and choking light.
Khadro Jama Jan 2018
Everything you thought you knew ends with a goodbye
Its time I pack my bags
Its time I stop crying wolf
Its time I walk my path
Distance is my medicine
Because I'm not coming back.
Just because I don't show certain emotions DONT mean they don't exsist, I'm just a good actor after all only God knows.
moe Jan 2018
i know you don’t want to be with me,
please stop with the i love you’s,
you don't even know what that means
do you really think that I'm a fool
i cant make the person that i once loved be in a relationship that i only dream of.
so I decided for myself to not have you around
so why are you threatening me
being so hateful and mean
telling me this will get ****
why are you being like this
what do you mean,
I hate that your deceitful
dishonest and untrustworthy,
a two-faced LYING **** thats
forcing them selfs in my life
I'm really trying to understand
how you could be so selfish  
you just break my heart over and over again,
its better that your very far you see,
cause having you around just hurts me,
what don't you understand.
i don't want you around me
i don't want to be your friend,
and moments that i think of you
i start to remember how you treated me
with no respect you've given me
you always would get rid of me,
please oh please just let me be free
when your in love with someone who doest love you,
but they want to be in your life and have their cake to,
But like that saying goes
If i cant have all of you then i don't want you at all
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