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Shakytrumpet Dec 2020
All alone in my room,
Without anyone that cares
So I sit in solemn silence,
Amongst my world of squares.

I feel like I'm in control,
As I spiral further down,
Clenching my pieces tightly,
Begging to be found,
Knowing it's hopeless,
I lay my king on the ground.
Lately I've been staying till late at night just playing chess, it's a nice distraction from the silence. No one is here, admittedly that sounds like a stupid thing to complain about at 1 in the morning but I just mean in general
Shakytrumpet May 2020
You may not be in shape....

But at least you are a shape...

You chonky circle
My diet hasn't been the best so I have become a sphere....
Shakytrumpet Apr 2020
My girlfriend called me short,
it struck me right in my feels,
she said, "It's ok, I'll love you anyways,
plus you can just borrow my heels"
im like 5ft so yeah
Shakytrumpet Feb 2020
The world forces us to grow up
through agony and Pain.
Is happiness even worth it,
when you can lose it all again?
We try to cheer ourselves up,
though we know it's in vain.
We can never stay happy,
theres no escaping Pain.
this poem is a few years old, but i hope everyone reading strongly disagrees with younger Thomas
Shakytrumpet Feb 2020
Though my absence may make it seem
like I have disappeared,
the poems that I've left behind
make sure that I'm still here
sorry about not posting in awhile, though i doubt my short absence phased anyone, i made sure i left behind some reading material before my departure
Shakytrumpet Jan 2020
My wordstend tocle ave,
clippingthemsee mstohe l p b u t
som etim es  it do e sn't
Auto antonyms are fun
Shakytrumpet Jan 2020
good things make us cry
and bad things make us laugh
strange isn't it.
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