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I will quench my thirst on water spring
I will recall bygone memories
Will awaken Sahasrara chakra
With Heavenly lustre from above
I shall join the Light in Glory with Love
That in luminosity its way will find
Bringing Peace to the Spirit of Mankind.

Saša Milivojev

Translated by Ljubica Yentl Tinska
Rama Krsna Jun 21
this bang from aeons ago
unleashes a dark centrifugal fury
in far-flung M87
devouring neighboring stardust

the other side of
this hawking spectacle,
a black king cobra
entrancingly coils
around a thousand-petalled white lotus
finale of an existential journey

misery over....

© 2019
see my poem on kundalini
Rama Krsna Jun 3
a curled black serpent ascends

her piercing eyes hell bent
on kissing
seven white lotus buds
placed along spine

with each peck
buds bloom in ecstasy,
reversing that
illusory mirror of duality
making dreamer and his dream one

nectar descends

© 2019
Destiny M Oct 2018
The energy surge I felt , is that even real? you’re wide beyond your years .
Soul ties , soul connections you get rid of my fears .
You bring me tears of joy , unless the kind you would Employ .
Do I love you yet? It’s too soon to tell you asked me it once I figure .. we do but we’re not there yet and will we ever be ? I don’t know but I feel it coming...
kenny Jul 2016
Now that
I’ve told
you all my secrets

Won’t you come
in the night
and ****** me
with the truth?

Push me down,
and tie me to the bed
that I made
between layers of
in vino veritas

When I manifested
from under the mask
where I just
want to be accepted
as both the light
and my shadow

Won’t you come
pull my dark passenger
from the
of my sacral chakra?

My deepest desires
spiraling out,
got me
wrapped around
your finger

I am the snake
coiled around
the core
of the sweetest
I just want to

Then slither
back home

To the
Goddess of the Abode

To decompress
this tension

To Rise up and
slit my throat
at the vortex
of expression
Emma Hill Jun 2016
70 years before today She was in this place
sultry magic abounds
I heed Her call

Honey Moon radiates from between my legs
An angel at my gate

Succulent strawberry
Bite into me
Send me rolling sticky sweet
Teeth to lips to cheek
Rosey gold
Ready for the picking

Rest within my crown O Mother and sing me to sleep
Siren's Solstice drift through my being

Shine upon me
Adorn my halo with your seeds
Be with me
I am with myself

Nestle me in your womb as 70 years before
Sultry sweet and mystical
I adore She
Emma Hill May 2016
Sweetly, swooning, he laid me down, adored my being into morning
Baptised in his sighs I bloomed under soft caresses
Sacred bird song echoed round the clock face and stars gazed upon us, smoldering
Lustrous shine glared white
there was a stirring in my spine
tender kisses within, without, our gods meditated  on pleasure
Tears rolled lash to dimple in hushed prayer and with quiet thanks he received my offering
Our words too human, our bodies left behind
I was delivered
Eyes closed and breath steady goosebumps flowed over flesh, we consecrated this place
The rosette center of my labyrinth unfolded and thus I saw, he had been sleeping sound in my petals
AD Mullin Nov 2014
she gets you
always a rattle before she strikes

in vitro

are you starting to get it?

getting high in
something not in short supply

the serpent’s vine
so divine

and healing

sharpening intuition
bringing to fruition
and feeling

fire medicine

a single entity
going round and round
seeking peace

the snake of life
she gets you
always a rattle before she strikes
Broadcasting from the Vesuvio Cafe
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