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Shakytrumpet Nov 2022
I wish I could burn those years away,
And watch the memories disappear between the flames
Whispers of that hell go up in smoke,
I cover up my ears, lest thoughts provoke
I woke up in the middle of the night and this just spilled out of my head so I wrote it down before I forgot. I have no idea where this came from, and even though I did, it doesn't feel like I wrote it
Shakytrumpet Oct 2022
I doo doo'd in my pants
And love the way it feels
The poo poo in my pants
Slithers down like eels

I am the **** snail

I scooch my **** along the floor
Leaving a trail of ***** matter
Caking the floor in ****
Call that my doo doo batter

I am the **** snail

I bring with me demise,
As I dawn my **** disguise
Hiding my empty pit
With this veil of stinky ****

I am the **** snail

Twilight blooms,
so does my prolapse
Leaving stains
along your doormats

I am the **** snail

The smell of ****
floods your home
It's oddly comforting
You're no longer alone

I am the **** snail.

My foul odor
calls, it beckons
Drawing people out
from all directions
They all squat down
And spread their *****
Trailing behind me
Their butts streak the grasses

WE are the **** snails
I would like to formally apologize for having written whatever this is.
I, shamefully, admit I giggled throughout writing this.
Shakytrumpet Dec 2021
Her hair burns
in brazen  embers
along side her  hazel  eyes.
A brilliant afterglow trails    her   ,
coating the   fields
in a blazing
auburn  .
If  only  she  knew
of her  effortless
magnificence  ,
I never write stuff like this, let alone about someone I know, and if she's reading this then welp (I had posted this on a diff account but I'm moving to here instead ***** it)
Shakytrumpet Sep 2021
I've cut open my eyes
And to my surprise,
I found an old carousel projector
With millions of upsidedown pictures inside.

The machine starts to whir,
And my life flashes by,
Every memory frame by frame,
On these convenient little slides

Every laugh, and every smile
Every absence of joy,
Those slides seem to last longer on this carousel of poise.
My friends were talking about writing poetry and it's admittedly been awhile since I've written anything so I decided ***** it one more wouldn't hurt, I was gonna touch it up a bit here and there but tbh I can't be bothered, it was also gonna be longer butttttttttt :p (also if someone says carousel of poise doesn't make any sense too bad deal with it I do what I want)
Shakytrumpet Dec 2020
All alone in my room,
Without anyone that cares
So I sit in solemn silence,
Amongst my world of squares.

I feel like I'm in control,
As I spiral further down,
Clenching my pieces tightly,
Begging to be found,
Knowing it's hopeless,
I lay my king on the ground.
Lately I've been staying till late at night just playing chess, it's a nice distraction from the silence. No one is here, admittedly that sounds like a stupid thing to complain about at 1 in the morning but I just mean in general
Shakytrumpet Apr 2020
My girlfriend called me short,
it struck me right in my feels,
she said, "It's ok, I'll love you anyways,
plus you can just borrow my heels"
im like 5ft so yeah
Shakytrumpet Feb 2020
The world forces us to grow up
through agony and Pain.
Is happiness even worth it,
when you can lose it all again?
We try to cheer ourselves up,
though we know it's in vain.
We can never stay happy,
theres no escaping Pain.
this poem is a few years old, but i hope everyone reading strongly disagrees with younger Thomas
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