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I'm closing my eyes deep In thought drifting slowly
remembering I can see snow on the ground I'm In a park
all the trees bare of leaves they look almost like ghostly figures hiding In the shadows waiting to pounce
I approach a Park bench I'm not afraid because there Is a hand In mine It's that of that wife to be Helen her name so sweet she Is so full life sitting down beside
me I'm looking at her pretty face It's bitterly cold but neither of us feels It we have youth on our
Helen Is dressed In this lovely two-piece green suit white blouse white stockings and beautiful black shoes so petite almost like a china
I'm sitting there can't take me off her but no way was I going to let this girl slip away I'd made up my there then she would become my wife
Helen was so beautiful to me as I finally her walked home we stood at Helen garden gate I looked In those beautiful blue eyes
I could hear my voice In
my head It said you don't know It yet Helen but I'm going to marry
shortly after that I did so proud of her I was she gifted me a son even though my poor girl passed away our son stayed with me he's just like his
I love him so much I'm reluctantly opening my eyes now my short time away from reality was so good while It lasted so beautiful Helen was to
Helen In her beautiful green two piece suit white blouse and white stockings black shoes she look like a China
Doll so petite Helen was so beautiful to me
Girard Tournesol Dec 2018
She comes the blankness between stars
Nothingness strawn through enlightenment
Death has always been a when for Now
Yet like the universe, we persist
Thomas EG Jul 2018
You are so small, so petite
I could almost pluck you from this field of flowers and place you in my shirt pocket, just to see if you could possibly get any closer to my heart
I already feel you crawling from chamber to chamber
But ****, if I could feel your physical touch inside my chest, would it really feel so different ?
You are so warm, so gentle, so sweet
Always fresh as a daisy
And your hands,
Always busy as bees
And your lips,
As if carved from rose petals,
Remain forever on mine
Because I cannot stay away
Opiates are nothing compared to you
But, alas, I am addicted
My lil sunflower
undefined Sep 2017
the salesperson
pointed me towards
the petite section
told me
'oh the women's section
isn't for you'

made me realize
how much
i've shrunk

don't get me
i'm still 5'2 (& a half)
still weigh
somewhere near 120
i have bent and burnt
the corners

i have

it's a slow process
you don't
even realize that it is
until you find yourself
smaller than ever
and you
how could a personality
as big as mine
as small as this

perhaps it first began
when i
learnt to
stay quiet
i really
wanted to say
i believe
or i don't think so

but instead

i looked down
my lips
and my
eyes closed
only to
feel my eyelashes
my cheeks

i once
had a boy
tell me
he fell in love
first with my voice
with me

he tried to solve
like a puzzle
putting back the bits and pieces
to create something
but in the process
the pieces got
jumbled up
into something new
and the
i had
that captured
his soul

i started shrinking
i lost my voice
and now
i think i've lost
my heart too
passion doesn't
flow so
loudly in
my veins and
every now and then
it does
but i silence it
be good,
little girl,
be silent

and to
the girls who
are walking on
glass made
of unwanted opinions
and voices
which are far louder than
i say,

remember who you are
remember what
you are worth.
and remember
that not the father
nor the son
can take from you
the fire
that burns
brighter than the
sun above.
my daughter,
i say,
let your voice
be heard and
let your freedom
there is a day

when a man
comes and tells you
that he
will replace
the vocal
chords into
open your hands
offer him peace
and if he rejects
use your freedom
to send
Paula Sullaj Dec 2016
When  the  internal  righteousness is a mixture of  all  outside  realities
You shift in many "devils" up to the point where "You" no longer exist
Once   in   a  while, Seeking becomes monotonously an exciting habit
But the latest iPhone and Burberry collection definitely make everything better.
"I am what I am"
Rockie Apr 2015
Evolve us
Wind us up
Like a little toys
Or a music box
With a petite little ballerina
Eternally twirling
With her arms never tiring

Evolve us
The human race whispers.
Madisen Maureen Feb 2015
The wind slowly, but swiftly swaying
Against the petals of the pale lilac flower,
Beautiful yet fragile, only praying
For the storm to pass over the tall towers
Of the frightening city.
Its stem crawling closer and closer to its breaking point
As the water flows towards the river's edge; pity
On the sun's glory and shine. Disjointing
The flower's yellow belly from its furrowing leaves
As its life withers away, taken from the nature of thieves.

— The End —