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Amanda Hawk Aug 2020
Serenity is translucent

In the stillness I find myself

Icing over my skin

Tracing tranquility in small patterns

Over my stomach

Letting my strength be silent

As my mouth rests

Control doesn’t have to be loud to be heard

Standing here, I watch the world move

I feel myself come into me

Reflecting my soul within tiny flecks of light

I let my dreams bend and shimmer

While I wait motionless

Composure freezes upon my face

Stern eyes and soft smile

I will greet the world with open arms

In my silence, I find myself
Simon Aug 2020
Restless nights are too affordable for calm composures to risk everything for a mere simple sleep, when confronting the very (something) that's essentially making your own freedom from getting..."a good night's sleep"! Since "readiness" itself isn't a calm composure (by ANY chance)! When instead readiness for the good night's sleep you ALWAYS dreamed of...isn't within the standards for your own mind to completely disagree. Mostly because whatever is the very (something) that is keeping you from the very thing ("you ALWAYS dreamed of")... Is what's also making your own mind agree with you (as if it was too easy for the mind too never become "suspicious" of a seemingly natural good night's sleep to begin with).
PS... A good night's sleep is only but a curse! A single restless night is ALL the mind truly needs to feed! While readiness (being the very thing that isn't a calm composure by ANY chance) itself, is only but the countermeasure that separates both into giving away what that very (something...truly is) that's seemingly keeping you from what ("you ALWAYS dreamed of")!
Never fully trust your own mind when it's given heavy doses of such a thing simply called... "A good night's sleep"! Its trust is in the very "disturbance" that would otherwise keep you in the dark to both torment and pervert the naturalness that is of..."a good night's sleep".... Forevermore turning into the blight that is of a..."restless night"!
Amanda Kay Burke Jun 2020
Trying to keep numb
By words soft and sweet
Thought I was in control but I'm not
I'm swept off my feet

I feel temptation creeping
I don't know how to make it stop
This is what I deserve
Heart spinning like a top

I am tired of fighting the feelings
The truth in my gut
Face not the easiest to read
My written words betray what's shut

Eating my cold composure
Barriers in my mind
Any second will be consumed
Too much love declined

My confused body might collapse and cave
Toxic with desire
Skies blue through foolish eyes
Underneath lay brimstone and fire

Our souls made to come together
Rip apart as we tragically fall
Loving is beautiful but I'd rather
Escape pain and feel nothing at all
I thought I was healing but I just stopped feeling
Mark Toney Nov 2019
Patience is my super power
On full display every hour
If someone mad gets in my face
My patience helps me maintain grace

When railroad crossings block the road
I simply enter patient mode
If caught up in a traffic jam
My calmness filmed by traffic cam

Long checkout lines leave some irate
Patience helps me endure the wait
Restaurant wait times are the worst
Composure wards off loud outbursts

Patience is my super power
Keeps my life from going sour
One exception my Kryptonite
Sibling face-offs leave me uptight!
11/5/2019 - Poetry form: Kyrielle - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
Shannon Spivey Sep 2019
I thought you knew
Or maybe you do not
Your quiet composure
Penetrated my thoughts
We had a moment
And time slowed down
A second of eye contact
Has me turned around
Your smile says it all
And that glimmer in your eye
Maybe you don’t know
But if you asked I’d lie
Letty May 2019
Always be on the lookout
In case someone sees you holding your girlfriends hand
Be wary of those who claim that god loves everyone but objectify you for your sexuality
Always maintain your composure when someone mentions the idea of your sexuality being a ‘kink’
And finally find your people
The ones who offer a rope down the dark well that is your mind
The ones who give you light
The ones who uplift

They tell you to not give in
And so far I haven’t
For that I am proud
Gabriel Bonney Sep 2018
I go to
A place
To write
Or read
Or paint
A pleace
So quiet
So still
So appeasing
Nothing except
A light breeze
Lapping water
My notebook
And me
But sometimes
When I'm there
In a place
Of such beauty
And composure
All the things
I came here
To do
Get lost in
The lull
All I
Can do
Is drop what
I'm doing
And simply
Sit there
God's gorgeous
dadirri | Australian | (n.) the concept of inner deep listening and quiet still awareness; a 'tuning in' experience to deeply understanding the beauty of nature
Delia Darling Jul 2018
Underneath my composure
I cringe
I fold
I lose all sense of control

Time forces me past this dividend
But I still yearn between two ends

To find
To know
To somehow let it go
Or run
Or hide
Or burn it all inside
eve Apr 2018
Another day, another moment passed,
It feels like time has taken away the connection between me and everyone else,
I feel what it’s like to be disconnected from those closest to you and distance from those I never once doubted to be next to me for the worst of times.
I have no one to call when trouble starts,
I lost the closest people to me, due to my pride and self worth,
Giving up those who were deemed trustworthy because I actually thought, contemplated and realized that loving myself is all that’s worth.
Told myself never again,
Reaching out to the voices in my head,
Everything is just scrambled now,
Situations and certain things can grow to ruins in a matter of a couple seconds.
Time has effortlessly proved to me the true colors that reside underneath the personalities of people, associates,
Even family members, those never underestimated can still indicate actions of opposition,
I was shown that at a young age and even now; a connection, yet a reflection.
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