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B Jan 1
When you're out on the water
and the sun become sea
two planes of reality
begging to meet.
There is no horizon
no end to my sight
only the certainty of knowing
at least, in nothingness,
things will be alright.
B Dec 2022
I'm in love with the girl next door
don't even know who I was before
she moved in with her plants and midnight dancing.
Don't think anyone has ever been so enchanting
I have never even used the word
and yet when she's not in the window I am bored.
So I ask what's on her nightstand?
Instead of what she does with her right hand.
Now I'm reading "Ode to Aphrodite"
feeling wound so tightly
while she spins her records nightly.
We're knocking at each others walls
because she has no number to call
only a broken rotary phone
and I so love and loathe to be alone,
deep in the complexity of my own home.
B Dec 2022
Brother moon,
do we dream the same dreams
in the valley of black sheep?
My lover's eyes are the size of you
and I yearn only to sleep.
Beneath the freckled sky, be easy
forgotten, you and I.
Brother moon,
do you weep for sister sun
the way I weep for you?
Can children still on Earth a' run
when you cast your soul's great blue?
Bother moon
will you take me, come afternoon?
To my house of lonesome joy.
Brother moon,
do you dream my dream?
Or are you just another boy,
basking in my gloom.
B Oct 2022
You are a thunderstorm of passion
the sky falters with heat until she must fracture and downpour.
I am waiting for my affections to unfasten
- for my summer to be drenched.
It seems I'm always waiting for another sweltering day, another aching inch.
Looking for value although I am not poor.
Missing rain outside more and more
and yet I've always been alone in this sea of sheets
gazing, yearningly, at the flooding streets.
B Oct 2022
You are, a tide pools worth of a *******
cascading jump on a trampoline.
You are more than you seem
with your clean cut hair and your magazines
to think you don't know how much you mean
to a ******* the tipping edge of nineteen
ready to risk it all before she's done with everything
it takes to grow into something strong and seen.
What I see
at the end of fate's red string
B Aug 2022
You were my Queen of rust
with your china doll hands and terracotta hair
lady of want and broken trust
friend of wild dog, promised to be fair.

A bush fire against a summer's rain
you are every little ache and pain
Open eye as the clock races by
a ghost town
torn down
again and again...

Let yourself dream in the mystery of sundown
but, where has your lover gone now?
Off to a land lush with the green of sycamore
the promise of something that again, has been found.
She has no use for a dessert or
a woman made of many shades of brown
when there was so much more color
before you came around.
B Jun 2022
Of grey set eyes
deep like oyster shells
I think you could be of Aphrodite's demise
secrets, your smile, certainly tells.

I want to wear her sweater over my own
don't wish to speak to anyone, it shouldn't be known

Your eyes were oyster shells
holding everything precious and tender
in the pit of their teasing,
lay tide pools of splendor

I would not say I love you like a pearl
because you cannot be hung on string
with the likes of every other beautiful boy or girl
that is an insult to even finer things
the presence beyond this world
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