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Zack Ripley Jun 2019
I need to get something off my chest.
When it comes to friends, there's no second best.
And when it comes to people I love,
every time I look at you i forget about the rest.
It's amazing how your words give me so much hope.
Like a street lamp guiding me home in the night.
And yet when I finally find the words I want to say,
I look at you and it's like I'm being hit with kryptonite.
I don't know what the future has in store, but as long as you're in my life, you make me ready for more.
Paige Error Dec 2018
I am never going to be your first choice
More like the French fry at the bottom of the bag.
I’m not what you’d choose first
Or second
Or even third
But when there’s no other options
You might find me and be pleasantly surprised
So when you’ve run out of better options
Of friendships
Or relationships
Ill be here ready to take over your heart
Or at least your spare time
And if you need somebody to use
Or to break into pieces to rummage for spare parts
Go right ahead because if I can help you at the cost of myself
Maybe I’ll actually feel something for once.
Vania Irene Nov 2018
let me tell you,
do not stay in a relationship
that makes you questioning your
worth, or a relationship
that feels like a big question mark.

you deserve someone who loves you
without looking back,
someone who does not make you
a second best or option,
someone who does not involve
you in the comparison game.

because you are not a void filler,
you are not a backup plan,
you are not a second choice.

let me tell you your worth
and what you deserve;
you are a galaxy with all its beauty,
you are all the best parts about art.
you deserve someone who is willing to give
the world to you.
J Johnson Feb 2018
When your heart says yes but your mind says no
It’s difficult to choose which path to go
Easy to advise, but when it’s your time
The game transforms like Optimus prime
If you have to choose between the two
People say it’s something you just have to do
You can’t have your cake and eat it too
If only the future was predictable
Even slightly to predict the best choice for the fore seeable,
Future, Like a sunrise or a sunset or what people will say when you tell them that water is not wet
When you make an investment you should follow it through
From the end , to the start through the middle too
As long as it takes until you reach success
But the grass on the other side might actually be best
It’s hard to believe that who came second could be worth your time
Because she was not first in line
will number one always hang on your mind
Who even wants to be second best
It’s not fair to say what’s hers is hers and what’s hers is mine
Apparently when you love something you have to set it free
And if it comes back then forever it will be
But she set him free and he’s on his way back
I guess it’s clear that the saying is true
He is on his way back to number one and not number two
Druzzayne Rika May 2017
Being second best
made him feel worst
than the rest
Eileen Xu Dec 2016
Oh soft supple being,
No sinew, no bone.
Show me your rounded edges,
The places he calls home.

Make me feel unwanted,
Leave me broken down and stung.
For who would want a girl
With chapped lips and
Stuttering tongue?
Shameful Me Jan 2016
We went to his old house today
I helped him collect his belongings
And also throw away some
I stood in silence
Engulfed in my thoughts
Of how many of these things were hers
Or were from her
And I saw the changes in his expressions
With each item
And I hate that he allows me to have wonder
If these things brought his mind
Back to the past
And even after a years time
I still can't help to feel second
To the girl who could never love you
Like I do
KW Jun 2015

Casually-with ease. No second thought?

Maybe. But this I won’t ever know. Don’t need to-but want to.

That I, human, sensitive, feeling, committed, invested, involved, sacrificed.

And you, nonchalant, aloof, robotic, hard- a stone man.

Well, that is the tint through which I see you.

Once were. What exactly was it in the end? I don’t know.

Caught? Convenient? Comfortable?

And I, the wilted flower of once was. Memories slipping, falling, petals dripping from a tap left slightly open.

As is my heart- slightly open. Healing- but still bleeding.

And yours, is it tightly shut? Forever?

Seems so.

You stone man, with your clamped heart, wounds stitched- no bleeding here.

And I, tossed.

Casually-with ease.

Fresh water, new flowers. One, two, three?

And I, waking each morning. Slowly stretching, growing, leaf-arms reaching to the rays which are my hope, my optimism, my little nurse.


I cannot catch up to you, so quick.

But I choose not to. Time is precious and it’s mine. Now, I am not ready. My heart is soft, fragile, gentle.

It will be alright, stitched, whole-soon.

But now, in this moment, this small stretch of time, it is not.

When I feel replaced.


Casually-with ease.
apintofwords Sep 2012
She was an afterthought,
Like salad,on the side
Like a footnote to a long letter,
Like curry leaves to gravy,
Like the dregs at the bottom of a cup of tea,
Like the second man on the moon,
She was an afterthought,
Always a step behind,
Always a second choice,
Never sought after or valued,
Neither loved nor cherished,
Like a faded old photograph,
Like an out of tune guitar gathering dust in the attic,
She was an afterthought,
Quickly replaced,easily forgotten and never remembered
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