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Haiku Donna Aug 1
Colourful paper
Cut into kind loving hearts
Falls from caring hands
Thank you so much for all your lovely maessages I will catch up soon :) you make my heart bloom even more x.

Love to you all love Donna **
Inspired x
Inked Quill Jul 10
Surrounded by confetti
Heart shaped
Yet no love found
All there's silence
No words to speak
The soul renders
Foggy mists of memory
Bottled up
In cracks of the room
Like the winding roads
Of time lapsed
Dovey Aug 2017
This disgusting me in a burst
Of unjustified, childish hurt
Shattered colors, tinkling as they crash

Confetti light dappling upon clear
Reflective surfaces which pierced
me, and I found myself broken by jagged glass

They say souls pulse with endless light
In a relentless, shocking rainbow of colors
Your soul is the one that gives me life
Yet it seems you’d rather live for others

But still, just allow me to stay by your side
And I’ll always have a reason to be alive
Even if I'm not your most important person, would you please let me live for you?
Vale Luna May 2017
(a.k.a. What You Must Have Been Thinking)

“Let's make confetti
With your little paper heart!
Smaller and smaller
Until there's nothing left to split apart.”

“Let's make confetti
And throw your feelings up in the air!
Shred it down to scraps
Until there's nothing left to tear.”

“Let's make confetti
With your diminished, pathetic soul!
Ripping up your spirit
Until we've left nothing whole.”

“Let's make confetti
With your miniscule emotions!
Leave them completely trashed
Until there's nothing left to be broken.”

“Let's make confetti
With your fragile paper heart
Punctured and torn
So your love can never restart.”
cgembry Aug 2016
I watched my neighborhood park
undergo a transformation
on a warm autumn morning
that carried the smell of dew and maple
the sun peeked through the trees
reflecting off the yellows reds and oranges
illuminating them
till you could swear they had caught fire
crisp air threw amber leaves skyward
raining down like golden confetti
to be collected for jumping into
by the laughing children
Tab Jan 2016
I'm afraid of the new year
I'm not afraid of what it will bring
I'm afraid of what the old year will leave behind
Confetti made from pictures of you and I covers the street.
People always say new year, new me but what if I don't want to be new?
What if I'm afraid of what being new means?
Poetry May 2015
I don't see why we can't replace bombs with confetti.
War is sick and disgusting. Killing others is plain wrong no matter the circumstances and greed is the main reason.

**** it.
Give away the food and money you don't need
Be kind and welcoming to anyone who walks your way
AmberLynne Dec 2014
Your promises come out
as pre-splintered words,
already having a tarnish.
And yet I am hopeful,
always, that I may be able
to pick them up, rub them
with my shirtsleeve just so,
and see the gleam of a true
promise. But no matter how I try,
how tenderly I handle the pieces
of your intentions, they always
crumble in my fingers,
confetti litter on the floor.
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