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A longing, my dear stranger


Put it all back together
I know it fits
We fit

Spiral dynamics
The mountain and
Its wet reflection
Reflected back to heaven
Upward, onward

You're in my visceral section
I'm in your sacral area
With one heart between the both of us

Severed up and down
Sectioned side to side
Earth and Heaven
Male and Female
How long we bore this cross
This vivisection
Restore! Make whole!

Pouring myself into you
Is exactly what i needed
Tonight, i receive you
Not up for interpretation

Coronal crown
life, so virile
with this eye
I see
we've overcome
Tomorrow, as though it were yesterday

The sacred serpent
Like a trumpet
To our lips
Writhed himself into us at the tip
And received our fluid chemistry
Producing musical harmony

what have we become?
when mastubation's lost its fun, my sweetest friend





Past, present, future
A single tapestry
Woven of a single fibre
Our very being
burn me down
like Babylon
consume my flesh with fire

Raze me to the ground
scatter every brick
To the four winds
bury me
like Osiris
divine sectioning

Pour your living waters
down my throat
into my belly
and up from beneath

holify me
gushing, rushing
Living Water
sacral ******* water

energize me
Wholify me
receive me
willingly, this sacrifice
please me
please me
pacify me

resurrect me
Holify me
living waters never quench
Holy fire
Lavafy me
Molten living metals
running through every channel
veins, arteries, capillaries, nadis

Open me
i, the channel, emptied
eradicate me
Split me up the middle
reverse my topology
Outside like the Inside
precisely as the Inside

I receive you
Open me, Penetrate me
lava flowing up Inside me

like the infinite Outside
show me
the unbounded Abyss within
mirror still
Lake Placid
not a ripple
but still vibrating
forever on fire
Lake Salome
the gushing wet birth
of the twenty-four-sided Jerusalem
forever on fire
Rama Krsna May 2021
into this fire
of pure awareness
i offer
the body
intellect and ego ....

in the charred embers
of this funeral pyre
a pristine white lotus
with one thousand petals
each petal
a proxy for a billion residual desires
burnt forever

time and space 
simply fade away

© 2021
Saša Milivojev Oct 2019
I will quench my thirst on water spring
I will recall bygone memories
Will awaken Sahasrara chakra
With Heavenly lustre from above
I shall join the Light in Glory with Love
That in luminosity its way will find
Bringing Peace to the Spirit of Mankind.

Saša Milivojev

Translated by Ljubica Yentl Tinska
Rama Krsna Jun 2019
this bang from aeons ago
unleashes a dark centrifugal fury
in far-flung M87
devouring neighboring stardust

the other side of
this hawking spectacle,
a black king cobra
entrancingly coils
around a thousand-petalled white lotus
finale of an existential journey

misery over....

© 2019
see my poem on kundalini
Rama Krsna Jun 2019
a curled black serpent ascends

her piercing eyes hell bent
on kissing
seven white lotus buds
placed along spine

with each peck
buds bloom in ecstasy,
reversing that
illusory mirror of duality
making dreamer and his dream one

nectar descends

© 2019
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