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Delyla Nunez Jan 29
You called your parents, told them to get you.
I asked you to pack your stuff, my dad was coming to renew the room.
We argued over your assumptions,
By then i didn’t have it in me to care anymore.

I let you continue your behavior of throwing things like a child.
Temper tantrum’s and screams.
Didn’t know I was with a child.

So many false promises and failing to realize the situation at hand.
Now here I stay trying to clear my name of the lies you told to “save” yourself.

I never wanted to hate you,
But never did I expect you to **** my life the way you did.
I wish you’d stop lying.
Harassing me in the false pretenses you have.

Maybe one day you’ll grow up.
One day I hope you don’t scare them like you did me.
Maybe you’ll truly love them the way I loved you.

I will see you in court the next time we meet.
And I will be anything but sweet.
Judge says to not speak to you. So I won’t and will gladly do so.
Delyla Nunez Dec 2020
I wished you’d leave me be.
I wished you’d stop trying to message.
Please keep your distance!

It doesn’t make sense to me, you tell me you’ll leave and never try again.
Yet here you are.

You message late at night before I fall asleep.
Then all I’m left with at the end of the phone call is emptiness.
You take my answers and change it to something different.

You don’t want my answers, you never did and that’s okay..
But why give you that respect of my honor when you lied from the beginning?
Oh because I did worse.

If it was ALL my fault then why can’t you go..
If I am such a horrible person the why can’t you stop messaging.
You said it yourself.
So go.
If I ****** up sooo bad then stop harassing me. Do you and let me do me.
Maniacal Escape Aug 2020
The explorer entered the cave alone,
and he emerged pale with terror.
He never spoke of what he saw.
He saw nothing after all, but he felt everything.
And everything was enough for him to never feel anything ever again.
Daisy Ashcroft Nov 2019
Words have no meaning
And yet nor do sounds
These letters have no feeling
When I write them down
My pen is a tool
And yet I feel like no creator
I simply copy words down like a common fool
These thoughts are no straighter
Than a forest of weeds
They are burning inside me
But I cannot simply feed
Them out onto paper. You see,
I don’t know what all these thoughts even mean;
They are spoken in a language that has never been seen
So I write and I write and yet I still do not understand
How to lead them out by the hand,
Into the world for you all to read.
Now leave me alone, for it is more than just words on a page that I need.
Bella-Lee Aug 2019
That's it,
There is nothing more to say.
I'm just going to leave,
Just like you did... The exact same way.

Oh wait...
That wasn't you!
Don't you just love love? :/
Lot Mar 2019
Porcelain white is painted polite.
Grown-up to be perfect, and pretty in lace.
Long shiny hair ******* with a bow.
A beautiful pro at hiding her woe.
Dressed to the nines with diamonds that shine,
to blind those from seeing her broken design.
Her body a shrine all knotted with twine.
Privileged, and coddled.
Loved, and swaddled.
Prepped for ascension,
despite the fine lines that grow in her spine.
Cracks in the porcelain, rigid and sly,
grow bigger with rigour as time flies by.
One more bawl and she’ll break above all.
I am a china doll, would you like to see me fall?
Inspired by Lana Del Rey's song "Without You", as well as my own 'snowplow' parents.
harley r noire Feb 2019
i can still smell the pungent air of
my old shoes on your two feet
and see the boulder on your
shoulder—hence the welcoming,
open door.

never mind my silence, see those
bottles you sent knocking me into
a soldier in a warzone, fighting for
my sealed freedom.

i am breathing fine and well within
the confines of my room walls and
warm blankets, and i will not beg
anew a soft, suede-covered

i yearn a bow—a salute
to the space now.
i've had enough unwanted attention, case closed.
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