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ryn Nov 2021
The moon
finally burst
into a confetti
of a thousand tatters…

And as the waters
held their breaths,
once playful waves
sink into an unlit night’s

And the tides
lost their reason
to visit my shores.
Hamna May 2021
I inhale forgiveness.
And exhale all my vengeance.
Like taking a word from my right ear,
And throwing it out from the other
It hurts to say this:
Saying "Marhaba" to misfortune with warm hugs
Know why I do this?
I wait for serendipity
To surprise me with a confetti of lilies.
I'll fly with each petal...
Why do I forget that there's always a purpose behind an accident?
Davina E Solomon Apr 2021
A lonesome threshold,
yesterday was light as confetti / from a wedding that
bled in thirty litres of martyred roses / How long are
three hundred steps from a church, to stucco walls
the colour of sorrow?

Soil, the tint of blood,
ichor of mountain Gods, deveined for lost embrace
of roots / Wind whistling away regrets in the dust of
liberated souls / Would it sing for her, embalmed
in the bowels of earth’s sanguine hum?

April heat, weighted with a dirge
of tears salted in ocean / rusting the trumpet
and violin strings / Who will tune the piano for mass,
now that those musical men sailed before her,
in paper boat memoirs?

The Goliath tree rooted in bones,
a giant on such sustenance / gatekeeper of souls
tethered to fleshy sinews in beds of solitude /
Will she be interred in fruit, as he suppers
on her animated putrefaction?

Suffering, twice a child,
once a lady, she didn’t stay long to be swaddled
in linens of pity, cottons of commiserations /
Where will I store the enameled chamber *** for
when I grow up to be her likeness?

Nightshades, funneling viscous memories,
trumpeting in a pastel wilderness, alkaloid racket
waiting to sound in the poisons of prayerful echoes /
When will they bloom, toxic with grief of a swelling past,
so I may sleep as soundly as her?
Inspired by death in my village, remembering my grandmother ...
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
It's a treasure trove
Words tossed up like confetti
Falling in our hearts
Amanda Kay Burke Mar 2020
Throw kindness around because world needs more
Like birds let it soar through air
Confetti Earth with goodness galore
Your actions inspire others to share
Inspired by the quote "Throw kindness around like confetti"
Grace Haak Jan 2020
it will all fall down
but maybe if we're lucky
it'll rain confetti
chicken May 2019
Confetti all around
for the lovers,
and the haters, too.
Waving **** heads off is easy, but how about the lovers?
Donna Aug 2018
Colourful paper
Cut into kind loving hearts
Falls from caring hands
Thank you so much for all your lovely maessages I will catch up soon :) you make my heart bloom even more x.

Love to you all love Donna **
Inspired x
Inked Quill Jul 2018
Surrounded by confetti
Heart shaped
Yet no love found
All there's silence
No words to speak
The soul renders
Foggy mists of memory
Bottled up
In cracks of the room
Like the winding roads
Of time lapsed
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